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Rishab cries that he brought chooda for her sister and killed her. He imagines Rakhi who asks why did not he save her when she pleaded. He says he did not know Brahmarakshas was there. She says Varun died and even she is going. He tries to hug her. She says he should break rakhi thread as he is not fit for it. He comes out of imagination and tries to break thread. Raina stops him and says he has to kill Brahmarakshas and save other sisters at least. He says how can he. She says she will find out way to kill Brahmarakshas and asks if he will become Rakhi’s brother. He says yes. She says they both will not go from here until they finish Brahmarakshas.

Village woman Bhavri enters haveli and Aditya shouts who let this mad woman here. Woman says she warned him not to let outsider’s

marriage here, he did not listen. He knew stepping in this village means destroyal. They cannot buy this village with money, Brahmarakshas is not salable and kills people. She shows Rakhi’s deadbody and asks to look at it carefully. Mohini shouts no. She contiinues that they lost daughter and even her village lost daughter Bitto. Aditya shouts to get out, they lost a daughter. Yug says he lost sister and will kill her if she does not go. She shouts nobody will escape from death now. Malhotra asks to kick her out. Servants drag her. She shouts they are kicking her out, but how will they kick out Brahmarakshas. Raina reminisces Brahmarakshas. Bhavri walks out shouting he will not spare anyone.

Raina and Rishab follow Bhavri and as she knows Brahmarakshas and how to stop him. She he would have stopped, but they brought chudaa, mangalsutra, kumkum and provoked him. Raina says they did not that they should not bring it. Rishab asks to tell how to stop him now. Bhavri asks what will he do. Raina says they will stop Brahmarakshas. Rishab sas that is what Brahmarakshas thinks, that is why he killed Rakhi. Bhavri says he is not a killer, her Sanjay sahab was not murder. Rishab asks who Sanjay. Bhavri says he was very humble and his love betrayed him. Sanjay did not know his wife married him just for money and killed him. He sees his wife in every bride and will not stop until he kills his wife. She points at haveli and says story started there and will end only there. Rishab and Raina thinks Sanjay did very wrong by killing many brides and should not be spared. They should find Sanjay’s wife first who betrayed him. Ved comes and informs that Apu maa has called. Rishab says Apu is very good, she will understand that he did not want to harm Rakhi. Raina says even she wants to meet Apu maa. He asks her to stay right there, he will speak to Apu maa and come back.

Raina thinks if Rishab will return or nor, should she go alone to haveli. Bhavri plays shank in temple. Durga maa’s garland breaks and falls down and Bhavri gets afraid thinking Brahmarakshhas will kill many more. Raina sees lotus on road and thins devi maa wants to show her something. She goes to haveli holding lotus and thinks she cannot go back and find out the secret how to stop Brahmarakshas. She prays devi maa to show her a way to prove her friend Rakhi was not wrong.

Rishab apologizes his Nalin. Nalin says he cannot convince him with his apology, Mohini is talking to Apu maa and once her talks finish, he can come in, until then he should stand out silently. Mohini calls Nalin and he goes in.

Raina hears Brahmarakshas’ roar and gets very afraid and holds lotus tightly. She gets afraid when a cock flies on her and falls on a a photo. She sees Sanjay and Apu’s photo and thinks whose photo is it. On the other side, after Mohini finishes her talk, Nalin gives tab to Rishab. Rishab speaks to Apu maa/Sanjay’s wife and asks to come here soon. Apu says she knows everything, whatever happened is wrong, she will speak to his mom. Raina thinks she iwll inform Rishab that she found the girl who killed Sanjay. She picks pic and says Sanjay is looking so happy, he loved this girl truly, but she betrayed him ruthlessly. She says Sanjay is an evil now and is wrong, he did wrong by kill many girls, she will finish him as he did wrong. Rishab asks Apu to come soon, he will kill Brahmarakshas. Raina goes back to spot where Rishab left her and thinks Rishab has not returned yet, she should go and inform him that she found the girl because of whom Sanjayy became Brahmarakshas, who knows that girl may be somewhere here.

Nalin takes tab from Rishab saying he needs to talk. Mohini says they should go somewhere else as she cannot bear Rishab’s presence. Rishab leaves. Nalin asks Apu to come here. She says he kows once she left, she will not come back to that village, if she comes back there, her secret will be out. Mohini says they both are worried about themselves, what about Rakhi. Nalin says Rakhi is dead and will not be back. Apu says let the secret be secret, she will not come back. Raina comes back and listens to their conversation standing near door. Apu asks Nalin not to blame Rishab as it is not his mistake alone. Mohini says even Raina is at mistake, only Rakhi was innocent. Nalin shouts to control herself. Raina tries to see Apu;s face unsucessfully and hides when Mohini walks out.

