BrahmaRakshas 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 14th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadi is surprised to see her bahu Sudha alive and emotionally tells Sudha is alive, thanks Mohini to save her bahu. Raina is surprised. Mohini says she could not save Sudha from Brahmarakshas. Daadi asks what… Raina asks who is she, if Daadi knows this woman. Daadi says Rishab’s mother. Rishab from balcony hears that and walks down. Daadi says she did not want to tell this, but the truth is Sudha is Rishab’s real mom. Mohini says she bought up Rishab. Rishab asks how can this be. Daadi says Sudha is her bahu and Rishab and Rakhi’s mother. Sudha raises hand to call Rishab. Daadi cries that she is calling him, don’t know how much torture Sudha has undergone. Rishab says his mother is Mohini. Nalin says it is true Sudha is Rishab’s mother.

Mohini raises hand again. Rishab walks towards her but hugs Mohini and cries. Mohini acts as crying and tells him that Sudha is his mother. he says she is his mother and takes her away. Mohini smirks at Sudha and leaves. Daadi tells Sudha that Rishab will return to her soon.

Sudha is shifted to a room. Doc treats her. Nalin asks if she will be fine. Doc says it looks like someone has tortured her a lot. Nalin says they found her in asursthal. Doc says may be she is alive due to her will power and says she is paralyzed and someon forced burning coal into her stomach. Nalin asks if Brahmarakshas does this. Sudha says biggest rakshas/evil Mohini has done this. Rishab on the other side hugs Mohini that she is his mom and not Sudha, he cannot go to her. Mohini says even Sudha is a mother and he should not break Sudha’s heart. Rishab says she is so good. Mohini says when they heard about Sudha’s accident, she promised daadi to take care of him and Rakhi like her own children, she loved them more than Yug and did not think Sudha would return. If he does not return to Sudha, it would be injustice to Sudha, so he should return. Risha says he will do whatever he can.

Raina pampers Sudhaa and says she should give some time to Rishab, he will return, he has grown up but has a child’s heart, he will come soon. Daadi enters and says Rsihab will return for sure and tells that Raina is Rishab’s shadow and until Rishab returns, she should consider Raina as Rishab. She shhows her jewelry and says she saved it as promised for Rishab’s bahu and asks Sudha to dorn it to Raina as only she has right on it. Raaina sees mangalsutra in box and asks how can she. Sudha raises hand. Daadi says Sudha is blessing her. Raina hugs Sudhha and wears it. Daadi smiles.

Mohini in her room fumes that Sudha’s mouth should be shut, what if her voice comes back. She reminisces losing her locket and thinks she has to do something, else her secret will be out. She has to use Raina to save herself.

Yug gets a message to meet him/her in underground room if he wants to keep his secret. He shouts who is it. A note wrapped in paper and falls. He reads messaage to arrange 1 crore and keep it here on poonam ki raat/full moon night and never llok back. He sees someone behind furniture and acts as going out. Kammo come out and thinks she fooled babu easily and will get 1 crore. Yug comes back and shouts she is the mastermind behind it, he will kill her. She says she will kill his wife and if something happens to her, her people will take Naina to villagers. Yug strangulates her. Mohini comes and scolds Yug. Yug says Naina is with Kammo. Mohini continues acting as scolding Yug and silently hits Kammo with a brick. Kammo falls unconscious. Mohin asks him to tie Kammo. She then scolds Yug if he does mistake again, she will sacrifice him.

Raina goes to temple in the morning and prays god for Shivam’s soul. She hears Mohini talking to Rishab’s photo that she loved him more than Yug and is worried about losing him, she will kill Brahmarakshas and will fulfill Rishab’s promise. Raina asks how. Mohini acts as surprised and says she was talking to herself. Raina insists. Mohini after a drama tells Raina about Narsimha parbat/mountain and getting Narshima’s mani. Raina says why is she going alone, she will come along. Mohini says no no. Raina runs to inform Rishab. Mohini thinks this is what she wanted, she wants Raina to come along and sacrifice herself. Raina runs towards Rishab’s room. Rishab opens door and Raina clashes with him and nervously says aunty aunty.. Mohini goes to Sudha’s room and tells she is taking her beta and bahu to Narsimha parbat and will sacrifice her bahu/Raina there. She laughs that she cannot even prays god for her good fate as god has forgotten to write her fate. She laughs and leaves. Raina informs Rishab that aunty is going to Narsimha parbat alone and they should stop her. Rishab says mom cannot go alone and rushes out. Sudha hears his voice and drops medicine box. Rishab and Raina enter room. Sudha blesses Rishab to return victorious. Rishab leaves callign mom… Mohini waits for Rishab and Raina outside eagerly and fumes why they are taking so much time, they used to come immediately when called. They both come and say let us go. Mohini asks why did they come. Rishab saays he will not let her go alone. Mohini acts and take them along. Daadi sees them going and calls them. She steps on underground room button door and it opens. She walks in. Down there, Yug has tied Kammo. Kammo says she pities on him that his mother insults him so much. Yug fumes and drags her. Daadi reaches in and asks Yug what is he doing here. He says trying to hide from Brahmarakshas as had attacked them last night and they came here to hide. He silently frees Kammo. Kammo smirks that Yug has fallen for her again. Daadi says she heard Brahmarakshas kills people in single attack, how did they escape. Rishab gets tensed.

