BrahmaRakshas 23rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 23rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raina gets ready in beautiful red saree in the evening and thinks why she is fasting and is eagerly waiting to follow all the rituals. Daadi bua comes and says she is looking very beautiful and taunts Mohini if Nalin or her sons told her this anytime. Mohini tells Rishab and Yug have gone to bring food from special place. Daadi bua says it is women’s shelter and they will get blessings from helpless women if they buy foood food from them today. Rishab and Yug walk on street. Brahmarakshas/Apu attacks them. Yug falls unconscious. Apu attacks Rishab repeatedly.

Raina with Mohini and Naina waits for Rishab holding pooja thali. Yug brings injured Rishab. Raina drops pooja thali. Rishab says Bhramharakshas is back and falls unconscious. Raina shous….rishab…

Rishab and Yug are rushed to hospital. After sometime, doctor comes out of ICU and tells family that Yug is fine and is resting, but Rishab’s condition is critical with huge blood loss. Nalini shouts nothing should happen to his son. Doc says we will do our best and leaves. Raina cries holding daadi bua. Daadi bua consoles her and says nothing wrong will happe as she knows Rishab loves Raina…Raina says she does not want to lose Rishab. Daadi bua says she will not, she sould trust god. Apu smirks.

Raina reminisces Rishab telling that Bhramharakshas is back and is a woman now. She goes to Yug’s room thinking he must have seen Bhramharakshas. She wakes him and says Rishab told Bhramharakshas is back, if it is true. He reminisces seeing Bhramharakshas face and acts as falling asleep. Apu hears their conversation standing near door. Raina walks out thinking.. Mohini comes and Raina hugs cries hugging her and says Rishab told Bhramharakshas is back and is a woman now, how is it possible. Mohini says Bhramharakshas was dead, how can he be alive again. Raina pleads to help. Daadi bua comes and says doc told Rishab is fine now. Doc tells family that Rishab’s condition is normal now and will gain consciousness by morning. Apu thinks if Rishab saw her face. Raina tells she will stay with Rishab tonight. Daadi bua asks Mitali to get Raina’s clothes. Apu looks at Raina standing behind.

Naina takes pooja thali to Yug’s room and touches him. He gets afraid at first and then relaxes seeing her. She asks how is he now, she got very afraid hearing he met with an accident. He asks her to leave him alone. She says she did not break her fast yet and asks to feed him laddoo. He shouts he came back from dead clutch and she wants to have laddoo, he stuffs laddoos in her mouth and she runs away. Apu comes there and lights flicker. Yug gets afraid. Apu takes Bhramharakshas’ form and frightens him to keep kis mouth shut. He hides his face in fear. Naina comes and asks what happened. Apu says he is afraid of injection and tells Yug if he is calm and quiet, he will be normal and should obey her, she means doctor. She walks out while Yug looks at her in fear.

Raina in Rishab’s room thinks Rishab told Brahmharakhas is back, when did this happen, she reminisces accident and thinks if it is Aparajita. Mohini brings her clothes and gives it to her. Raina asks what will de do now. Mohini says she will fight fo her children, tilll now she listened to her husband and lost Rakhi, she will not lose Rishab now. She leaves saying she will be back soon. Raina cries looking at Rishab and says she needs his help in finding truth. Apu watches standing near door and fumes.

In the morning, Rishab wakes up and sees Raina sleeping in a chair next to him. He says Brahmharakhas is back. Nurse comes and asks if he is conscious now. Raina wakes up. He asks who is she, what is she doing here. She says she is Raina, if he forgot her. He asks if she knows him, who is she. She says she is his chindi. He says she must be chindi, why is she calling her chindi. She says he used to call her chindi. He asks if she feels bad. She says she used to earlier but not now. He says he is feeling bad that he used to call her chindi and she is here as he used to call her chindi.. She thinks if she should tell him that she is his wife… He says she cannot be his girlfriend. She is not as her boyfriend would not be like him. Doc comes and asks how is he feeling. Raina says he lost his memory. Doc asks what is his name. He says he is Rishab and she is Raina, his wife. Raina is shocked. Doc asks if he is hungry. Rishab says he is very hungry. Doc says he will send dalia. Raina gets angry. He laughs that she gets fooled so easily and laughs yours chindi… She says she was just reminiding him. Nurse brings dalia. Raina asks him to have it. He asks her to have it first and test. She takes spoon near his mouth. Mitali comes and asks Rishab how is he. He says he is fine. Mitali says it is good she broke her fast. Raina says not yet. Mitali leaves. Rishab feeds her and breaks her fast and says now she realized why he was not eating. She smiles. He says it is so tasteless, why would he eat it. He sees dalia on her lip and cleans it. She gets emotional. Nalin enters and stps seeing them. Ved comes running and asks if he is fine. Rishab says yes. Nalin says he is searching Mohini. Rishab says she is not here. Apu also searches Mohini and thinks she is no where, where she must have gone. She tries her number and thinks something is wrong.

