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BrahmaRakshas 17th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raina returns home. Mohini keeps rice bowl in front of door and asks Raina if she considers her marriage with Rishab real or not. Raina sees Apu standing in front of her and says she has married and will accept it. Rishab leaves angrily. Mohini asks Raina to kick rice bowl and get in. Raina kicks bowl, steps on red water, and gets in thinking Appu is the one who killed Sanjay and made him Brahmarakshas, she will take revenge from both. Apu tells Aditya and Nalin that Raina was looking at her carefully, she knows something. Aditya and Nalin ask her not to worry and asks her to go to her room. They discuss their plan.

Raina gets into Rishab’s room and says whatever she did is with a reason and she will tell him later. Rishab asks what all that, she wanted to trap a

rich boy. Raina says yes he tought right, she will grab all his money. He says she will die. She says she will die. She says if she dies, his money is safe, so he does not have to worry. Their argument continues and she walks out.

Mohini shows Apu the jewelry which she bought for Rakhi and says she will gift it to Raina now. Nalin comes and asks them to go and rest now. Raina goes to Apu’s room thinking of getting clue from her, but Nalin and Aditya think her as Apu in dark, give her sleep injection, wrap her in bedsheet, and take her to asursthal where Brahmarakshas’ mandir is. They drop her on floor and are about to leave when they see Apu standing and realize they brought someone else here. Apu confront Aditya and Nalin that they are her partners who helped her kill Sanjay and grab his property, what if she informs villagers that Aditya is a betrayer, they will kill him. She warns them to be in their limits and leaves in car. They both leave Apu and leave. Apu subconsciously listens to their whole conversation, wakes up and imagines Apu in front of her. She tells Apu that she heard her telling that she made Brahmarakshas, etc. She then realizes it was her imagination.

Phuli comes to asur mandir and asks Raina what is she doing here. Apu asks what is she doing here. Phuli says she is tensed after yesterday’s incident, as if she has gone 20 years back, she gave doc’s baby to a man whom she saw now. Raina says even she is here with a reason, she will kill Brahmarakshas who killed her parents and Rakhi. Phuli gives her a book written by Brahmarakshas, how they are made and how to kill them. She cannot read it completely and even it is in difficult language, so she will tell her 4 important facts. She opens pages and says Brahmarakshas is afraid of lotus, rajgira and water and if they person who killed it is aorund 100 meters, even lotus, Rajgira, and water will not affect her. She further reads it that if the animal which killed Brahmarakshas is harmed, Brahmarakshas becomes their enemy. She further says Brahmarakshas will get mukthi only if he kills a peron who killed him. She says final 4th fact. She sees page half torn and says Raina that whatever she heard, she should follow it, her faith brought her here and will take her till her goal.

Aditya and Nalin discuss that Apu escaped this time, next time they will have to use a solid plan. Nalin is Raina is another threat for them. Mohini comes and asks them tocme for breakfast. Apu comes and start chatting with them. Raina comes and Apu asks how come she is here. Raina asks where should she be then. Apu leaves for a walk. Aditya and Nalin get tensed thinking Raina saw their faces, but Raina touches their feet and leaves thinking someone gave her sleep injection, she has to find out who those 2 were.

Precap: Raina tells Rishab that Apu is Sanjay Brahmarakshas’ wife, she is not lying. Apu says she is telling truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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