BrahmaRakshas 16th October 2016 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 16th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

During party, Rishab is asked to sing. He sings in a hoarse voice at first. Daadi bua taunts Mohini that Rishab is her blood and is having her talent. Rishab then turns and sings Tere sang yaara…Raina smiles. Everyone clap. Mohini taunts Daadi bua next that she is right Rishab is like her. Daadi bua says she is surprised.

Yug sees Apu’s 20 miss calls and angrily calls her back. Apu says she wants to come there and dance. He says if she comes here, papa/Nalin and Aditya will not spare her and will send her to jail. She says she will come there and dance and sing, he can wait and watch. Dance troop starts dancing during party. Apu dances wearing veil on song..hoton pe aisi baat…. She drags family members to dance floor and silently pushes Raina on electric

wires and runs out. Raina falls down and due to eletric short circuit her dupatta catches fire. Apu turns brahmarakhas. Raina sees her dupatta catching fire and falls unconsicous. Rishab sees fire and sets it off and takes Raina to her room. Mohini says a dancer pushed Raina and asks dancers who was she. Dancers say she was not from their group. Mohini scolds them.

Daadi, Mohini, Rishab and others gather in Raina’s room. Daadi says she will not pay dancers and scolds Naina for calling suuch dancers. Raina wakes up. Rishab asks how is she. She says she is fine.. Daadi asks same. Raina says yes. Everyone ask her to take rest and leave. Phuli comes and Raina tells her about all incidents and says they need to find out who is behind this. Phuli says without Bramarakshas book, she cannot tell anything. Rishab enters and warns them to stop talking aout Bramarakshas as Bramarakshas is dead now.

Yug speaks to his creditor and warns him not to send goons behind him, else he will not get his money. Apu calls Yug next and says she came there, danced and sang in Raina’s function and nobody could identify her, she saw Raina’s dupatta catching fire. Yug asks if she was the one who did all this.

Raina wakes up at night and sees room dark and someone walking around. She gets very afraid and slips under blanket and hopes for Rishab to come and save her. Rishab walks in and removes her blanket. She sees him in a nightie and laughs. He asks if he is looking hotter than her. She says he is lookin Gulabo and laughs. He says he does not go do gym, so he does not have a muscular body. She continues laughing and he goes to change.

In the morning, while having breakfast, Yug says daadi bua that Rishab and Rainahave not gone for a honeymoon. Rishab says Raina wants to stay with daadi until she is at Daadi’s house. Yug says then he will go with Naina to their farm house. Daadi scolds her. Yug says then Rishab and Raina should come. Mitali and Ved also say they will also come. Yug says they will leave in the evening itself. They all leave in a car. Car gets punctured in jungle. Yug says he will bring mechanic and silently slips off. He searches Apu. Apu comes. He shows car and says they will reach farm house in 2 hours and gives duplicate keys. Apu smirks thinking this key is a key to her fate.

Raina taunts Rishab that one can change tyre easily, but needs powers and need to attend gym. Ved says he goes to gym and brings jack, but does not know how to work. Raina taunts him next. Rishab changes tyre and asks to Ved to call Yug back. They all reach farm house. Yug forcds Rishab to drink a few pegs. Mitali says they will play truth or dare game. Rishab says it is a bad idea. Raina says truth is always bad. They start playing. Naina turn comes first. Raina asks how did she get injuries. Naina gets nervous. Yug says she always falls down and injures herself. Rishab’s turn comes next and he speaks about his ex-girlfriend and says she is very pretty, looking at Raina. Raina gets jealous. Raina’s turn comes next. Power goes off. Ved asks her to shows her dareness and get candles from kitchen. She goes to kitchen afraidly and searches candles. Rishab comes there and she asks what is he doing here. He says he will tell her remaining story. Their argument starts. He says she can walk away from their marriage. She asks him to go then and gets afraid hearing a voice. Rishab also hears voice and says it is a female voice. He reach walk into a room and sees human blood. Apu is seen as Brahamarakhas with horns on her head, blood on her mouth eating animals… and roaring… Rishab and Raina go back to living room. Naina says it is an animal blood here. Raina says let us go from here. Yug says he will drive. Rishab says he is drunk and should not drive. Raina drives car. Ved sings song to lighten the mood. Yug shouts at him and starts fighting as his plan failed. Raina turns behind and she rams car to a woman. Woman falls down. They all get down. Rishab checks woman and she is none other than Apu. They all panic seeing blood from Apu’s forehead. People gather and yell it is a drunk and drive case and they need to call police. Rishab says they know this woman, she is their Apu maa and they will take her and get her treated. They carry her and Apu smiles at Yug. Yug winks at her.

Apu is brought home. Dadi bua and others are shocked seeing her. Doc treats Apu’s injury. Daadi bua asks where did they find Apu. Aditya says Apu had gone back to America, don’t know how she came back. Apu wakes up and asks Daadi what is she doing here. Daadi says this is her house. Apu asks where is Rakhi. Doc asks what is happening. Nalin says she is asking about his daughter who is dead. Doc says Apu has lost her memory. Rishab says she had been to Kamalpura. Apu acts when did she go to Kamalpura from America. Doc asks family to let Apu rest. Whole family leaves. Yug smirks at Apu and leaves. Apu thinks she will stay here acting as losing her memory and will kill Raina.

Precap: Apu thinks if she should attack Raina or her weakness. Raina cries and asks Rishab why it is always with her. Apu sees Raina hugging Mohini and thinks whether to attack Rishab or Mohini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Loved the show… Many mysteries to b revealed…. Too good rishaina scenes…???????

  2. Episode is Ok…. How does she remember Rakhi when she lost memory…. Does she remember the family???? I feel something suspecious about Naina… Donno why…

  3. Hi evey 1 .i m new her . Jst luvv serial specially pair .2day epi was jssst amazing

  4. Hi evey 1 .
    Jst luvv serial specially pair .2day epi was jssst amazing

  5. Hello evey1 jst luv thiz serial nd today epi was rockingg i enjoyyy ittt vrrryy vryyyy muchhh

  6. Wow superb serial .Love Rishaina’s chemistry.

  7. Vry gud episode luv u rishab and riana

  8. Hey guys did you check the new spoilers of brahmarakshas.
    Raina is so tensed about Rishab.I think Raina has already fallen for Rishab.What you guys think???

    1. Ya seriously you are correct

  9. Apu as brahmrakhshas looks amazing. Raina & Rishab’s chemistry is sizzling. Ahem is such a handsome guy.

  10. Nice episode

  11. Pls put todays episode pls it really feels like cryinggggggggggg

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