At Kamalpura, Phuli goes to tell and tells panditji that her son is coming. Pandit says he knows and describes how shy her son is. Mohini comes there and pleads to help her. Phuli asks her to go back as whenever she is here, problems creep up. Mohini says Brahmharakhas is back and attacked Rishab, she needs her help in protecting her family. Phuli agrees and says she will perform shanti/peace pooja at her house and walks along her.

Mohini informs Nalin that Bhramharakshas is back. Nalin yells that Raina is mad and now even her saas is mad, Raina is a living confusion and does not know why she is in this house. Mohini says Raina is married to Rishab and should be here. Aditya comes and and asks them to stop talking about Bhramharakshas, what if daadi bua hears them. Nalin yells at Mohini and leaves.

Raina changes Rishab’s bandage. A romantic music plays in the background. Rishab asks if she remembers what he told about Bhramharakshas. She says he told that Bhramharakshas is a woman now, but she Bhramharakshas had died, only Apu can tell now as she has Bhramharakshas book, what is Apu is Bhramharakshas, then says she cannnot be as Bhramharakshas’ blood was black and Apu’s blood was red and his mom…He thinks she knows were mom has gone, but will not tell as she is honest. Raina thinks what is happening to her, if she is falling for him. Rishab also thinks same and thinks he should control himself as last time he was betrayed by ther girl.

Mohini and Phuli travel in a car and a car stops due to a girl blocking road with her goods. Mohini asks driver to drive car from side. Car brushes girl and leaves. Girl hits stone angrily.

Rishab comes home with Raina. Mohini performs their aarti and says she wants to perform pooja at home. Apu gets tensed and asks why pooja. Mohini says shanti pooja. Rishab says even he feels pooja should be done at home. Daadi bua praises younger generation wants pooja and older generation party. Nalin asks Mohini if she had gone to call pandit. Mohini says no…phuli. Apu fumes that Phuli came back with a reason. Phuli tells Mohini she was right, evil spirit is hovering this house. Mohini asks if she will help her. Phuli asks her to bring pooja items which she listed.

Raina in her room thinks same that Phuli came to save her family. Sindhoor box slips and falls. She holds it. Rishab comes and asks she is worried for him. She says seeing him in critical condition, she was. He asks if she is not acting. She emotionally asks if he thinks. He says she is doing rituals on Jaggi daadi’s insistence, if she wants, he will apply sindhoor on her forehead. She asks if she wants..she does not want. He asks if she thinks he is Bhramharakshas who will panic seeing sindhoor. She says if he wants he can apply sindhoor on her forehead, else no..

Precap: Phuli performs pooja. Apu hears mantras and turns into Bhramharakshas.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I want come prarag tyagi back he is only suitable for barmtakshash role

  2. I think phuli’s son also comes to stay with srivastav’s.I think he may be raina’s friend and rishab feels jealous as raina feels seeing him with kaira


      1. Yes correct

  3. Ya varshu I also think same but may be he know about Raina’s mom and dad …
    I mean maybe Raina’s mom is alive and that rishab’s father wanted to kill Raina’s mom

  4. ya dipu like rakhi was alive may be raina’s mom is alive.

  5. Hi iam new here I have a question where are rishab and Raina and their family living kamalpura or Mumbai I have this doubt guys

    1. mumbai..they r living in mumbai right nw

  6. Simrah they are living in Mumbai

  7. Wow amazing scenes between Raina and Rishab in hospital … Waiting fa some twists and turns… Full excited

  8. Guys I still don’t get it why nalin had attacked rainas dad when he was going to reveal some truth to her.

    1. Because maybe he ( Raina’s dad) knows that nalin,aditya and apu are the culprits

      There are many twists and turns To be out gyss

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