BrahmaRakshas 22nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 22nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Apu acts as losing her memory after accident to stay back at Raina and Rishab’s house. Mohini fumes that she will not let her daughter’s murderer in her house. Aditya tells Apu came back in their lives and once she gets back her memory, she will ask her property share again. Nalini says Raina made an accident, so she will be in trouble now. Naina serves green tea to daadi bua. Daadi bua asks how did accident happen, they had gone to farm house for 2 days and came back within a day. Raina tells an animal barged into farm house and ate all sheeps. Since males were a bit drunk, she drove car and accidentally rammed it on Apu.

In Apu’s room, Apu asks Yug if he bribed doc well. Yug says yes, that is why he agreed to lie that she got memory loss. Naina enters.

Yug asks her to give Apu medicine and let her rest. Naina afraidly does so.

Police comes and inspector says he came arrest Raina in a hit and run case and asks who is Raina. Raina says she is and agrees that she rammed car on Apu. Family is shocked and daadi tries to stop her. Mohini asks to call Apu. Yug says Apu is in deep sleep after taking sleeping pill. Naina says yes. Inspector says Raina will be under custody until Apu comes and gives statement and takes Rain along. Mohini goes to Apu’s room and asks her to wake up. Nalin enters and says she is sleeping. Mohini says she thought if Apu is awake, she can give statement. Once they both go out, Apu opens her eyes and fume that she wanted to punish Raina tonight, but she went to jail.

Rishab goes to police and says inspector that he took Apu to his home and got her treated, so he cannot arrest Raina. He sees Raina in men’s cell and asks inspector to change her cell or send a lady constable in at least. Inspector says he cannot. Rishab gives him a tight slap. Inspects arrests him and send in Raina’s cell. Raina and Rishab’s nok jhok starts. Goons in ask Rishab if girl is his wife. Rishab says yes and warns to mind their tongue, else they saw what he did with inspector. He sits with Raina keeping her hand on her. Raina gets emotional. After sometime, Apu as Brahmarakshas enters police station. Constable gets afraid and shoots. Inspector enters and asks why did he shoot. Constable says he saw some animal. Brahmarakshas Apu hides under table and roars. Everyone get afraid.

In the morning, daadi bua calls her lawyer and warns him to get Raina ad Rishab out within 20 min, else he knows what she can do. Mohini and Nalin come down. She scoldss them that their children are in jail and they are coming down peacefully after resting in an AC room. Door bell rings. Daadi bua says Rishab and Raina came. Lado opens door. Rishab and Raina enter in. Daadi praises Rishab that he went to jail for his wife and taunts Nalin that he should have got a better wife than Mohini. She then tells Raina that she will have karvachauth fast tomorrow for Rishab. Rishab says Raina does not have to fast as he does not believe in all this. Raina says she will fast. Rishab and Raina then go out for shopping.

Yug goes to Apu’s room and sees her missing. Apu as Brahmarakshas is seen staring at a butcher shop’s mutton in market. She growls. People get afraid and panic prevails in market. Rishab and Raina walk in market with their nok jhok and see people running. Mitali watches news on TV and gathers family. Rishab and Raina enter home and say they were stuck in market. They see news about weird animal attacking market. Raina says she feels it is Brahmarakshas. Raina goes to sleep, wakes up at night and sees hher clothes changed. She asks Rishab who changed them. He says he changed them. Raina asks what….He says when she can keep karvachauth for him, he thought off favoring even her. She says this is not good and starts crying. He says he was joking and says she does not trust him the way he trusts her.

Yug goes to Apu’s room again and asks where was she. She says she was in her room itself. He says he needs money, else she knows what he can do. She warns even he knows what she can do. He lowers his eyes…

Raina goes to kitchen and tries halwa thinking she will have to fast in the morning. Mohini comes and says she does not have to fast. Raina says she will for Daadi bua’s sake. Mohini fills plate for Raina and says Raina has right on this sargi. Risab passes by. Raina jokes that she will do dieting via fast not like some people who just stuff their mouth all the time and grow their tummy and don’t go to gym or exercise. Mohini smiles realizing she is taunting Rishab. Once Mohini goes, Rishab says he can make Raina fast each day. Raina says luckily karvachauth comes once a year. During day, Raina watches TV and seeing cooking channels switchess it off She then opens news paper and gets temtped seeing burger ad. Rishab brings food and starts munching. A romantic song plays in the background. Raina feeds him and tastes him ice cream. Some of it sticks on his lip. Rishab asks if she wants to have some. She says no and points at his upper lip and wipes it. He asks her to have some. She says no. Apu hears their conversation standing outside door and thinks she will attack Raina’s weakness Rishab slowly than killing Raina at once.

Precap: Brahmarakshas/Raina attacks Rishab and Yug. Raina waits for Rishab to break fast and drops pooja thali when Rishab’s body is brought. She cries shouting Rishab….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hye, Hindi isnt my first language so I have a question. And the end, the conversation between Raina and Rishab about Karvachauth, can you translate that ? Would really appreciate it ��

  2. OMG the precap is so scary.
    Hey guys I have read the spoilers that Rishab’s ex-girlfriend Kaira will enter.
    Rishab is confused whether to love Kaira or not.As he loved her in the past.Raina is in confused.?

    1. I think apu and kiara will join hands and then try to kill raina so maybe after that raina will get to know Kara’s truth somehow and expose it to rishabh and then he will understand that raina is his love.. these are only my thoughts…. What do you think?

      1. Mona146

        this is to happen. spoilers say the same .

      2. Hii gungun
        but in one of the spoiler it was said that they both would realize there love in karwachauth

  3. Hello every1 actually kishwer merchatt is down with dengue and cant do shooting so kiara come on her place she is brahmarakshas for few days

    1. Oh that’s why they are changing the story

  4. Sometimes the spoilers will be false also don’t know what will happen??

  5. Nice episode waiting 4 today’s episode I hope atlest rains and rishab vil understand thr lve

    1. I think they will drag their love story

  6. Nice….

  7. Pls put today.’s eposode it feels like cryingggggggg

  8. Amazing chemistry between Raina and Rishab….wow awesome episode over all I can say

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