BrahmaRakshas 12th February 2017 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 12th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Brahmarakshas throws his bat team on Narsimha/Rishab and attacks him. Narsimha falls down unable to bearing bat attack. Brahmarakshas roars that he will kill Narsimha today. Nalin asks Ved to get up as they have to save Rishab. Raina runs towards temple and falls, thinks nothing will happen to Rishab. She reaches temple and pleads panditji to open temple door as she needs to pray devi maa. Panditji says she is injured and needs treatment. Raina says she needs to pray first. Panditji opens door. Raina starts her lengthy dialogues and prays god that she has to save Rishab, and not let evil win over goodness. She picks trishul and runs out. Mitali and with Daadi throws stone on Brahmarakshas, but Kammo twists Mitali’s hands and pushes her away. Brahmarakshas is about to kill

Narsimha/Rishab when Raina rushes and injures Brahmarakshas with trishul. Brahmarakshas escapes injured. Narsimha turns back to Rishab. Everyone rush toward Rishab. Yug and Nalin also reach and they all help Rishab away from there. Phuli says they have to get away from villagers. Sadhus sees havan fire lighting again and discuss that god saved Narsimha again.

Villagers see Brahmarakshas lying injured on floor and walk towards him to help, but pakhandi says injured beast is more dangerous and should not go near him. Phuli takes them silently away from villagers. Ved brings jeep and gets them in. Raina asks to close headlights, else illaagers will notice them. Daadi asks Phuli where she is taking them. She says Sanjay’s haveli as he became Brahmarakshas there and his powers will not work there. Raina realizes Sudha and Yug are still in haveli and asks Yug to driver everyone to Sanjay’s haveli, she will go home and bring Sudha and Yug. She gets out of jeep.

In asur sthal, Brahmarakshas roars on Kammo and shouts he will kill her. Kammo pleads not to kill her as she can help him a lot. He should kill Sudha instead, if he kills Sudha, Rishab will be in pain. Brahmarakshas orders her to bring Sudha then.

Raina reaches haveli and gets Sudha on wheelchair. Kammo enters and Raina hides, then says she cannot take away Sudha. Kammo laughs that she came to take lemon and found even lemonade, she will take them both. Raina throws someting and Kammo slips and falls. Raina gets Sudha down, but Kammo holds her feet. Raina hits vase on her head an shouts she will kill her today, then throws vase and leaves with Sudha. Kammo falls injured.

In village, sarpanch tells villagers that Brahmarakshas killed their people since many years, but they are helping Brahmarakshas foolishly instead of helping Narsimha. Villager says Narsimha is culprit. Sarpanch says they did not see Narsimha before and did a mistake. Lakhan with pakhandi baba and other villagers reaches and tells that haveli people escaped, what to do now. Pakhandi says they should provoke Brahmarakshas and Narsimha to fight, anyone will die and then they can kill whichever monster is alive. Lakhan scolds him. Storm starts and Brahmarakshas walks him shouting he will kill them all. Sarpanch says they helped him. Brahmarakshas shouts they betrayed him instead, so he will kill them all.

Phuli takes Ved, Nalin, Daadi, Rishab, and Mitali to Sanja’s haveli. Nalin says this is the place where Apu killed Sanjay. Daadi hopes Raina returns soon. Raina reaches with Sudha and tells she could not find Yug anywhere and his phone is not reachable. In asur sthal, Brahmarakshas fumes that Kammo did not bring Sudha, so he will kill her lke he killed Yug, pointing at Yug’s dead body. He extends his feet towards Kammo’s neck to stranglate her, but she pleads not to kill her. Brahmarakshas gets back into Yug’s body and with Kammo searches Raina and family. He smells them in his haveli and tells Kammo that they are hiding there and he will kill Narsimha/Rishab today. He knocks door. Phuli opens door and relaxes seeing him. He asks where is his family. He sees Nalin and Daadi and acts as relaxed seeing them. Nalin ask where was he. He says he collapsed and then was searching Raina with villagers. Phuli says he sucked poison from Naina’s body and saved her. Daadi says only family membes help each other. He asks whee is Rishab. Daadi shows room.

Raina nurses Rishab’s wounds. Rishab wakes up and asks Raina why did she save him, he wants to die. She gets emotional. He says he cannot see anything else than her face. The both get romantic. Yug enters and they part ways. Yug acts as concerned and asks Rishab where did he go, he was worried, etc.

Yug/Brahmarakshas walks in haveli and reminisces Apu’s dialogues if he is not yet dead, when will he die. He feels severe headache and rolls on stairs and says this haveli has a lot of pain, he should not have come here and should go. Someone opens door and he asks who it, he has to go out. He opens door. Kammo hides. He sees her and asks why she is hiding there. She runs in and says she came to help him. They both enter Rishab’s room, light hypnotic herbal smoke, and walk out. Yug says they will drop Rishab in cave and let him die there, nobody will know if he is allive or not. Today, both Rishab and Narismha will die and then Rishab’s whoe family. They then go back and see Rishab unconnscious and take him out on wheelchair murmuring this village will have only Brahmarakshas. Yug gets Rishab into jeep and asks Kammo if he will wake up. Kammo says he will not till 2 hours. Yug asks where is jeep key. Kammo says Ved. Ved comes asking who is there. Yug turns into Brahmarakshas and says before anyone comes, they should take Rishab and asks her to sniff Rishab hypnotic before he wakes up. Kammo says she had stolen hypnotic herb from pakhandi baba and it is finished. He carries Rishab and ties in asur sthal. Raina reaches asur sthal and frees Rishab’s hand, but hands get tied again. Raina is surprised. Brahmarakshas comes roaring.

Precap: Family finds Yug with Rishab. Yug lies that he found him in jungle. Rishab falls down and reminisces Yug as Brahmarakshas carrying him to asur sthal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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