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BrahmaRakshas 30th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Apu hearing devi maa’s aarti in temple and drum beats becomes Brahmarakshas. She tries to enter temple, but gets a shock and falls down. She then angrily kills Pandit. Raina wakes up from sleep screaming. Rishab also wakes up and asks what happened, why was she taking Rakhi’s name. Raina says Brahmarakshas. He wipes her sweat and gives her water. She says what about Brahmarakshas. He says as she told last time they knew Brahmarakshas is afraid of Rajgira and lotus, what about this time. Raina says Phuli told each time Brahmarakshas is afraid of different thing. He says if she will tell whole story tonight itself and asks her to go and rest. He lifts and drops her bed and yells she ruined her sleep. He walks out of rroom and walking on stairs thinks Raina is right,

Brahmarakshas is back. He reminisces seeing Brahmarakshas’ hands and other incidents. He stands near a pillar thinking. Kiara comes and says he has changed a lot after marriage, he was not drinking milk without protein shake and now he is drinking turmeric milk. He has changed after their breakup. He says she left him.. Raina comes down and sees them from a distance. She says how can he marry so low class Raina, what did he see in her. He says why should he reply her. She asks to say he does not like Raina. He says yes. Raina hears that and leaves sadly. Risha says Kiara if she wants him to tell so, he will not tell this. She asks him to leave Kiara and get back to him. He says no, pushes her and leaves. She fumes what did he see in Raina and ignoring him. Raina standing near wall sadly thinks Rishab does not care about her at all. Rishab cmes and looks at her. Raina hears beep sound from her father’s room and rushes towards it. Kiara enters Raina’s father’s room and removes CPR machine plug. Father gasps for air. Raina rushes in and panics. Rishab calls doc. Doc checks and says due to power outage, monitor must have failed. Mohini says in cities, power would not go.

Raina calls Phuli and tells about plug incident and all the recent incident happened and says Brahmarakshas must have done this. She further tells Kiara pulled plug. Phuli says if Kiara is Brahmarakshas, she will get very hungry and needs raw meat often.

In the morning, Apu encourages Kiara to get Rishab somehow. Kiara says Mohini and Daadi are a big hurdle. Apu says Nalin is on her side and she need not worry. She says she will prepare breakfast for Rishab. Raina says doc has prescribed upma and poha for Rishab until he gets well. Kiara yells Rishab does not eat it and she cannot force him. Argument pursues. Raina says let us ask Rishab itself. Rishab comes down and says he does not need anything and walks back. Kiara yells at Raina that she disturbs everyone. Raina shouts back whatever anybody says, she cares for Rishab and will not let him eat anything else.

Daadi enjoys apple and scolds Mitali to fan her well. Their drama continues. Daadi says she wants her to keep an eye on Kiara and make sure she does not interfere between Rishab and Raina. Mitali says even she does not like Kiara and they both plan to keep Kiara away from Rishab and Raina.

Rishab goes to his room and tires to take his pill. Raina stops him and asks to have food. He says after the drama downstairs he does not feel like eating. She says she will bring food up and goes. He thinks she is not like Kiara and cares about everyone. In kitchen, Kiara drinks beetroot juice, some falls on floor and her mouth. Raina comes and sees her face red. Kiara smirks at her and leaves. Raina opens fridge to get upma for Rishab and finds raw meat in it. She reminisces Phuli’s words that Brahmarakshas eats raw meat and thinks Kiara is Brahmarakshas. Kiara goes to Apu’s room and tells Raina saw her drinking betroot juice and thought it was blood. Apu watches Raina going with food tray. She asks Kiara if she likes betroot juice. Kiara says yes. Apu again tells her that she should get Raina out of Rishab’s life and says Raina ist very intelligent, that is why she married Rishab and is in this house. Kiara asks what should she do now. Apu says it is old fashioned but a fool proof plan.

Raina takes upma for Rishab. Rishab asks why is she worried about him when their marriage is fake. She says she is not bad and her heart is not bad, she is doing it for Daadi. He asks that is the only reason. She says he wanted to forget everyting happened at Kamalpura, even their marriage. He asks so what. She says he decided and she also accepted it. She asks him to finish food and leaves. He thinks he does not understand chindi, he will finish breakfast first and then speak to her. Raina walking in corridor thinks why he says he does not care, he must be still loving Kiara. Mohini pases by and asks what happened. She says she is worried about papa, like…Mohini says like Brahmarakshas came back. Raina says yes… Apu and Kiara watch hiding and smirk. Raina says she does not want to become burden on her and Rishab, especially after Kiara came back. Apu sees Rishab coming. She asks Kiara to be ready. Kaira walks from opposite direction. Apu throws bearing balls on floor. Kiara slips and alls onRishab. Raina sadly watches it and Apu smirks hiding.

