BrahmaRakshas 21st August 2016 Written Episode Update


BrahmaRakshas 21st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandit tells Rishab that he cannot get Rakhi married if she wears red bridal dress with sindhoor and chuda, else Brahmarakshas will come. Rishab says he did not see anyone in jungle. Pandit says then Brahmarakshas is somewhere around and will kill them. Rishab insists and Raina tries to explain him, but says chindi stay away. Rakhi ties protective thread on Rishab’s hand with emotional dialogues. Rishab forces Pandit to start marriage. Ajay’s family leaves for Mumbai. Adity, Yug and Malhotra reach temple where a man tells panditji went to other temple to perform marriage. They rush towards temple in car again.

Rishab forces Pandit to perform Rakhi and Varun’s marriage. They both perform pheras taking oaths and finish marriage. Rakhi touches Rishab’s

feet. Rishab saays he has informed taxi driver who will drop them to next station of Kamalpura. Rakhi says she needs to take elder’s blessings. Rishab says he knows dad well and once he calms down, he will call them back. Rakhi and Varun leave in taxi before Raina gives them lotus. Malhotra reaches temple and slaps Rishab. Rishab says he did right. Aditya sees kumkum and says Rishab did a big mistake, Brahmarakshas will not spare Rakhi now, he killed Bitto already. Rishab says he does not believe in all this. Aditya says he will repent and leaves in car with Malhotra and Yug. Rishab taunts chindi chameli a bit and they both leave on bike.

Rakhi and Varun travel in a taxi. Driver/Brahmarakshas sees Rakhi’s bridal attire and speeds up car. Rakhi’s ear ring falls on road. Driver speeds car into jungle and reaches cursed haveli and goes in. Varun takes driver’s seat and starts car, but Brahmarakshas comes and lifts car up. Raina while traveling on bike with Rishab worries for Rakhi’s life. She sees rakhi’s earring on road and shows it to Rishab, says Rakhi is in danger. They see car’s tyre marks going towards jungle and follow it. Brahmarakshas kills Varun and throws him on floor. Rakhi is shocked to see his dead body and shouts. He then attacks Rakhi. Raina hears Rakhi’s plea and takes Rishab to haveli. Rishab sees Brahmarakshas trying to attack Rakhi and tries to save her. Rakhi says Varun’s body and pleads to wake him up. Rishab says Varun is dead and asks Rakhi to come along. Rakhi says she will not without Rishab.

Mohini gets worried for Rakhi and over phone informs Aditya that she does not know who brought chuda and other bridal items here. Naina tries to console her, but she gets more worried. Naina calls Yug who scolds her to disconnect phone and take care of mom. He sees Rishab’s bike on road and stops car. They all see haveli and hear Brahmarakshas’ roar and rush towards it. Rishab tries to save Rakhi and throws spearhead on Brahmarakshas unsuccessfully. Raina throws lotus towards Rakhi and asks her to hold it to escape from Brahmarakshas. Lotus falls down and Brahmarakshas blows it away. Rishab also falls down. Raina asks Rakhi to throw her chuda and jewelry. Rakhi throws it on Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas reminisces his wife Apu throwing chuda and jewelry on him and drags Rakhi. Raina wakes up Rishab and he tries to attack Brahmarakshas again unsuccessfully. Aditya and others also reach and Brahmarakshas blows even them and kills Rakhi.

Malhotra with Aditya reaches home holding Rakhi’s veil followed by Rishab holding Rakhi’s dead body. Mohini asks him to take away dead body from there. Mitali asks if it is Rakhi’s deadbody. Mohini says how can it be Rakhi, pulls cloth and breaks down. She confronts Rishab and then her husband and blames Rishab for not listening to her and becoming reason for Rakhi’s death. She says he will set Rakhi’s body on fire and see her turning into ashes. He cries not to say that…She says he will. Raina takes Rishab’s side and says Mohini that he risked his life to save Rakhi. Mohini says she is seeing a brother and best friend both pushing Rakhi on death path. Raina says Rakhi loved Varun and wanted to live with him. Mohini says yes, her daughter wanted to live, but her brother killled her. She says she does not want to see his face and pushes him. Malhotra also orders him to get out as he does not want to mourn his daughter’s death with his daughter’s murderer. Villagers also yell at Rishab that because of him Rakhi died. Rishab walks out reminiscing all the recent incidents and cries sitting on bench calling Rakhii….

Precap: Raina tells Rishab he has to take Rakhi’s revenge from Brahmarakhas. He asks how will he kill Brahmarakshas. Raina says there will be some way and he will be able to save many other sisters.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. feeling sad for rishab

  2. Rubaiya

    O god today’s episode was horrible i thought that they’ll b able to save rakhi but they were too late….just hope that rishab takes d revenge

  3. Nice episode

  4. What the name of song who played in last scene….rishabh when cry?

  5. Finally glad that story is reaching its start, Glad that the characted of rakhi is dead..Waiting for rishab and raina to know about death of shyam and his wife toooo….
    Now Rishab and Raina will marry…Nice

  6. Hmmm amazing….brahmrakshas…. yet another supernatural story….raina and rishabh are gud….the monstrr is scary and Rakhi is dead with drops of blood on her face…no offence

  7. I thought they will save rakhi.. But no.. Very sad for rishab.. Now rishab and Raina will take revenge for rakhi’s death..

  8. brahma rakshash …..ha ha haaaaa…….

  9. Cuteprincess

    I think they are going to trap the rakshash after they get married.. but its too risky and the rakshash seems a little scary..

  10. AthiraAppu

    Hii everyone
    According to spoilers raakshs will fall in luv with raina and rains fall for rishabh luv triangle
    And they will get marry but after that rakshas will kill rishabh and get into his body
    I got this news from SBS they said that the track will vary according to trp

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