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BrahmaRakshas 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yug watches the Brahmarakshas aggressively moving towards the residential houses.
Raina brings Rishab to the hall, and gets to bring milk for him. Kammo comes to inform about brahmarakshas attack in market. Mohini shows her worry about Yug who is also there, Raina and Rishab go to take Yug. Brahmarakshas was moving towards a crying baby.
Mohini comes to Kanakraj and asks him to control brahmarakshas and save Yug. He asks Mohini to try by herself. She focuses over the bracelet that sparkles for a while then goes off. Kanakraj says today is Pooranmasi, today they can’t control him; they can only control him today by their blood.
Raina comes to face brahmarakshas, forbidding him destroy the town. Brahmarakshas remembers Raina had captured his powers, then moves towards her determined

not to spare her. Rishab comes as Raina’s savior, she hides her face in his chest while he stares towards the brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas attacks Raina and Rishab. There, Mohini and Kanakraj were praying, Mohini stains the bracelet with her blood and calls brahmarakshas to return. Brahmarakshas leaves Raina and Rishab. Raina remembers him returning once before as well. Yug comes out of jewelry shop.
Kanakraj tells Mohini that brahmarakshas is returning. They hear his roar, and turns to see him holding a log of wood that he breaks. Mohini asks if he is done with his anger. Brahmarakshas demands for power, else he would kill everyone. Mohini uses her power, then tells him to keep his voice low with her; she is shedding her blood to get his powers back and he wants to shed blood of others. She even got Rishab attacked, just for him; now they are really close to their destiny, then he would get his powers back. Her son, Yug must be getting the needle. Naina heard this and hurries back. Yug catches her and brings her to Mohini to be killed. Kanakraj also decides to kill her. Naina gets to Mohini’s feet explaining she was only following Yug to find out if he is stalking a girl. Mohini politely speaks to the fearful Naina, saying she must answer Naina. Mohini orders brahmarakshas to hold this girl and take her. Naina pleads Yug, but he throws her away. Brahmarakshas holds Naina by neck and throws her far away on floor. Mohini stops brahmarakshas; she asks if she got her answers now? She says this brahmarakshas would do what she will ask him for, it’s better for her to keep her mouth shut. She orders Yug to tie her hands, as she would decide when to kill her.
Shravan’s mother does Rishab’s dressing. Raina scolds Rishab to sit silently, as he is again bleeding. Rishab says he won’t run away even if she will leave her hand. Shravan watches them, and then thanks Rishab for saving Raina. Rishab wonders why brahmarakshas left him; Raina insists that sometimes she thinks if he is controlled by someone.
At home, Kammo was massaging Kiara and asks if she doesn’t care about Rishab. She replies his girl friend is there to worry for him. Kammo wish every wife was like her, then Kammo wouldn’t have lost so many of her jobs. She tells Kiara that Raina is very dangerous for her, she would kick her out of her house. Kiara scolds Kammo then accepts she herself left Rishab, else he never looked at anyone. Kammo says these days Rishab is crazy about Raina these days; and provokes Kiara not to get insulted by Raina.
Yug and Mohini throw Naina in a lockup, Mohini warns her for a single mistake, as her husband is after killing her. Mohini comes to study, and locks up the room telling Yug that no one is aware about this hidden room. They hear Raina’s foot steps who had come looking for Mohini. Yug asks Mohini about the plan. Mohini goes to speak to Raina, Yug urges to kill Raina but Mohini says that they need her blood.
Raina comes to Mohini’s room, Mohini enters behind speaking on phone. Raina tells Mohini that there is someone who is controlling brahmarakshas. Raina discuss with her about the bracelet. Mohini tells Raina that she suspects someone from this house, that bracelet design wasn’t recognized by the jeweler here; and only their family has come from city. Raina says there is also an I in her name. Mohini qualifies I is also in her name, Raina requests her not to make her feel ashamed. Mohini was alert and thinks about putting the blame over Naina.
Kaira comes to Shravan to ask him stop Raina. Shravan wonders why Kaira herself didn’t save Rishab. Kaira asks if he doesn’t love Raina. Shravan wasn’t ready to discuss it with her. Amma had dropped the thaal outside, Shravan runs towards her. Amma was afraid of something very wrong going to happen. They understand its full moon night, and brahmarakshas must be very powerful and out of control tonight.
At home, Dadi asks about Naina. Mitali says she must again have gone to doctor. Raina wonders what Naina must be doing. Rishab comes across Raina and asks her about her worries. She asks him to go to his room. Yug comes home injured then, everyone was concerned. He informs them that Naina is controlling rakshas, as she ordered rakshas in front of him to attack and kill him. no one wasn’t ready to accept. Yug says Naina won’t even return home. Rishab helps Naina inside. Mohini fakes her tears, and stares at Raina.
Kaira orders the goons to kill Raina, offering them gold. The goons were afraid of brahmarakshas in Kamalpoora. Kaira gives them greed of gold, as they will earn well for their family.
In the room, Rishab couldn’t believe it was Naina. Raina says she knew about it already. She tells Rishab about the bracelet story. Jeweller had told her that the bracelet was made in city. She says she had seen a bruise over the wrist of Naina; yesterday night she had seen Naina in an awkward condition. Rishab was in disbelief. Raina says she has no proof, and she herself is in disbelief. She thinks even Appu had broken their trust. Rishab says they can’t trust anyone, Naina was his best friend. Raina notices the injury on his arm and goes to get warm water.
Mohini comes to Kanakraj in the cave, reading the old manual and laughs hysterically. Kanakraj inquires about the reason of her pride. Mohini boasts about achieving so much, even Appu had tried but they are about to reach their destination. Kanakraj gives her medicines that make everyone forget. Mohini says they would give Raina these medicines, while taking blood. She was sure Raina trusts her so much and would take poison from her. Kanakraj asks her to do it today.
Kammo cuddles Yug. Yug flirts with her. Kammo makes him take juice. She hears the footsteps, Mohini comes in and tells Kammo to leave. Mohini scolds Yug for flirting with a maid. Yug wasn’t sure that she got him attacked by brahmarakshas. Mohini says she couldn’t have got it done by someone else. Yug complains she only cares for Raina’s blood. She goes downstairs.
Downstairs, Kammo was furious about Yug. Kammo says if Naina can control a rakshas, she can also control men. Raina comes to ask Kammo about warm water bag. Kammo says its in store room. In the secret room, Naina was crying, wondering if she would die here. Raina comes to secret room. Naina feels some presence. Raina comes in looking around for bag. She finds the bag when she hears Naina’s movement, then wonders where this noise is coming from. She traces the sourse of noice.

