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BrahmaRakshas 29th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raina showing sindhoor to Rishab says this sindhoor is a belief and if he agrees, he can apply it on her forehead. He stands silently. She turns. He says it is just sindhoor and nothing emotional in it. They are parting ways soon anyways. She says yes…She applies sindhoor herself and thinks she does not want to be upset while going. She asks him to come down after sometime and leaves. Rishab thinks all women are same, selfish.

Daadi scolds Nalin to control his wife and stop her from doing shanti pooja. Apu enters and says they are believing into superstition like Kamalpura people and she thinks Raina is helping Mohini. Nalin says he will speak to Mohini, but let this pooja happen. Daadi bua says nobody listens to her.

Whole family sits for Pooja except bua and

Apu. Mohini says they are yet to come. Phuli says let us start pooja, they will come if they want. Apu in her room looks herself in mirror. Daadi bua enters and asks even she was in Kalampura with Mohini, usually mohini frightens people, today she is very afraid herself. Apu says Mohini is superstitious since childhood and they used to taunt her to stop her superstition. Daadi scolds stop evil, she seems to be more allergic to pooja than anyone. Apu hears drum beats and starts feeling uneasy and thinks thi pooja is to expose ehr truth, she will not let it happen. She reminisces how she became Brahmarakshas. Her hands turns blue. She walks out hurriedly. Daaadi thinks what happened to her. Phuli continues pooja. Apu starts feeling uneasiness and turning into Brahmarakshas.. Phuli prays kaali maa to get evil out of this house. She spreasd holy fumes d with closed eyes sees Brahmarakshas/Apu’s red eyes. She picks sword and cuts pumkin with it. Pumpkin turns black. She throws it on kumkum. Daadi falls on daadi bua and she starts suffocating due to fumes. She shouts to open windows. Phuli says no, Brahmarakshas. is coming. Daadi bua orders drummers to get out. Phuli says Brahmarakshas is here. Nalin yells this is not Kamalpura and asks her to get out. Daadi asks what is Brahmarakshas. Mohini tells how one becomes Brahmarakshas. Nalin says it is just imagination and asks her to stop drama. Daadi asks she wanted shanti pooja, what is she doing instead. Raina says with this pooja, everything will be alright. Aditya also yels at Mohini and Phuli and asks her to get out. Nalin drags Phuli out. Raina signals her to and wait outside.

Nalin sitting in his room yells that everything was settling down, but Mohini spoilt his plan. Apu comes and says what is this Brahmarakshas. Nalin saays if she does not remember, they all killed Brahmarakshas together. Apu says Raina is brainwashing Mohini and she is the biggest problem. Nalin says yes, if Rishabh had married a rich girl, he would have set up his business. Apu says she has a plan to get Rain out of their lives.

Mohini cries in front of Raina reminiscing Rakhi and Raina consoles her that she will be with her until she is in this house for some days and will not let her miss her daughter. Apu hears their conversations standing near door. Outside house, Phuli waits in dark and gets afraid seeing a woman and thinks if this is Brahmarakshas. Apu comes and says sorry for coming late, she had come hiding from daadi bua. Phuli says Brahmarakshas has come back and she saw its red eyes. Raina says they can tackle it with rajgira and lotus. Phuli says each time someone becomes Brahmarakshas with different reason, last time Sanjay had become Brahmarakshas due to his wife and was hating brides, so rajgira and lotus worked, this time they don’t know if it will work or not or what will work.

Rishab and family enjoy dinner. Mohini asks where is Apu. Daadi bua says that weak woman must have gone to doctor after smelling fumes at home. She tells Rishab that Raina prepared poha today and asks him to tasty it and even if he does not like it praise it. She asks him also to prepare something for Apu. Rishab thinks Raina is waiting to get out of his life soon. His ex-girlfriend Kiara enters and wishes hello everybody. Everyone look at her in a surprise. Rishab starts coughing seeing Kiara. Raina gets concerned. Kiara moves Raina aside and asks her to get antiallergic medicine from cupboard while she gives lemon water to Rishab. Raina asks she. Kiara says yes… Raina gets medicine. Kiara snatches from her hand and feeds Rishab. She then introduces herself as Rishab’s ex-gilfriend Kiara. Mohini asks her to sit. Nalin says Kiara was on a business trip in this city, so he invited her to stay with them here. Daadi says this is her house. Kiara asks if she can call him papa. Daadi bua asks if she does not have papa. Kiara says she has. Daadi says usually people try to make relatives which they don’t have and taunts her dare not to think of having Rishab as her husband as she does not have one as Rishab is already married.

After, Mohini in her room confronts Nalin for calling Kiara here. Nalin says she has come for a business trip, that is all. Mohini says she knows him well, he always thinks of business. He says he is not emotional fool like her and even her son is not emotinal fool, soon he will get Raina out of his life soon. He thinks once manager’s daughter is out of Rishab’s life and Kiara marries him, he will establish his business well..

Kiara goes to Naina and asks her how did Rishab marry Raina. Naina tells her that Rishab and Raina married to take Rakhi’s revenge from Brahmarakshas. Kiara says then Rishab must not be loving Raina. Naina says ealier Rishab used to trouble Raina a lot, but not now. Kiara says Raina is not that innocent like she portrays herself, she is very cunning. Naina says she does not think so. Kiara thinks she had gone to America for business, now she is back and will get back Risab at any cost.

Raina goes to Rishab’s room. She asks him to have medicine and turmeric milk. He takes medicines and says it is enough and she should speak to Kiara. Raina goes to kitchen and thinks what she will speak to Kiara, why she came back after so many years. Kiara comes to kitchen and seeing Raina burning food asks if her mother did not teach her cooking. Raina says her parents passed away in her childhood. Kiara taunts someone told that one person tries to make relationship which they don’t have, pointing that she is trying to make relationship with Rishab’s parents and family. She indirectly asks her to get out f Rishab’s life as Rishab is his and leaves. Daadi comes and says she is everywhere in this house and gives her moral gyaan to be strong and fight for her husband and says in films, always mangalsutra and sindhoor wins.

Raina goes back to Rishab’s room with milk next and while keeping milk on table a box falls down and she sees Rishab and Kiara’s intimate pics in it. Rishab says she did not know. He says now she knows, she should get out of room. Raina leaves sadly.

Apu walks on road reminiscing how she pleaded Raina for help and she ignored him. She shouts that she became Brahmarakshas because of Raina and she will kill Raina at at any cost.

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