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BrahmaRakshas 18th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raina goes for a walk with Apu and says she came to her room and did not find her there. Apu says she had gone to meet Mohini and asks why did she come to her room instead of celebrating her suhagraat, if she does not know what it means. Raina says she knows husband and wife spend time together, but what was she doing with Mohini. Adity and Nalin discuss that their both problems have gone out and they should keep an eye on them, they send servant Birju to keep an eye on them.

Raina continues questing Apu. Apu asks Raina if she is here to kill Brahmarakshas. Raina says she loves Rishab, so she is here. A big stone boulder rushes towards them and they both run. Raina moves aside and servant Birju pulls Apu aside. Boulder fall down from cliff. Raina asks Birju how come he is here.

He says Aditya sent him. Raina asks Apu why did not she attend Rakhi’s wedding being a close relative. Apu says so what, she came to share sorrow if not happiness. Apu asks if she is married. Apu says she did not find anyone yet. Raina thinks she is plainly lying. Birju walks behind them and reveals he is Brahmarakshas.

Rishab joins family for breakfast. Mohini says she wants Raina to perform post-marriage kitchen rituals nd asks Rishab to call her. Rishab says she is not at home. Mohini asks where did she go. Aditya says she went for a walk with Apu and Birju has gone behind them.

Raina continues chatting with Apu and hears Brahmarakshas’ sound. She asks Apu to run as Brahmarakshas is coming. They both run in different ways. Apu gets caught in plants Raina finds her and saves her on time. Birju comes. Apu scolds him where was he instead of protecting her. Raina asks him to be with them. Apu stars yelling blo*dy servant, why can’t he be behind her. Raina sees him roaring and says he is brahmarakshas. They both run and reach Brahmarakshas’ haveli by mistake. Brahmarakshas rushes towards Apu roaring she came back, now he will not spare her. Raina throws rajgira, water, etc.., on him and it does not affect him. Raina is shocked. Rishab comes searching Apu and Raina and sees Raina’s water flask and watch and Apu’s mobile on the way and finds clue towards haveli. He enters haveli and throws something on Brahmarakhas and Brahmarakshas escapes. Raina asks him what did he do. Rishab says he will tell later and takes Apu out and gets her into car. Raina silently walks behind him. Rishab while driving asks Raina how did she went into haveli. She sys she does not know from where Brahmarakshas came. Apu realizes Rajgira and water will not affect Brahmarakshas if the person who killed him is under 100 meters periphery. She realizes that she is really Sanjay’s wife. Rishab says Brahmarakshas can enter anyone’s body, he had entered even Anil uncle’s body.

Rishab takes Apu and Raina home. Mohini asks how did Brahmarakshas attack her. She says she does not know from where Brahmarakshas came even though she has not seen him before. Apu asks if she really does not know Brahmarakshas. Mohini says when they came here first time, Apu is also coming here first time. Raina says Apu is Sanjay/Brahmarakshas’ wife and she saw her photo in Sanjay’s haveli. Apu has overexerted herself in trying to take Rakhi’s revenge that she is blubbering nonsense and asks Rishab to take her from here. Rishab takes Raina to a room and shouts why is she lying against Apu. Raina says she really saw Apu’s pic in Brahmarakshas’ haveli. He yells at her tht she has gone made, etc.. pushes her and leaves.

Apu tells Nalin and Aditya that Raina knows a lot about her, so she has thought of killing her. Rishab hears that and asks whom she wants to kill. Nalin says Brahmarakshas. Apu says she has a plan and Rishab has to help her. Rishab asks what. She says he has to send Raina from here as she risks her life often for him. He says she wants to take Rakhi’s revenge. Apu says Raina confessed that she loves him, so he should not risk her life and send her from here. He says if she says Raina loves him, he will send Raina from here and asks what to do. She tells plan.

Rishab goes to Raina’s room and sees her trying to apply medicine to her back injury. He says he will apply it. She hesitates. He says he will close eyes and apply it. Sanam re sanam re…romantic song plays in the background. He closes eyes and applies medicine on her back. She reminisces their intimate moments and her heart melts for him.

Precap: Aditya prays god to unite Apu and Sanjay. Village sarpanch says Nalin since they came to this village, many lives are lost. Aditya says Brahmarakshas will die. Rishab feels sad sending Raina away. Phuli informs Rishab that Brahmarakshas took Raina with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. really ..thnku so mch for the update

  2. Excellent episode. …

  3. Wow!! rishab starts feeling for raina

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    raina ko brahmarakshas le gya
    thats scary
    n exciting πŸ™‚

    i hope the next weekend we get some more good n happy happy RiAna scenes
    hope rishabh realises his love for raina soon n so does raina πŸ™‚

    nice n gripping story πŸ™‚

    tc everyone πŸ™‚

  5. n i guess the writer has some really bad confusion etween ‘apu’ n ‘raina’
    plzz tc of that dude !! πŸ™‚

  6. SoOooooo .Good episode

  7. i luv riana i hope rishab realize his luv for raina!

  8. rishab is doing wrong he was not pushing raina like that

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