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BrahmaRakshas 3rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Brahmakshas attacks Aditya. Aditya asks who brought him here. Mohinni comes and says she brought him here and orders Brahmakshas to teach her brother a lesson for trying to betray his sister. Aditya says he is her brother. Rishab and Raina reach lab and see everything destroyed there. They see Sheikh still alive and ask who did all this. He asks water. Raina getsd water and feeds him. Rishab asks who did this. Sheikh says Brahmakshas and then points at Raina. Raina asks how can she be here. He dies. Rishab says someone else was also there, they need to find out.

Brahmakshas walks towards Aditya. Aditya pleads Mohini to save him. Mohini orders Brahmakshas to stop and asks how can she betray him. He says he always helped her and tried to finish this Brahmakshas and

got her married to Nalin on her insistence. Mohini asks if he really did, he instead tried to blackmail her. He says he is her brother. She asks what about Rkhi. He says her daughter. She says when she did not spare her own daughter, who is he, she loves herself and money and can do anything. She orders Brahmakshas to kill Aditya. Brahmakshas steps on Aditya and kills him.

Rishab and Raina reach home. Kiara yells at Raina if she is not ashamed to spend night with someone else’s husband. Rishab shouts to stop thinking cheap, villagers gave Brahmakshas to lab and Brahmakshas escaped from lab by killing everyone there. Yug says villagers are fols to think of capturing Brahmakshas. Rishab says he will inform mamaji also and goes to his room, finds a loose tail and is about to lift it when Ved calls him. He goes out. Raina says even auntyji/Mohini is missing. They all go out searching Aditya and Mohini. Raina finds Brahmakshas footsteps on ground and tells Ved that Brahmakshas is around and they need to be careful. She follows footsteps. Rishab on the other side asks Shivam what did he do with Brahmakshas, because of him Brahmakshas escaped from lab. Shivam starts fighting with Rishab instead. Ved calls Rishab and hears their conversation over phone. Raina rushes to the spot.

Ved and Nalin search Mohini and discuss how can she be so fool to go missing, they had planned to extract money from Kiara and pay their debts. Mohini hiding with Kanakaraji hears them and tells kanakaraj that his family is searching her and she knows how to escape. She calls Brahmakshas and orders him to create havoc in village and trouble only her dearest son Rishab. Shivam punches Rishab and he falls down. Raina with Ved rushes to the spot and shouts to stop fight. Rishab confronts Shivam. Shivam tires to hit again, but Rishab holds his hand and gives him a tight lsap. Their fight starts. Raina shouts again to stop ands says she had been to the lab and Brahmakshas killed eveyrone there. Rishab says again because of Shivam’s greed, Brahmakshas escaped. Brahmakshas comes there and attacks. Ground cracks. Raina slips and falls. Rishab holds her on time and pulls her up. They then hear Mohini’s voice and rush toward her. Mohini orders Brahmakshas to attack her. Brahmakshas lifts her up via neck. Everyone try to free her. Kanakaraj comes and orders Brahmakshas to leave and he disappears. Mohini sheds crocodile tears that she saw Aditya yesterday trying to escape with 1 crore rs and when she followed him to jungle, Brahmakshas attacked them, killed Brahmakshas, and dragged her somewhere, she does not know where he took her. She could not save money or her brother.

They all reach home. Mitali cries that her father cannot steal money. Yug says it was 1 crore and anyone’s faith would slip. Rishab says who he is yelling on Mitali, she is a kid. Raina consoles Mitali. Naina asks why they kept so much money at home. Yug gets tensed. Nalin says to repay debt.

Mohini in her room acts as crying for Aditya. Nalin comes and yells that her brother was a thief and now he cannot pay debt to creditors. He continues yelling and leaves. Mohini feels neck pain and yells that she just ordered Brahmakshas to hold her neck, but not strangulate it, she will punish Brahmakshas now. She then sees her bracelet missing. Raina enters and asks what happened. Mohini says nothing and coughs. Raina rushes out to bring water and scolds maid for not take care of Mohini. Maid says she was in kitchen and could not hear anything due to cooker whistle. She then goes and cleans floor yelling at Raina and finds a loose tile. Raina walks with water. Risha stops seeing her. A romantic song plays in the background. Rishab thanks Raina for taking care of Mohini and leaves.

Phuli nurses injured villagers due to Brahmakshas attack. Lakhan yells at her tha because of her son, Brahmakshas escaped and injured them all. Phuli confronts him.

Maid kammo finds loose tile while cleaning Aditya’s room floor and finds a mobile under it. She happily picks and hides it under her dress. Mohini informs Kanakaraj that her bracelet is missing and he should find out where it is. He calls his parrot and orders it to find out where bracelet is. Police searches lab and finds Mohini’s bracelet on floor. Truck driver informs them that someone gave him lots of money to briing a monster here. Inspector ask about bracelet. Drive says he does not know. Inspector says they have to find out whose bracelet is it and takes driver along. Parrot reaches lab.

Raina prepares soup for Mohini in kitchen. Raina and Kammo discuss sautan is very bad, pointing at Raina. Raina leaves crying. She walks on road thinking Kiara was right, she doe snot have right to stay at Rishab’s house, once Mohini gets well, she will leave Rishab’s house and will never return. A bright light falls on her. On the other side, Kanakaraj’s parrot informs him that police took bracelet and have not reached Kamalpura yet. Mohini asks Kanakaraj to call Brahmakshas then. Police stops Raina and asks if she knows bade thakur’s haveli. Raina says even she stays here, what is the problem. Inspector shows her bracelet and says he found it in lab. Raina realizes it is Mohini’s.

Precap: Shivam does rakshas mukti yagna in asur sthal. Phuli pleads Raina to save Shivam as he went to sacrifice himself and perform rakhas mukti yagna. Rishab says he will not let anything happen to Shivam. Brahmakshas is seen walking with wolves.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    why did they change mitali? she was good.

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    1. The song is ‘o khuda’ frm movie hero

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