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BrahmaRakshas 18th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raina follows Mohini into jungle thinking it is Naina. Mohini with Yug and Kanakaraj goes to a cave. She asks Yug to hide and with her powers orders Brahmarakshas to emerge. Brahmarakshas emerges. Mohini gives him sanjeevani boti to drink. Brahmarakshas drinks it and falls choking and says she betrayed him, he is losing powers instead of gaining them. Raina continues searching. Yug confuses her and returns to cave. Brahmarakshas tries to kill him, but Mohini stops him and says Yug is her son. Yug runs behind Mohini and informs that Raina was following them and he somehow confused her. Mohini says Raina has to die now. Kanakaraj says Raina is of no use to them now.

Raina continues searching Naina when Mitali calls and informs her that Rishab is trying to walk. Raina

rushes home and scolds Rishab why did he get up, whose the stupid who suggested him this idea. Daadi enters and says she is the stupid. Raina apologizes. Daadi jokes she will not give her property to ehr. Raina says no need, but she should not get angry on her. Daadi says skimpy dress clad Kiara also does not call her stupid.

Mohini’s inner self in mirror provokes and laughs on her that a manager’s daughter became a problem to her. She used to play in crores, but now she is broke because of Raina. Nalin rightly calls her helpless woman. Mohini angrily breaks mirror. Naina enters Mohini’s room and sees glass broken. Raina enters next and asks Naina what is this. Naina says she does not know, even she is thinking same. Raina asks where was she. Naina says she went to doc to dress her injury. Raina asks where is dressing then. Naina nervously says doc was not present, leaves saying she will send Kammo. Raina thinks why she is lying again.

While having food, Daadi praises Raina that she did a lot to this house. Nalin says he will compensate her. Daadi says even if he transfers his whole property, he cannot compensate Naina. Nalin laughs that he is saved then and asks Rishab what he wanted to tell about Phuli. Yug stops him and Rishab coughs.. Mohini thinnk ssh ehas to find out why sanjeevani boti did not work on Brahmarakshas.

Rishab goes to Raina’s room and sees sketches drawn by Raina. He sees Rishab on bed, Raina near window, Brahmarakshas strangulating Rishab, a masked man behind tree and thinks who isthis masked man. He then sees sketch of Raina guarding Rishab and thinks chindi thinks a lot about him, what she thinks….Mitali enters and asks what he thinks.

Naina goes to Apu’s room and searches Brahmarakshas book everywhere. She finds it under cupboard and thinks she has to find out how Naina is controlling Brahmarakshas. She is unable to read book language and thinks of taking it to Phuli. Mohini tries to enter room and is shocked seeing book in her hand. Raina asks if she needs anything.

Rishab says he got tired and so sat in Raina’s room. Mitali says Raina really face hardship to get sanjeevani boti. Daadi was telling she was severely injured, nobody would have brought booti except Raina. Rishab asks why Naina did this. Mitali says Raina loves him and asks why did he marry Kiara, he should tell Raina the reason. Rishab says the reason is. Mitali says he keeps Kiara away with a reason and should tell this to Raina. Rishab says he knows what to do and needs her help.

Mohini tells Raina that even she needed this book as she wants to finish Brahmarakshas at once via this book. Raina says even she was thinking of same and was going to give this book to Phuli. Mohini asks not to give it to Phuli, give it to her, she will give it to Kanakaraj and asks her to take care of Rishab. Raina says until she is here, everything will be fine. Mohini thinks until she is ther, nothing will be right. She with Yug goes to jungle and gives book t Kanakaraj. Kanakara reads it and says he gained so much knowledge and did not realize that sanjeevani boti worked on Rishab as Raina took it for Rishab and not Brahmarakshas. Yug asks what to do now. Kanakaraj says Raina is the solution or someone who is very pure hearted who does is not greedy about sanjeevani boti. Mohini says then Raina is perfect for this job and asks Yug to get her somehow.

Mitali and Yug decorate house for Raina. Mohini returns and asks what are they doing. Mitali says decorating room for Raina. Mohini says go ahead and thinks if they are busy here, they cannont disturb Yug and Raina. Rishab comes and asks which candle to light. Mohini thinks she had to go to Yug’s room, but Rishab has caught her here. She tells his intention is true, so he need not worry, but should be away from Kiara. Rishab think he married Kiara to save mom. In Yug’s room, he offers champagne to Naina and says they have to sort out issues between them. Naina thinks she has to confront him. She asks him where was he last night. He asks why she is asking him this. She says he told just now they should sort issues between them. He angrily tries to slap her. Mohini enters and sends her away and scolds Yug that he is useless like his father Nalin.

Naina enters and is surprised to see decoration and asks Rishab what is all this. Rishab says this is for her. She says she already is tensed after calling daadi bua stupid, he should not make he rmore tensed. He asks her to sit and holding her hands says she risked her life for him many times and even he would have done same because there is something between them which the both feel. Raina leaves his hand and says he is married. He says it is his helplessness and he cannot tell her the reason, but will she wait for him until he sorts out his issues. Naina hides and looks at them. Mohini catches her and asks what is she doing. Mitali says she is trying to hear their conversation. Mohini says this will not work, she gives 2 champagne glasses and says one is grape juice and one is champagne, she should give grape juice to Raina and champagne to Rishab. Mitali says okay. Mohini thinks she mixed something in Raina says drink that she herself will agree to help. Rishab asks Raina why did she let him marry Kiara. Raina says she was just… Mitali gives them glasses and asks to drink it. Rishab keeps glass on table and says Raina that he never trusted her and even broke her trust many times. Raina sys he left her once. Rishab says he will not again, he will fix everything soon. Mitali nervously thinks what will Raina say no. Mohini thinks when wil Raina drink juice. Raina closes her eyes and reminisces her and Rishab’s romance. Kyun itna mai…song plays in the background. Raina says whenever she walked with him, her heart broke always, but when he is not with him, she feels empty.. Even if he had said no, she would have waited for him whole life. Rishab emotionally says really, he was waiting for this moment since a long time. He exchanges glasses by mistake and they both finish glasses. Mitali happily runs and hugs them.

Mohini tells Yug that she fed Naina medicine and before Raina gets conscious he should get Raina’s medicine. He sees calls jeweler to order jewelry. Naina passes by, hears his conversation, and thinks he is ordering jewelry for Kammo and thinks she will see how much low he will fall. He walks towards Kammo’s house speaking over phone to her that he is tired and is coming to her. Naina follows her. He walks via jungle route to hide. Jeweler calls him back and he says not to worry about weight, he just needs pure jewelry as it is for special person. He hears Naina huffing in nervousness and stops. Naina hides. He asks who is it and picks gun. Phone rings and he moes. Naina thinks if Yug had seen her, he woudl have killed her, so she should return home. She reaches home back. Naina sees her coming from out and thinks where Naina had been and why she is hiding.

In the morning, Raina takes fruits to Mohini’s room and asks to have them. She asks what did Kanakaraj say. Mohini asks regarding what. Raina asks regarding book. Mohini says she gave him book, he will tread it and reply, asks her not to think so much. Raina asks why did Naina go out yesterday night. Mohini says she does not know why… Raina says Naina looked very tensed. Mohini asks not to think much about Naina. Raina asks her to inform her what Kanakaraj tells. Mohini says okay and thinks she has to do something to Raina, else she will burst on her.

Precap: Kanakaraj gives pills to Mohini and says after its consumption, one cannot remember anything. Mohini prepares kheer for Raina and mixes pills.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Sad news guys brahmarakhas is out of top 10 trp now…. its rating has fallen down drastically 1.9 is its rating

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