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BrahmaRakshas 28th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rishab and Raina reach Brahmarakshas’ haveli and search Sanjay and his wife’s portrait. Thhey hear Brahmarakshas coming and hide. Brahmarakshas comes. They both run out and see a man walking. Mitali alone in jungle calls everyone. Anil comes back and Mitali asks where are everyone. Ved comes holding snake. He says he killed it as it came on his way when he was peeing. Rishab catches man and sees it is Ajay. Raina asks what is he doing here. Ajay says he is missing Rakhhi, so he came to this haveli. Rishab asks why did he run then. He says he heard a roaring sound, so he ran. They say walk towards cars. Rishab says Brahmarakshas is innocent and his wife was cruel who killed him by pushing him from terrace. Raina asks how ddoes he know. He says she told him. She says

she did not. He says then Anil uncle must have told him, he knows Brahmarakshas’ whole history. Raina says he did not. He says then someone must have told. Raina thinks what is Rishab is Brahmarakshas.

Whole family gathers. Mechanic comes. Naina says he must be Brahmarakshas. Anil comes and says he saw Brahmarakshas and says he is joking, he found mechanic. Mitali comes and says Ved bhaiya killed snake. Everyone say he is afraid of even small things, how can he kill snake. Ved says he does not know how he killed snake. Mechanic repairs car and they all leave. Ajay hopes he does not go from here. Cars break down again and they all return to Aditya’s haveli.

At night, Brahmarakshas comes and drags Mohini with her. Raina hears roaring sound and runs out. Whole family runs behind Brahmarakshas to save Mohini. Rishab runs inside house. Raina throws lotus in front of Brahmarakshas and asks Mohini to run. Brahmarakshas lifts her in air with a storm from his mouth. Raina reminisces villager telling that Brahmarakshas is afraid of water and cannot cross river. She ass Mitali to switch on water hose and throws water on Brahmarakshas. He runs and Mohini falls. Whole family runs and catches Mohini on time. Rishab comes back. Raina asks where was he. He says he went to bring rajgeera. She thinks he is Brahmarakshas.

Family takes Mohini in and calm her down. Ved starts checking all memebers if they are Brahmarakshas. Gayathri says she is fed up of all this. Yug asks where is Ajay. Gayatri says he is mourning Rakhi’s betrayal and nobody should disturb him. Yug asks Ved to knock Ajay’s door. Raina holds lotus in front of Rishab and says she knows he is Brahmarakshas as he was not present when Brahmarakshas attacked Mohini and other incidents. He asks if she has gone mad. She throws kumkum on her forehead and on him and provokes him to attack her now. He acts as getting afraid and then laughs that chindi chameli is a joker.

Family discuss that they should try to protect themselves from Brahmarakshas and distribute lotus and rajgeera among themselves. Gayatri asks to keep a guard near doors. Aditya says she is right, but one of family member is Brahmarakshas now. Anil says he has hired someone who will get them away from this village in the morning. Yug says just 1 hour is left and they will go home soon.

Raina asks Rishab to stop joking again. He holds her hands angrily and says even he heard his sister’s pleas and wants to kill Brahmarakshas. It is not easy to get Brahmarakshas out. He only comes out when he sees bride who wears sindhoor, chooda, bindi, etc., who will risk her life to get justice to his sister. She says there is a a girl. He asks who. She shows sindhoor and asks if he will marry her. She will become bride with sindhoor, bridal dress, chooda, etc.. and will do 7 pheras, etc.. will he hold her hand and marry her and destroy Brahmarakshas. He walks towards her and says yes he will become her husband to get justice to her sister. She says let us marry righ now. He says how can they marry now. She says family is leaving tomorrow, how will they kill Brahmarakshas. He asks her to sit and walks towards door. She says it is a fake marriage and she is not trapping him and is really not interested in real marrriage. He says he does not want anyone of us die first,. She asks if he does not to take revenge. He hugs her and says they will take revenge.

Precap: Adtya says is servants that he did justice always and is locking them in a room as one of them is Brahmarakshas. Taxi driver tells Rishab and Raina that there is one Brahmarakshas’s temple where his idol is. Brahmarakshas is seen roaring.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. How can ajay stand by anil’s side ( on the road ) …I mean Anil.was wearing kamal garland..and ajay is he should be shown maintaining distance from him

    1. Mona146

      ekta hates logic my friend. Did u observe when brahmaraksas was attacking mohini and dropped her ajay was one of the persons along with yug who caught her. He was shown brahmasraksas in previous episodes only. I f he is inside ajay then how can ajay be alive and catch mohini when brahmaraksas dropped her. I hope u got it.

      1. Genius if brahmarakshas can enter Ajay, he can leave Ajay also na.

  3. Its such a pleasue to watch Raina and Rishab together…
    Such amazing duo…When they hudded ,Oh my… Awesome pair

  4. Nice episode I loved it.thank u for fast updates

  5. Omg Rishab & Raina they share such an amazing chemistry hope their luv story starts soon

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  7. It’It’s my favourite show just want rishab and rain together

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  9. oooooohhhhhh my god amazing episode I just loved itttt!

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  11. Please don’t make brahmarakshas love Raina, We only want Raina and Rishab Love Story and their Cute Scenes, Let them encounter adventurouse scene with nramarakshas They are Perfect together and love scenes are really going to be amazing, Waiting:):):)

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