Rishab, Raina and Yug reach jungle. Leaves start fluttering. Raina says trees are talking. Trees laugh that they got 3 lives to eat today and gets them gripped in climbers. Mohini cries to save them. Tree says they will not die if they are cut or broken and tells a puzzle that they are made of ash and will get into ash. Raina realizes answer and asks Rishab to get mathbox from hsi pocket. He does and gives her matchbox. She burns climbers and all 3 get freed.

Kammo tells Daadi that they threw holy ash on Brahmarakshas and saved themselves. Daadi thanks her for saving her grandson Yug and says sshe forgave her mistakes.

Rishab asks Raina how did she get an idea of burning climbers. She tells how she realized answer. he praises that her brain works faster than chacha chowdary. He then goes to bring water to river and fills water in bottle. He turns and does not find Raina. Raina tells Mohini she will go and find why Rishab is taking time and walks away. Mohini fumes that Raina may escape and walks behind her. Evil spirits attack Rishab and confine him a magical globe. Raina warns evil spirits to spare rishab, else she will kill them. Her sindhoor from forehead flies and breaks magical globe and rescues Rishab. Rishab gains consciousness and asks how did she save him. She says via her mangalsutra and sindhoor.

Yug walks in jungle and fumes that his mom is climbing mountains and walking in jungle to gain back Brahmarakshas’ control, she is wrong. She insulted him always and repeats to gain self-respect. He walks looking at map and finds climber ash and thinks if mom is burnt or climber. He sees temple on mountain and says he will sacrifice all 3 of them and will gain self-respect.

Mohini, Rishab and Raina continue to walk tiredly. Rishab says let us relax Mohini says no. They hear bird sound. Hug birds attack them and one of them grips Mohini and flies in air, then drops her back. Rishab is bitten and he falls down. Raina asks him not to sleep and talk to her. Once birds move aside, Raina shakes Rishab and pleads to talk to him. Rishab opens eyes. Mohini then starts her drama and asks if he is fine. He says yes.

Precap: Phuli says today is puran maasi tonight and tonight Brahmarakshas will be very poweful. Mohini picks Narsimha’s diamond and tells tll now she was controlling Brahmarakshas and now will control even his creator Narsimha. She goes to Brahmarakshas that till now she was controlling him. Raina hears that and asks her if she was the one.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nitha

    I pity rishab bechara he’ll be broken wen mohini truth vll b out?..thnk God finally Raina knew use in tellg any1 esp rishab he won’t believe she need to find solid mohini dies next week.. Rishab is sersly pagal lagta sometimes.. Didn’t pay little attention to Suda..

  2. Nitha

    And hii pinku di,sindhu, nazneen, 3veni, gungun and others..I m sorry guys I,cudnt commnt but replied to pinku di n nazneen in last week tu site…a happy Makara sankranthi to all of u guys…

  3. Finally Raina got to know Mohini’s truth…great… But why so less Rishana scenes ….plzz give them some more screen space

  4. What about kiara? She should die 1st. Only then rishab and raina can live together.

  5. Written update is so confusing…. Wanna watch episode fa it… Hi Nitha Pinku 3veni Naz … Hru all ???? We r shifting to new apt.. so busy with packing gals… I’m married and hav 3 yr old daughter… So more responsibilities

  6. I stay in US and I generally watch it on YUPP TV …Due to some issue in YUPP tv not able to watch it properly … Episode are not available on the TV…Gals do yu know which updates can I watch the show online.. in US Zee tv website is banned

    1. RKB

      Hi, my name is Ruchi and I live in US as well. I watch all episodes on or design

      1. Thanks a lot

  7. Hi nitha, sindhu hru all… yes nitha truly he will b shattered… sindhu u cn watch onnu tube…..

    1. Will d episodes will b soon available in you tube??

  8. Hi gungun nazneen n 3veni wru all

  9. hi friends can’t wait for the next episode….
    happy Makara sankranthi to all of u guys

  10. Sandeep joshi

    Should not have used Narshimna. He is a Hindu God. GOD is shown as a puppet. Hurting our sentiments.

  11. Hi sonu, ty for wishes…… wish u d same……

  12. Just wondering whether Sudha illiterate.?? she may be able to write a sentence or two to let them know about Mohini.

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