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BrahmaRakshas 1st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kiara falls down in jungle while trying to escape form goons and shouts for help. Shivam hears Kiara’s voice and rushes to her rescue. He throws stone on goo and warns to run from here, else he will call police. Goon say he can call police, Kiara has stolen their gold coins. Kiara says they have stolen her coins. Brahmarakshas comes there. Shivam asks Kiara to hide behind tree. Brahmarakshas roars that he will kill Shivam. In Haveli, Raina ties holi thread to everyone’s hands. Mohini and Yu smirks. Raina insists Nalin to extend his hand and he yells. Mohini insists him to agree. Nalin extends left hand. Raina asks to extend right hand. He does yelling. She sees injury on his hand and asks how did this happen. Mohini acting as afriad tells she gave him file

with paper cutter in and he got hurt. Rishab says mom must have done it by mistake. Nalin yells it is husband and wife’s issue, nobody can interfere. Raina ties thread while Mohini and Yug continue smirking.

Brahmarakshas attacks goons first. Shivam warns goons to run from there. Brahmarakshas roars he will kill Shivam. Shivam asks to try if he can and throws holi ash on him. Brahmarakshas disappears. Shivam runs with Kiara. Kanakaran watches them and fumes.

Mohini looks at her hand and gets happy that she is brilliant. She then thinks if her brother had helped her, they would hav achieved a lot, but he was a fool. Her husband insults her so much, now his turn to die. Shepraises herself that she is rocky and shocking. Kanakaraj calls her and informs that Shivam heard everything and wants to expose them. Mohini orders to stop him. He says she knows what to do. She picks a locket with which she controls Brahmarakshas.

Raina takes Rishab to a room and cries that her dad is so cruel, he is the one who is harming villagers. Rishab asks what she wants to say and gives her water. She says yesterday she was kidnapped and he had come to save her. There were 3 masked person and one got injured, she saw same mark on his mom’s hand. Rishab says it cannot be. Raina says she asked mom directly and she told that her husband beats her a lot. Rishab is shocked. Raina says she wanted to confirm, so she tied black thrad on everyone’s hand and saw same injury on Nalin’s hand. Rishab says he told mom injured him. Raina says mom is afraid of papa and took blame on her. His dad beats mom often and tortured mom when Aditya uncle stole money. Rishab fumes how dare dad is to torture mom. Mitali knocks door and asks to come down soon.

Shivam tries to enter haveli, but Ved stops him. Rishab comes and asks to let him in. Injured Shivam holding his head says he knows who is controlling Brahmarakshas. Rishab asks who is it. Shivam sees Mohini behind Rishab and is about to tell when he collapses. Mohini relaxes. Ved asks who is it. Yug tries to stop Ved. Ved says he wants to know who killed her papa. Yug shouts his father was a thief. Ved warns to shut up. Mohini says let us listen to Shivam once. Raina says same. Yug shouts Naina is controlling Brahmarakshas. Mitali asks why is he shouting as if he is defending some one else. Daadi says whoever it is, some more people are also involved. Shivam opens eyes. Nalin asks who is it. Mohini gets Kanakaraj’s phone and she disconnects it. Shivam says he went to meet Kanakaraj and saw burn marks on his neck. Raina says may be Brahmarakshas has attacked him. Shivam says even he thought same and followed Kanakaraj and saw him entering in to a cave and speaking to Brahmarakshas and ordering to kill villagers. Mohini relaxes and says why would Kanakaraj do that. Shivam says Kanakaraj wants money and forcefully took money from Aditya. He was even behind Kiara and she escaped from there, don’t know where she went. Nalin shouts nothing should happen to Kiara and asks Risha why is he careless regarding his wife, some onne else knows more about her. Rishab says he should not speak about wife at least. Raina says Rishab did not mean that. Shivam says he will go home as mom must be waiting for him. Rishab asks to stay here, he will bring his mom here.

