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BrahmaRakshas 13th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raina calling Shyam to jump river and come near temple. Villagers gather and scold sarpanch that because of his bahu brahmarakshas returned after many years and he has to find a solution. Village men discuss that they have to sacrifice someone to please brahmarakshas as brahmarakas changes people’s bodies and has not died. He still is searching for his wife via bindi, kumkum, bridal items, etc… They start searching for a scapegoat.

Anil while walking towards temple tells Raina and other youngsters about brahmarakhas. Raina continues calling Shyam who runs sayigng he has work. Rishab says Shyam is afraid of brahmarakshas. Raina comments he is big rakshas. Rishab asks what. They all get into temple. Raina asks Rishab when will Rakhi come.

He says she will soon.

Mohini goes to kitchen and sees menu for lunch, gets angry seeing kulche and chole and thinks it will spoil her figure. Naina says she ordered even gajar halwa. Mohini says people say saas trobles bahu, but her bahu troubles her.

Rakhi meets her boyfriend in jungle and hugs him. He says she came here suddenly without informing and marrying. She says her family did not give her time at all. He dorns her red bangles. Rishab while walking into jungle senses red bangles and turns into brahmarakshas. He walks towards Rkeha. Varun asks Rakhi if someone knows about them. She says Rishab knows and in fact he sent her to meet him. Rishab, Raina, Anil, and others perform pooja. Village men point at Raina and says she is their prey. Raina dances with villagers in front of devimaa. Mohini asks Aditya what is he doing, why he wants to sell this cursed property. He says her samdhi is very rich and wants to turn village into resort, soon there will be hotels, development here.. Mohini says their children’s lives are at stake. He says nothing will happen, he has tied rajgira and lotus on his house’s doors. He starts drinking. Mohini fumes in anger.

After pooja, Ajay says he will not return to haveli without Rakhi. Raina goes to market searching Rakhi. She sees a villager buying kumkum and other bridal items and thinks he must have kidnapped Rakhi and follows him into jungle. He meets his friends who have captured a woman in a net and smear her with kumkum and force her to drink alcohol so that brahmarakshas can come and kill her. Brahmarakhas walks towards girl. Villagers run aside. Raina throws stone on rope and girl falls down. Raina shouts at girl to escape and girl escapes. Villagers see and think of sacrificing her instead. They follow Raina, catch and tied her in a net. Rakhi sees Rishab’s missed calls and rushes back towards temple. She meets Ajay and he asks if she brought his gift. She nods yes and walks with him to home. Brahmarakshas walks towards her next when she throws her bangles and he stops. Villagers throw kumkum on Raina and wait for brahmarakhas to come. Raina shouts for help. Mohini asks family where is Raina. Rishab says she must be roaming in village. He will bring her. Someone informs Aditya that villagers are performing havan to keep Brahmarakshas away. He goes to temple and throws water into havan and scolds villagers that should not make any mistake which city people will notice and says this marriage will bring prosperity to their village. A lady says he knows Brahmarakshas has come back. He warns her to keep her mouth shut.

Brahmarakshas walks towards Raina. Rishab searches Raina in jungle on a bike. He hears her Raina’s plea and on time saves her and rushes on bike making her sit in front of her and asking to catch him tightly. They both reach haveli. Mohini asks what happened to her. He says she got lost in jungle. Raina limps and says she cannot walk. He lifts and walks in. Raina’s hand touches Lotus garland and it breaks down and flies in air. Shyam/Brahmarakshas walks into haveli. At night, Raina sees Brahmarakshas rushing towards her and panics. She wakes up from sleep and realizes it was her dream. She also reminisces Brahmarakshas walking towards her in jungle and thinks if it was also her dream.

Rishab goes to store room and asks Rakhi to call Varun. Varun comes out. Rishab says they have to inform family soon, he will inform mom and bring her here instead. Raina walks in balcony holding louts and reminiscing car driver giving it to her to keep Brahmarakshas away. Shyam walks towards store room. Rakhi asks Varun to go as she thinks mom will fume on them instead. He gives her kumkum, bangles and other bridal items and asks her to wear them instead of Ajay’s family’s gifted ones and leaves. Brahmarakshas walks into store room. Rekha sees Shyam and asks what is he doing here. He calms down and asks her instead what is she doing here…

Raina walks into kitchen worried. Rishab holds her from behind. She shouts rakshas and falls on him. She says she thought rakshas is attacking her. He says rakshas is here indeed. She asks who. He says she is rakshasi. Family gather in hall and ask who shouted. Rishab comes out and says chindi chameli. Mohini asks Raina what happened. She says she saw rakshas in jungle when she and Rishab were in jungle. Rishab says it was bike sound. She says it was rakhas indeed. He says chindi chameli should hold lotus and roam and will be called chindi kameli. Mohini asks Aditya what is happening. Aditya says Raina was kidnapped by villagers and was subconscious due to chloroform, she must have seen someone else, he has called sarpanch and will punish kidnappers, she need not worry and enjoy marriage. Shyam is sen walking behind Rakhi looking at her kumkum and bangle bag.

Precap: Raina repeats Rishab was on bike, she was in front of him and rakshas was running towards them. Rishab and Raina fight.. Bhramarakhas kills someone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Narendran

    Thnx for the update mam… Hasan mam what u think about this epi?? And show?? Reply??

  2. Jessie

    Thanks 4 d update.. I missed watching.. can anyone tell d repeat telecast timings

  3. Superb episode and the jodi of RISHNA (RISHABH & RAINA) are so cute.Nice jodi.

  4. Lakshmi


  5. Devga

    Wow aham is totally cute….. Such lovly…. The bike hug inspite of the horrror facts i was just lookin at aham…. Lol his this charming and cool character is superb to watch….

    I nevr mind wat horrror they show but i just saw aham….

  6. I think he is going to kill rishab’s sister ? the concept of brahmarakshas is confusing…and I read somewhere(don’t remember where ) that rishab is brahmarakshas and it’s like beauty and beast but they are showing something different ??

    1. And i wish that rishab is not demon…..his fun loving character is awesome

  7. Is bramharakshas ki vajase rishab raiba ka bich me romance dekneko milrahahe. I love this episod.

    Waiting for the next episod

  8. Awesome 🙂

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