PRECAP: Mohini mixes the tablets in kheer for Raina. Yug holds Raina to cave. Mohini held an arrow and bow taking aim of Raina.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mona146

    So many mistakes. Raina’s mother? Who is she? There is no one.
    First raina got caught and then she did rishab’s dressing? What is the order?

  2. 3veni

    ohh godd..poorr naina….mohini iss too bad nd she is over actingg nd i can’t bear when she is laughing…nd dat kiara..her dressing iss tooo bad..hate kammoo…raina nd rishab r together i just want dat…

    hii pinkyy…where r u frm telugu states??

  3. Good morning Pinku di,Mona146,Gungun,Sindhu,3Veni and brahmarakshas viewers.

    1. Good morning

    2. 3veni

      gud mngg nazneen syeddd…

  4. Hi mona triveni gungun…. gud mrng all

  5. Poor naina…. dunno wt will happen today…. am from hyd….

  6. Hi Pinku , Nazneen , 3veni , Gungun hru all… I’m doing good pinku… Sorry could not reply yu back last week… Generally I read the update not able to understand it… Until i see d show can’t comment properly…updates are so confusing… Especially Naina and Raina… Seriously not able to understand anything until i watch the show…

    1. 3veni

      yaa sindhu…update is sooo confusingg….nd dey r not mentioning all d scenes….soo many mistakes….so iam nt reading d update ..i was jst commentingg…

  7. Precap is so scary guys…Hope nothing happens to Raina… Hope she gets conscious before dey do anything to her… Eagerly waiting for tomo episode…

  8. Merry Christmas to all…

  9. Hi sindhu, yea this written updates r nt tht clear…. i too hope d same sindhu, nothing shud happen to raina

    1. Hope shivam comes and saves Raina

  10. Hey nazneen hru wts going on how was ur chemistry exam

  11. Nazneen…. meri pyari behana…. wish u many many happy returns of d day…. happy happy bday…. this song is for u nazneem…. mere taraf se bday gift… phoolon ko taron sabka kehna hai ek hazaron meri behana hai… sari umar hum sang rehna hai….

  12. Wishing u all the luck and hope al ur wishes come true ….. ej hazaron me hamari nazneen hai…. hifi behana…..

  13. @Pinku di.Thanks from bottom of my heart di.
    Chemistry exam mast Gaya.

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    Aur 4th ko Electronics hai aur phi r chuttiyan.

    Meeru baagunara akka.

  15. Awesome…. kaha tha na mainey chemistry is littke easy.. hows ur bday going on….

  16. Merry Xmas to all ?????

  17. Hey nazneen wooow u know telugu… awesome …. nenu bagunna chelli nu ela unav( main achi hun behana tum kaisi ho) … nice chuttiyo me enjoy karo

  18. Raina I love you. Rishabh and you are so cute couple please reply

  19. Hey mahi hru…. welcome

  20. Episode was too good… Because of poor writing skills I felt it was boring…. Waiting fa more Raina and Rishab Chemistry

  21. oh no i cant see mohini as negitive… 🙁
    first of this serial episodes i like mohini chrctr very much…
    but now she is a witch…
    i am also a stupid to think these writers write the story as i think…
    k lets hope that raina can find the truth about mohini very soon…

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