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Daadi asks Kammo what she stole. Kammo says nothing. Daadi orders Mitali and Ved to search Kammo’s room. Kammo gets tensed that her secret will be out. Whole family enters Kammo’s room. Mitali and Ved search Kammo’s room and find Naina’s clothes and jewelry. Daadi asks how did she get Naina’s clothes and jewelry. Raina says she must be helping Naina, so Naina must have given her these. She then feels dizzy. Daadi asks Rishab to hold Raina. Yug enters. Kammo asks Yug tell that his Kammo cannot do this. Whole family looks at Yug. Yug asks what rubbish, she is just a servant and nothing else. Kammo tries to speak, but Mohini shouts at her and asks Daadi to kick Kammo out. Daadi orders Kammo to take her bag and run from there before she calls


Villager’s hut burns. Birju tells when Brahmarakshas enters any village, this is what happens. Shivam says they have to do something. He meets Kanakaraj and tells him about problems in village. Kanaraj speaks and tells he has to go for meditation and walks. Shivam sees burn marks on his neck and gets suspicious.

Rishab takes Raina to her room and gives her water. Raina asks what happened yesterday. Rishab asks if she does not remember anything. Raina says she just remembers that 3 masked people tried to kill her and a biker saved her. She reminisces one of masked person’s hand getting injured. Naina then goes to Mohini’s room. Mohini asks if she remembers what happened. Raina says 3 masked people had kidnapped her and she saw one person’s hand.. sees scratch on Mohini’s hand and thinks if she is the one among them, must be..Mohini asks what next. Raina nervously runs from there. Mohini thinks if Raina came to know her identity, she will not let Raina ruin her year’s hard work.

Kammo walks yelling that all men are same. She sees Yug walking suspiciously in to store room and follows him. She sees Naina tied on floor and thinks everyone is wrongly thing Nainna as dayan/witch, but she is kidnapped by her own husband. Yug frees Naina’s hands and asks her to eat food. Naina pleads to let her go. Yug finds something suspicious and looks around.

Kiara calls her goons team and yells they took her gold biscuits, she will not spare them. She takes gun and walks out. On the other side, Nalin tells Yug that Aditya stole their 1 crore. Yug asks how will they get money noow. Nalin says they can get from Kiara and convince her to transfer this haveli in their name. Yug asks why don’t he sell Mumbai property. Nalin says there are many cases running against that property. Mohini thinks of doing some drama. She walks in and says she wants to do Aditya’s shraad. Nalin yells her brother stole his mobile, so he will not approve for Aditya’s shraad. He continues scolding her. Mohini says next turn is her husband Nalini’s now, he will die soon.

Naina thinks how can Mohini be the culprit, she loves Rishab, her and family so much. Rishab enters and asks what happened. She says nothing and thinks if she tells Mohini’s truth to Rishab, he will shatter, so she will not. In kithen, Mohini makes turmeric paste. Yug asks why she is preparing this. She taunts for his second marriage and says Raina has started doubting him and will try to find out truth. Yug sees Raina coming and alerts Mohini. They both act and asks Mohini why don’t she confront papa. Mohini says no. He leaves. Raina comes and says she knows her truth. Mohini asks not to tell it to anyone that Nalin tortures her and he injured her hand. Raina asks if Nalin injured her, how can he. Mohini creates a fake story and cries. Raina thinks Nalin is one of masked person then. Mohini walks away and smirks.

In market, Phuli and Shhivam discuss about Brahmarakshas troubling villagers and how to stop Brahmarakshas. Kanakaraj passes hurriedly. Phuli stops him, but he says he has an important work and tries to leave, but stops thinking she may doubt him and tells her that he is going to organize a pooja to destroy Brahmarakshas. Shivam gets suspicious and starts following him.

Kiara reaches tea shop where she found goons last time and finds them passing by. She frightens them with gun and asks to give her gold coins. Goon snatches gun and orders to give remaining coins, else he will kill her. She runs into jungle and they all follow her.

Shivam follows Kanakaraj into jungle. Kanakaraj with his black magical powers opens a cave and gets into it. Shivam follows him into cave. Phuli finds Raina in market and asks how is she. Raina says she is fine. Phuli says Brahmarakshas created havoc yesterday night. Raina says Kanakaraj also did not do anything and thinks Brahmarakshas is under Nalin’s control, waht Kanakaraj can do. Phuli asks her if she saw Shivam. Raina says no. Phuli says Shivam is disturbed that he could not save villagers from Brahmarakshas and says she will go and search Shivam. Raina sees rudraksha mala and thinks she has to check Nalin’s hand to find if he has injury on his hand.

In haveli, Nalin is busy speaking to his agent over phone and asking to sell their Delhi property. Mohini sees him and thinks Raina will definely try to check Nalin’s hand, she is surprise dwhy did not Raina tell about Nalin to Rishab yet. She keeps blade in a file and insists Nalin to check it. He tries to pick it and blade slits his hand. Mohini acts as afraid and concerned and asks Yug to bring first-aid box and smirks.

Shivam sees Kanakaraj speaking to Brahmarakshas and Brahmarakshas telling he promised to return energy, but he did not. Kanakaraj says he saw he was about to kill Raina, but she escaped. Brahmarakshas roars. Kanakaraj warns him if he tries to harm him, he will inform Mohini and she will trouble him. Shivam is shocked to hear all this. Kanakaraj’s parrot sees Shivam and informs Kanakaraj. Kanakaraj orders Brahmarakshas to kill Shivam, else their plan will fail.

Daadi and Mitali discuss about some plan. Raina enters and says she got mala for them all and wants to tie them, but Nalin and Rishab will not agree. Daadi asks not to worry, she will convince them all.

Precap: Kanakaraj informs Mohini over phone that Shivam heard about their plan and Brahmarakhas has gone behind Shivam to kill him. Kiara hears his conversation. Brahmarakshas is seen running behind Shivam. Raina informs Rishab that Mohini is having same injury which one of 3 masked people had. Shivam reaches haveli and informs Shivam that he knows who is controlling Brahmarakshas. Mohini stares him from behind Rishab.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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