Pakhandi baba sees Kammo and tries to flirt with her and she yells at him. Kiara comes running and clashes with Kiara. Rishab and Raina reach Phuli’s house and inform her that Shivam is fine. Phuli thanks them for taking care of Rishab and goes to get her bag. Raina says they should go and search Raina. Rishab says he will search Kiara as it is his duty. Raina says she is relaxed that Nalin is innocent. Rishab says just regarding Brahmarakshas. He leaves. Phuli walks with Raina. Kiara says Kammo to give her some water and save her as Brahmarakshas is behind her. Kammo yells she threw her out of house, why will she save her. Pakhandi gives her water. She throws it on him and runs. Naina reminisces Yug telling Mohini that Naina knows a lot about them and they should kill her, then throwing her in store room. She sees someone there and panics. Kiara sees Rishab, runs and hugs him and says Brahmarakshas had attacked her and Shivam saved her. Pakhandi baba passes by telling villagers that Kanakaraj is pakhandi instead. Villagers scold him. Rishab says pakhandi is telling right.

Mohini with Yug enters Shivam’s room and says he does good acting, why did he lie. He says for Raina, he wants her at any cost. Mohini asks just for love, he lied so much. Door opens and Raina enters with Phuli. Phuli pampers Shivam. Nalin reaches village and gets happy that Kiara is safe. Villagers yell they did not dream that anakara is a betrayer. Pakandhi says he told them already. Villagers ask to tell where Kanakaraj then. Pakhandi gets afraid. Sarpanch says Kanakaraj must be somewhere around and they will find him soon. Pakhandi says let us search him then.

Old woman walks near Naina. Naina panicks and pleads to stay away from her. Lady shuts her mouth and asks to have food as she can save truth. Naina asks lady to show her face. Lady shows her face in light. Naina says she has seen her somewhere. Lady says she is Sudha. Naina says she is Kammo daadi’s bahu then, but she was dead..

Kanakaraj hides in village and runs yelling Phuli’s son ruined his plan. Pakhandi and villager see him and shout. He throws mud on them and runs.

Raina gets soup to Rishab’s room and forcefully feeds him. He says it is very bitter. Kiara enters with Rishab and taunts what a view.. Raina says Rishab thank god he brought Kiara home. Kiara taunts let us not disturb love birds and lets Rishab let us go. Rishab says Raina take care and leaves. Raina asks Shivam to finish soup and leaves.

Kanakaraj runs in jungle and falls down. His wig falls down. Raina walks out of haveli and thiks she does not know whether to stay here or not.. she has to stay here for Mohini as Mohini was insulted a lot by Nalin for her, she can at least bear Kiara’s taunts. Kanakaraj hides and runs into house. Raina sees footsteps and follows them in. Mohini in her room thinks Shivam lied for Raina, should she trust him or not. Kanakaraj enters her room and she locks door and shouts if he is mad. He says whole village is searching him. She asks to run away from here and opens door to see Raina following footsteps. Kanakaraj says he will go and expose her in front of her whole family. Mohini closes door and acts as falling down. Raina hears sound and rushes into room. Mohini acts that Kanakaraj is trying to kil her. Rishab and whole family enters. Raina asks to call police. Yug acts as calling police. Rishab yells at Kanakaraj that he will go to jail. Kanakaraj says he did not do anything.

Naina asks Sudha that she was dead, how is she alive then. Sudha asks to have food first. Naina says she does not want to as she thought Mohini as her mother, but she betrayed her. Sudha says Mohini is an evil and tells her story that Mohini was her best friend, even then she tried to kill her via accident. She goes into flashback where Mohini takes her new born baby Mitali and warns her if she wants her daughter alive, she has to keep her mouth shut. Nina asks if Rakhi is her daughter. Sudha says yes. Naina says Mohini acted as Rakhi is her real daughter. Sudha asks how is her daughter, she must be of Naina’s age. Naina says Brahmarakshas killed Rakhi. Sudha is shocked.

Rishab tries to console crying Mohini. Raina gives Mohini water and asks her not to cry, she is a victim. Rishab asks Mohini why did not she inform of dad’s cruelty. Mohini says she had come to him, but seeing his breakup with Kiara, she did not tell him as his trust on relationship would have broken.

Precap: Naina asks Sudha what is her son’s name. Sudha says Rishab. Shivam thinks he has to do something himself and tries to get intimate with Raina while she is asleep. Rishab catches him red-handed and throws him on floor. Phuli shouts her son just wanted to save this village, the problem started in this haveli because of Mohini’s friend.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. Update
    There some other character introducing in Brahmarakhash called Narsimha who will make rishab sick again.. saas bahu aur betiyan showed it yesterday…

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