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BrahmaRakshas 14th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rakhi returns home from store room hiding Varun’s given bridal items. Shyam follows her. Mohini sees her coming from outside and asks where was she. She says she was here itself. Mohini asks then why are her feet dirty. Rakhi gets nervous. Mohini says Raina is afraid and will sleep in Rakhi’s room today. Rishab taunts Raina. Raina sleeps on Rakhi’s bed and while sketching murmurs Rakhshas was in front of herand Rishab… Rakhi silently enters and messages Varun that Rishab did not speak to mom about them, so he should be patient. She sees Raina murmuring and asks her to sleep now.

In the morning, Raina goes down and sees Naina scolding the girl whom she saved from jungle for dropping juice on floor by mistake. Naina asks who brought her here. Naina

says she brought her here and asks not to scold her much. Villager sees lotus garland not on door and shouts who removed it. Raina says she will refix lotus garland. Rishab’s brother comments, else brahmarakas will come in. Raina goes out and sees Shyam fixing lotus garland. Shyam thinks lotus is fake, but brahmarakshas is real.

Rakhi tells Rishab that she will not marry Ajay at any cost and if he does not convince mom, she will escape from here. Rishab says he was about to speak to mom, but Raina created scene yesterday and spoilt his plan. He will take hot choc to mom and tell her about her and Varun. Ajay comes and sees Varun’s bangle or something in Rakhi’s hand and asks what is it. Rishab says nothing, it is just brother and sister’s secret. Ajay goes and informs Raina that Rakhi is hiding something. Raina consoles him that she will speak to Rakhi. Ajay’s mom comes and asks him to get ready in sherwani as sangeet is in some time.

Shyam goes to store room and roars looking at liquor bottles. Aditya comes and asks what is he doing here, he should be outside decorating haveli. Shyam walks out. Aditya sees his eyes and thinks Shyam’s eyes ar weird, something is wrong with him. Raina goes to store room with Ajay and sees liquor bottles. Rishab enjoys hot choc with Rakhi and Mohini. Mohini says her children have grown up so early. Rishab is about to speak about Varuan when Raina shouts who brought liquor here and Mohini walks out. Raina shouts and gathers whole family. Rishab takes Raina aside and shouts because of her, he could not speak to mom about Rakhi. Raina yells he must have brought liquor as he is a drunkard and womanizer. He grips Raina and pushes to the corner. Their fight continues.

Sangeet function starts. Rakhi gets ready in lehanga choli and tells Rishab she will not sit with Ajay. He convinces her to sit with Ajay. Mitali and other sibling dance mimicking Ajay and Rakhi. Rishab and Raina dance next on Mai to evi evi…song.. Servant goes to Rakhi’s room to clean it. She finds kumkum and other bridal item and then Rakhi’s jewerly. She tries jewelry. Shyam comes and asks if she was stealing jewelry and drags her out to store room. She pleads to hand her over to police. On the other side, Varun wearing shawl takes Rakhi to her room. Mohini sees them and follows. She opens door and sees Varun with Rakhi and asks who is this boy. Rakhi gets tensed and starts crying. Rishab comes and tries to convince mom, but she angrily stops him and calls whole family. In store room, servant throws kumkum and jewelry on Shyam and pleads to take everything and spare her. Brahma rakshas in shyam reminisces how Apu killed him and comes out of shyam. Shyam falls down. Rakshas kills servant and gets into her body. Mohini’s husband scolds Varun and Rakhi and orders Yug to catch Varun and not let anyone know about Rakhi and Varun’s relationship. He sends Rakhi to her room.

Rakhi cries in her room and Raina tries to console her. Rakhi says she cannot live without Varun and does not want to marry Ajay. Servant/Brahmarakshas comes and informs Raina that Mohini is calling her. Raina goes and meets Mohini who requests her not to inform Ajay about Rakhi and Varun. Rakhi shouts and they both rush to her room and see he leg injured. rakhi says she stepped on broken glass and injured her leg. Dad comes and warns Rakhi that whatever tricks she tries will not work on him, she will have to marry Ajay at any cost. Mohini takes Raina to another room and requests her again not to tell Ajay or anyone about akhi and Varun. Raina says Rakhi loves Varun, how can she marry Ajay. Mohini says after marriage, she will forget Varun and will love Ajay. Raina promises she will not tell anyone and says sorry ajay bhaiya… Rakhi cries and Rishab hugs her and consoles and promises she will marry only Varun.

Servant/Rakshas walks into store room. Aditya stops her and scolds she should not come here. He thinks nobody should come here.

Precap: Rishab’s dad tells purnamasi is startinng and it is auspicious time, so marriage should be postponed. Aditya says someone invited brahmarakshas here. Village lady beats temple bells and says history will repeat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Jessie

    Thanks 4 d update..

  2. Nice update 🙂

  3. guys serial ki concept toh achchi hai but the background score of RishNa is soo old i.e itna karona mujhe pyaar ,yeah, i agree that its evergreen song and infact i too love that song but its too outdated for this couple .they can try something on their own or they can use sanam re song its soooo wonderful
    and the BG which plays when the rakshas comes is something like “anjaan hai” its an old song when devil comes .i barely know about old hindi songs but even i recognised this song, they should try something new as they did for nagin
    thodi lambi explanation hogayee 😉

  4. Waiting for the next episod. Love the couple.(Raina n rishab)

  5. nice update.loved the plot

  6. i too feel the same shraddha

  7. Rubaiya

    Awwwww…i just luv this two’s chemistry….its soo awesome…and ya they can change the background music but it doesn’t bother me that much…..i am just looking forward to these two’s love chemistry. Yupieee?? love Raina and Rishab

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