BrahmaRakshas 24th September 2016 Written Episode Update


BrahmaRakshas 24th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rishab applies medicine to Raina’s back injury closing his eyes. They then start chatting. He thinks if he loves Raina or what. He says he will take her to hospital to see her dad and takes her in car.

Adity and Nalin enjoy alcohol and discuss about Brahmarakshas. A villager comes and says Brahmarakshas killed his brother. Sarpanch/village head comes and says since they came to this village, Brahmarakshas started killing spree. Aditya says he is ruler of this village and has planned what to do with Brahmarakshas, they need not worry. Nalin goes some money to villager and sends him.

Rishab takes Raina in his car. She chats that people are different than they look, etc.. He takes a wrong route. She says they had to take a right turn. He says he has some work and

stops car after Kamalpura and walks out locking car inside. Apu who is waiting for them comes out and Rishab and asks if Raina will be safe. Apu assures him that she will send Raina and her dad safely to Mumbai from here. Raina sees them and is shocked even Rishab is with Apu.

Apu takes Raina to asur sthal and ties Apu in Brahmarakshas temple. She dresses Raina in her bridal dress and jewelry. Raina is shocked and says that means she is Sanjay’s wife and she killed him. Apu starts lying that Sanjay had many more wives and was Brahmarakshas even before she married him, he killed all his wife and was about to kill her, so she had to kill him. Raina believes her. Apu says Raina is the last bride who escaped fro Brahmarakshas, so Brahmarakshas will kill her first, when he comes to kill Raina, she will kill him. Raina asks why don’t she wear her dress and stand in her place. Apu says it is Rishab’s plan and he suggested this. Raina is shocked. Apu says even she was shocked like her when Sanjay tried to kill her. Sanjay/Brahmarakshas wakes up in his haveli roaring he will not spare Aparajita and walks towards haveli.

Rishab goes back. Mohini says she wants to perform kitchen rituals via Raina and asks to call her. Rishab thinks Raina must be out of Kamalpura’s periphery by now. He gets hospital’s call that Raina’s dad is still at hospital and Raina has to come and pay fees. He says how can this be and informs family that Apu promised her that she will send Raina’s dad and her back to their Mumbai home. Nalin and Aditya thinks Apu is the big culprit and Rishab is trusting her. Rishab says Apu’s life is in danger. Nalin thinks of stopping Rishab and says let us go to hospital, Raina may come there. They all reach hsopital. Phuli comes worried and and informs Rishab that Brahmarakshas took Raina to asur sthal. Rishab says he has to go and save Raina. Mohini say he is right. Rishab, Yug, Mohini and Nalin get back into car and rush towards Asursthal.

Brahmarakshas walks towards Raina thinking her as Apu. Apu hiding behind pillar provokes Brahmarakshas to dare kill her, asks if he is not dead yet, he should kill her and get mukti for both of them. Raina thinks Apu is somewhere here itself. She somehow breaks rope and frees herself. Brahmarakshas tries to catch her and she bends. He hits pillar and it falls revealing Apu out.

Rishab with family reaches Asursthal and sees door blocked with a big boulder. He, Yug and Nalin try to move boulder unsuccessfully. Yug gets dynamite and fixes it on boulder. Raina silently runs from behind Brahmarakshas towards door. Boulder blasts into pieces, hits Raina. She flies in air and falls down unconscious. Rishab rushes in and picks Raina. Yug also enters in. Rishab asks him to save Apu and takes Raina out. He gets back in and sees Brahmarakshas attacking Yug repeatedly and throwing him in air. He jumps on Brahmarakshas to attack unsuccessfully.

Precap: Apu reminiscing Phuli’s words that Brahmarakshas will not stop from water. She gets petrol cans from can. Rishab stabs Brahmarakshas with trishul from back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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