BrahmaRakshas 25th September 2016 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 25th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rishab stabs Brahmarakshas with a dagger from behind and Brahmarakshas falls down unconscious. Raina runs out and brings petrol bottle from car dickie and throws around Brahmarakshas. She gets torch and sets afire. Everyone get happy that Brahmarakshas is dead. Family reaches home. Villagers praise Aditya that he killed Brahmarakshas at last. Rishab says Raina killed Brahmarakshas. Sarpanch says now woman can wear sindhoor and red bangles and become bride and says Raina will be the first bride.

Mohini tells we will celebrate today. Mitali and Naina tell Rishab that Ved will get him ready today and Raina is getting ready in her room, he has to wait for her, girls get ready for their groom. Party starts. Mitali and Ved dance. Raina and Rishab then dance on Aye dil hai mushkil…song..

Rishab asks why she is not talking to him and is trying to stay away from him. She says that is what he wanted and leaves in the middle of song. She goes to her room and reminiscing Apu’s words that Rishab wanted to sacrifice her to kill Brahmarakshas removes all her jewelry and picks suitcase to pack her clothes. Rishab comes and asks why she is trying to avoid her and where she is going. She says he married her to get rid of Brahmarakshas and now Brahmarakshas is dead, so they don’t need to follow their fake marriage. He says yes, they got justice to Rakhi. She packs her suitcase and goes down.

Apu tells Nalin and Aditya that their biggest problem Brahmarakshas is dead, they don’t have to worry. Nalin says they have to be careful from Suresh/Raina’s father and Raina, they may create a problem to her, so they have to get them out of her way.

Raina comes down and sees her dad in haveli. Rishab comes behid her. Mohini comes and says her dad will stay with them now. Raina asks why, her and Rishab was a fake marriage to kill Brahmarakshas, so she will go back home. Mohini emotionally says that she lost one daughter and does not want to send another daughter away. Raina agrees to stay back. Mohini says she will perform ramaining post-marriage rituals.

Naina tells Raina that she has to perform ring searching ritual with Rishab and tells during her time, Yug snatched ring so roughly that he finger started hurting. Rituals start. Raina and Rishab start searching ring in milk bowl. Raina starts bleeding. Rishab gets worried. Raina says he injured her finger and now is acting. They all hear a huge sound like something is breaking. Brahmarakhas geets alive and walks with a roar. Aditya says itis earthquate and asks everyone to get out of haveli. They all get out. Brahmarakshas comes there as fire ball, says he will not spare anyone, will take revenge, and leaves back as fire ball.

Apu thinks how can Brahmarakshas escape death and reminisces Brahmarakshas dying and falling on her. Villagers start yelling that Brahmarakshas will kill all villagers because of them. Rishab says they risked their lives and tried to finish Brahmarakshas repeatedly and even now will risk their lives to kill Brahmarakshas. He says he needs villagers’ help. Villager says they will not. Yug says let them go, they don’t need anyone’s help.

Rishab walks with a gun to kill Brahmarakshas. Raina stops him and says he cannot kill Brahmarakshas with Rajgira and kamal now aas Brahmarakshas’s wife has come. She reveals about a book which Phuli has in which everything is written from how Brahmarakshas is born to killing him. Apu hears their conversation and thinks she has to get that book from Phuli before Rishab and Raina get it.

Precap: Phuli shows Brahmarakshas’ book to Rishab. Apu meets Phuli and warns her to keep her mouth shut, else she knows the consequence.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Gungun

    They are doing like other serials ….. Creating a misunderstanding between the couple
    I used to watch this show because of rishna but they are slowly separating them

    Well I am new here

  2. Jane

    its just a humble request to the writer if he is reading this comment
    please sir/mam
    just elaborate the scenes a bit more
    ur an amzin writer
    it would just help u n us more to get the feel of wats actually happening
    if u can
    please try
    thank you 🙂

  3. Jane

    nice episodes guys 🙂

    heyy tara
    where are u nowadays??
    u r my only friend here dear 🙂

    n plzz plzz cvs clear misunderstandings between RiAna
    please 🙂
    dont make them apart

    tc everyone 🙂

  4. Krystle

    No guyz i read in a web that raina says i will kill brahmarakshas and goes alone and rakshas kidnaps her as she shout RISHAB
    There comes the hero and says dat he will get his raina injured so raina ask him why u talked to apu maa to sacrifice now why u r doing the drama
    So rishab loundly ” I LOVE YOU RAINA ” raina is shocked…
    AND THIS IS THE upcoming story

  5. Ronisha

    There are no details about conversation between raina and apu as well as apu and rishab. this is my request that please update some dialogues and elabrate some scenes.

  6. Nazneen Syed

    Hello guys I’M new here.
    Can I join you guys.
    I’M studying engineering.I love watching this serial.

  7. Nazneen Syed

    Hello Jane,Jinjilily,Ronisha,Mona146,
    How are you all??
    I love Rishaina’s Jodi.

  8. varshu

    hi guys.this serial is rocking as per trp’s but comments in this site are very less in number.don’t know why.serials like ishqbazz have like 100 comments or so easily.common guys we will also share our reviews!!

  9. Nazneen Syed

    Guys I used to comment for ishkbaaz
    first the people were not replying to my comments.So I got angry 😠 and I stopped commenting.
    I request you guys not to do like that with me.

  10. Nazneen Syed

    It’s OK guys.Comments zyaada nahi hai toh kya Hua.Hum log comment karenge aur hum is serial ko top par layenge.
    Dheere Dheere iske bhi comments badhne lagenge aur naye log aage judte jayenge.😊😊😊😊😊

  11. varshu

    In upcoming episode we will see that rakhi is alive and Ajay also comes back. But aparajita sacrifices rakhi to kill rakshas as rakhi is married virgin. Everyone in the house blame apu for not saving rakhi in spite of being there at asur stal and mohini throws apu out of the house

  12. Sweety

    Where’s 1 October written episode of Brahmarakshas. Mr. H Hasan and telly updates, this question is for you….

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