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BrahmaRakshas 12th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Old Brahmarakshas Sanjay wakes up after Shivam pokes stick into ground which pierces his body. Rishab searches Raina in jungle. Injured Apu thinks who was another man who was with Raina. She hides behind tree and changes back to human. Rishab continues calling Raina and searching her. Apu fumes Raina..raina …raina… At home, Daadi bua scolds Kiara to stay away from Rishab. Kiara leaves angrily. Mohini says the are staying in her house. Daadi bua says this was their house some days ago and if Kiara roams around Rishab, she will get Rishab and Raina divorced. Apu fumes in her room that everyone is concerned about Raina. Sanjay Brahmarakshas emerges and says he will kill her. Apu shouts she killed him twice and he got relived, even she is Brahmarakshas now and will

kill him. Sanjay disappears. Apu thinks how can Sanjay be back.

Fake baba after being rejected by Raina shows her and Shivam’s pics to villagers and alleges her as characterless. Sarpanch warns him to stop his drama and tells villagers not to believe this imposter, Raina fought with Brahmarakshas many times for them and they are leading happy life because of Raina. Lakhan says so what, she cannot be with other men, now even their women will behave like her. Sarpanch scolds him and seeing Lakhan’s wife listening to them warns her to go back to work. Yug hears their conversation hiding. Lakhan and her wife walk home discussing it is all about money. They enter home and see everything shattered. They see their child missing and blood stains on floor.

Raina at Phuli’s house insists Shivam that she will come to his shop and help him. Nalin enters and starts yelling at Raina that she married Rishab for money. Raina says she married him for Rakhi. He says now that Rakhi is dead and everything is over, she should divorce Risab. He gives her divorce papers and says Rishab sent it to her. Raina shatters and reminisces Rishab’s proximity to Kiara and him telling their marriage is fake repeatedly. Shivam brainwashes her that Rishab does not care about her and sent divorce papers, she should sign them. She signs papers. He thinks he knows how it feels when it is one-sided love and looks at his and Raina’s pics and reveals he loves Raina.

Yug shows Raina and Shivam’s pic to Rishab and says villagers are badmouthing about Raina. Rishab says he does not trust all this. He says face dire consequences then. Raina enters with Shivam holding divorce papers and gives it to him. He asks what is this. She says he should say. He asks why she is roaming with such people. She says he is her friend. Their argument starts. He says she is having an affair with this man. She slaps him. Their arugments continue. Lakhan and his wife come and plead Rishab to save their child. Raina says Brahmarakshas must have kidnapped child.

Rishab, Raina and Shivam search child in jungle thinking Brahmarakshas has kidnapped child. Rishab asks Rina to not go near Brahmarakshas as it attacked her many times. Raina says he should not be bothered. Their argument starts. They hear child crying and run towards sound. They see child in a gunny bag. Brahmarakshas/Apu attacks Raina. Shivam rescues child and gives it to villagers. Brahmarakshas holds Rishab and Raina’s necks. Shivam thorws holy ash on her and she disappears injured. Raina runs and asks villagers to take child to hospital. Fake baba yells Brahmarakshas will kill everyone because of Raina, she is inauspicious. They all reach Lakhan’s house and see Brahmarakshas message that she spared child today and will kill him next time if she does not get Raina. Fake baba yells again they shout get rid of Raina, else Brahmarakshas will kill them all. Rishab warns to shut up, else he will break his face and tells Raina saved this child. Lakhan says because of her, Brahmarakshas came back an dhe had lost is broher Rishab says even he lost his sister. Shivam says they should fight with Brahmarakshas than alleging Raina.

Apu applies ointment on her wounds due to holy ash wounds. Kiara enters and asks what happened. Apu lies she is allergic to water of this place. Kiara asks her to rest then and tries to leave. Apu asks what happened. Kiara says she is losing interest on Rishab seeing him roam behind village girl Raina. Apu asks him not to worry, Rishab will divorce Raina soon.

Mohini goes to Phui’s house. Phuli says her son learnt Brahmarakshas vidya, even then many secrets are unrevealed. She shows tiger nail and says Sanjah became Brahmarakshas with this and says they don’t know if Brahmarakshas change forms and attacks people.

Rishab and Shivam guard Apu outside home. Shivam gives holy ash to Rishab and says it is from a special temple. He says Raina’s father was killed by Brahmarakshas, Raina will try to go out and take revenge. Apu enters Raina’s house. Raina says she did not see her coming in. Apu suggests that she should go and meet Brahmarakshas and save villagers’ lives. Apu agrees and leaves with her. Rishab and Shivam hear sound and rush into house and see Raina missing. Rishab reads Raina’s letter that she does not want anyone to die like her father, so she is going to meet Brahmarakshas. They both run towards jungle.

Raina walks with villagers. Villagers tie her to a tree and leaves. Apu comes there and turning into Brahmarakshas walks towards her to attack her. Rishab and Shivam reach there and rescue Raina on time by throwing fire around and then throwing holy ash on Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas does not get dettered and walks towards Apu. Sanjay wakes up from his grave and walks roaring he will kill her/Apu. They all 3 are shocked to see 2 Brahmarakshas. Sanjay and Apu’s fight starts. They both throw logs on each other. Apu disappears.

Villagers see Phuli running and think Raina must have died and run behind her. Apu is shocked that Sanjay has returned, how could he. Villagers see Sanjay’s grave empty and panic. Fake baba shouts he told Raina is inauspicious and will destroy everyone. Phuli says they have to see how Sanjay got relived. Apu, Sanjay and Shivam discuss how can there be 2 Brahmarakshas. Shivam thinks how can Sanjay come back without an invitation, there is a missing link. He asks Raina if she is injured. Rishab and Raina both at once say yes. Shivam says he asked Raina. Shivam says he knows. Shivam says Raina let us go home, mom will apply medicine. Rishab says his leg would have broken and writhes in pain. Raina leaves Shivam’s hand and goes to support Rishab. Rishab walks holding her.

Mohini at midnight hears sound and walks into living. Apu enters home via window. Mohini thinks who must it be. Sanjay is seen lying on ground injured. He gets up holding his injured leg.

Precap: Guruji tells Phuli and Shivam that Brahmarakshas can be made and destroyed. Raina asks how to destroy Brahmarakshas. Guruji says Brahmarakshas will die in peace only after killing Raina. Raina throws holy ash on Brahmarakshas Apu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I like the part where raina goes to rishab leaving shivam bt i think so she should be with shivam as rishab deserves it..2 brahmarakshas wow thrilling day by day

  2. 3veni

    vryy nyc episode..last scene of raina nd rishab is awesomee….hope dis misunderstandigs will clear soon..

  3. Shiney D'souza

    Wow So Fast Updated..Just Now I Had Finished The Show And So Fast U Updated It..Thank U Hasan And Love You Too 🙂

  4. Welcome back prag taygi my bharmu .apke bina show me maza nhi a rha tha.

  5. I want raina and rishab back together!!

  6. Wow superb episode… want more rishna scene….

  7. very thrilling episode. I love it.


    I am silent watcher and reader of this show… And this show is awsome…
    But can anyone tell me how to download background music played in this show??? As i am not able to download it from which are aviable on opera and google, can anyone tell me exact link please.

  9. Why they wanna kill Raina
    Plz clear that misunderstanding soon

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