Rishab asks Raina what is she doing here, let us go to haveli. She had gone already. He asks why did she go alone, he will not let her die as she promised to help him. She says she is alive and saw a woman in haveli He asks which woman. She says one who killed Sanjay.

Anil comes back to haveli with fractured hand. Gayathri starts shouting that let us go back from here, she does not want Brahmarakshas to kill them. Ajay says he cannot go without attending Rakhi’s mourning meet. Anil says he does not want to go back without meeting Brahmarakshas. Gayatri asks how will he find her. Sarpanch comes and says Brahmarakshas is no where, that means he is in someone’s body. Gayatri says let us go from here. Nalin saays bhabi is right, thhey should go from here, they don’t know in whose body Brahmarakshas is.

Mohini stops Rishab and Raina and says she lost Rakhi and does not want to lose anyone else, so she will not let him go out. Rishab says he wants to find Brahmarakshas and kill him. She says she scolded him a lot, she is not that brave to lose even, she is going home and even he should. He says okay. She says pack bags then and leaves. Raina asks how can he go without taking revenge. He says it is his plan to send his family and go back to Brahmarakshas’s haveli. Mohini calls and he leaves. Raina thinks she will go back to haveli and show Sanjay’s wife’s pic to Rishab.

Yug tells Rishab that they are going by car and he will drive one of it. Anil comes wearing lots of lotus around his body and says people tell someone from family killed Rakhi. Nalin says they all will go from here. Aditya says only family members and not servants, what if Brahmarakshas is in servant’s body. Rishab thinks where is Chindi/Raina. He goes out and sees Chindi near car who says her earring had fallen, asks if she is fine. She says until he is with her, how can she be fine. They all get into car. Mitali says she will not sit with Ved as he bores everyone with his poems. Raina sees Yug scolding Naina and thinks what if v is in him. Cars leave after a bit drama. Mohini coughs followed by Nalin who asks water. Naina asks if Brahmarakshas is in dad. Yug scolds that he is his dad and not Brahmarakshas. Ved says Brahmarakshas is in one of our family member. Rishab says it is Anil uncle’s theory and is wrong. Raina says how ill fated a person is in whose body Brahmarakshas is. Rishab says until she is there, Brahmarakshas cannot be in someone else’s body. Rishab’s car breaks down. Ved says he knows to repair car. Anil says Brahmarakshas broke this car. Rishab asks chindi if she did something. Raina says yes, she wants him to show that pic. Rishab tells Yug that they will bring mechanic. Yug asks to take Ajay. Rishhab says no, what if Raina wants to piss. Yug asks why is he going with Raina. He says Naina will pee behind bushes and not inf ront of him. Ajay walks away. Mitali asks if he is fine. He says yes. His hands are shown and indicated that Brahmarakshas is in him.

Precap: Missed precap. Anyone who saw today’s episode can update it in comment section.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I’m new here.can l join with u all.why no one commenting yet.l thought that in precap raina is filling her maang with sindoor,she doubt on rishab that he is brahmarakshas.then he console her and promising that he will with her for killing brahmarakshas

  2. I think apu should apologies in front of every 1 for whatever wrong she has done..she is the actual cause of the death of all girls..she have to pay for her sins..

  3. I can’t understand how ajay got killed by bramrakshas and why?

  4. I can’t understand why and how rakshas killed ajay

  5. To tell u the truth I am also new here.first time bothered to comment

  6. Brahmarakshas enters the new body after killing it…bt when did ajay died

  7. Priya15

    Precap : raina takes rishab to the haveli as she wants to show him the potrait.. Brahmarakshas appears there. After some time they were in a room.raina thinks rishabh is brahmarakshas. She applies sindoor in forehead and says come out of him.rishabh holds raina hands and promise her that he will become her husband to kill brahmarakshas…

  8. sakshi gaikwad

    Love the chemistry between rishab and raina.

  9. Is yug behaving well? firstly thought rakshas was is in yug next thought was in Anil but it was in Ajay.Are you sure guys it was in Ajay only.

  10. Nice episode. …eagerly waiting for today’s

  11. First itvnhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb b bbbbbbbbbnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  12. when did appu ma enter ? who is she to the family? i mean relation

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