At night, Rishab sleeps on sofa. Raina asks him to go and sit on bed. He says he will sleep on sofa. She asks if he will fight even now and asks to get up. He goes and sleeps on bed. She thinks if she should tell or not. He says tell. She asks what..He says her face says she wants to tell something. She says she is sleepy. He says chindi is always confused. Raina thinks why did not she sleep.

Mohini in her room thinks what is Brahmarakshas is back…even Phuli said so, she will go and speak to Raina. She walks towards Raina’s room. Apu silently enters Raina’s room, thinks Raina sleeps on bed and Rishab is missing, so he must have gone to washroom. She malfunctions ceiling fan and leaves. Rishab removes blanket from his face while sleeping. Apu gets afraid seeing Mohini walking towards room. Kiara stops Mohini and says Jassi daadi is calling herr. Apu silently leaves. Mohini goes back. Raina enters room and sees fan is about to fall down. She jumps on bed and rolls down with Rishsab saving him. Fan falls down on bed. Rishsab wakes up. Raina asks if he is fine. He says yes. She asks how did fan fall down. Kiara enters asking what happened, and says she heard Raina shouting, so she came in. She walks towards Rishab. Raina stops her and warns not to come near Rishab.

Raina gathers whole family in living room and says fan fell like previous incident. She tells just like Brahmarakshas killed Rakhi. Dadi asks is it true. Nalin says yes… Daadi starts crying. Raina says Brahmarakshas is back, even Rishab had seen it. She says all the incidets are happening when Kiara is around, so she is Brahmarakshas. Kiara asks if she is out of her mind. Raina reminds of farm house incident. Naina says Kiara was not present there and came just now. Raina says exactly just after the incident, she is Brahmarakshas. She saw Kiara drinking blood. Kiara says it was beetroot, she is a vegeterian. Rishab asks what is she doing.. She says she helped him always, but he does not trust her at all, she even had a fake marriage with him. Daadi asks what… Rishab says he will explain. Rishab asks not to do this. Raina says now Kiara is between them, she will leave this house. He says if she wants to go she can. She says yes she will leaave with her papa. Rishab sys if her papa and her are safe outside, she can go. Raina leaves. Mohini scolds Rishab how can he let her go. Kiara thinks Apu’s plan worked. Nalin says Mohini le Raina go, anyways marriage is fake. Daadi asks what. Nalin says it is true.

Raina packs her clothes crying that Rishab did not even stop her once, why should she stay here, even her papa’s life is at risk here, Rishab just wants to save Kiara. Mohini asks Nalin to stop Raina. Yug says if Raina wants to go, why she wants to stop her. Mohini then pleads Rishab. Daadi enters Raina’s room and says though marriae was fake, she knows she is acting now and not then. Raina says Rishab does not care about her. Downstairs, Nalin yells at Mohini to let Raina go, they will send a nurse along to take care of her father. Mohini asks Rishab to stop Raina. He says let her go, whatevver happening is for good. Raina comes and hears him and thinks she should have gone when Kiara had come. She says Rishab she is asking last time, if she can go. He says she can.

Precap: Rishab tells Daadi bua that Brahmarakshas is bittter truth of their lives and it has come back. Brahmarakshas kills Raina’s father and attacks her. Rishab enters.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg! So Sad…Hope Rishab Will Understand Raina..Just Feeling Sad For Her And Also Missing There’s Nok- Jhok.

  2. Omg! So Sad…Hope Rishab Will Understand Raina..Just Feeling Sad For Her And Also Missing There’s Nok- Jhok.

  3. Good morning friends.
    The episode was very sad.I felt very bad for Raina.Soon Rishab will understand his feelings for Raina ?

    1. I also thinks the same and good morning

  4. arti viswanathan

    I also think the same guys….

  5. Feeling pity for Raina n angry on Rishabh

    1. Yes I too have same feelings

  6. 3veni

    can any one give me d link of dis episode…it’snot uploaded in…i want to see dis epiosdeee…plzzzzz

    1. If you are using uc browser then type brahmarakshas episode 26 and at the middle or so u will get a link named gillitv… You can watch the episode there and if you are using any other browser then you must install uc browser or use this link in other browser but I am sure you will get the episode surely in UC browser

  7. Gyzzzz don’t you think that the story is dragging because in today’s episode only rishabh and raina were fighting and then she left the home…….
    Sorry guys if I have disappointed you but I have not watched the full episode…. Only read the update please tell me if anything happened besides this

  8. when will Rishab recognise that he luv Raina!! and Wat abt old brahmrakshas (sanjay)where did he go? ???

    1. He got a film offer that’s why the show changed the time

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