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BrahmaRakshas 11th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rishab wakes up and asks where is Raina. Mohini says she got angry seeing his condition, so vented her anger on Raina and sent her out. Raina at hospital tells her comatosed papa that he is her papa and will always be. Rishab tells Mohini that Raina is in deep emotional turmoil afer seeing Rakhi being killed by Brahmarakshas. Mitali informs that someone informed Aditya and Nalini that Raina’s father met with an accident and is in hospital. Rishab says Raina must be alone in hospital, so he will go and leaves for hospital.

Aditya and Nalin discuss that Raina’s father knows all secrets and they have kill him. Apu comes and meets Mohini and others and asks where is Rishab. Ved days Rishab has gone to hospital as Raina’s dad is hospitalized. She asks who is raina.

Mohini says she is the one whom Rishab married to kill Brahmarakshas, but Brahmarakshas escaped. Apu gets afraid. Family leaves for hospital. Apu says even she will come with them and gets into Aditya and Nalin’s car. She asks why did they act as selling haveli and call her to die via Brahmarakshas. Nalin asks he took loan and she is just assuming everything. She says Brahmarakshas will kill her. Nalin says Brahmarakshas is injured, s she can relax.

Raina’s father’s condition worsens. Doc sends her out and treats him. Rishab reaches hospital and Raina hugs him emotionally. Doc comes and asks if he is Raina’s husband. He says yes. Doc says dad’s condition is stable now, but he is still in coma. They hear Brahmarakshas’ roar. They get dad on stretcher and try to get him out of hospital. Rishab’s family reaches hospital. Rishab sees Yug and asks why are they here. Yug says whole family is here to see uncle. Brahmarakshas enters hospital and starts creativing havoc. He catches Mohini and throws her in air. Raina comes and shouts at Mitali to take aunty from there. Mohini asks her to come along. Raina says she is fine and asks them to go. The run from there. Brahmarakshas rushes towards her, but seeing her with her dad spares her and walks away. Raina is shocked.

Nalin tricks and locks Apu in a room. Brahmarakshas walks towards her and she shouts to help her. Nalin tells Aditya that Brahmarakshas will not spare her now. Brahmarakshas picks Apu via her neck. Rishab’s whole family gathers. Rishab asks them to hold a bedsheet down and once he shoots Brahmarakshas and Brahmarakshas drops Apu down, they should catch her. They do same. Brahmarakshas then attacks rishab and throws him in air. Rishab falls down but escapes death and asks family to return home while he saves Raina and gets her home.

Rishab searches Raina and her dad and someone tells dad is shifted to a clinic and Raina also was severely injured and is with her dad. He rushes to clinic and gets afraid seeing a red dressed woman, then relaxes seeing her face. Raina calls him and he runs and hugs her. Raina asks him to go home as she needs to stay with dad. He leaves.

At haveli, Nalin asks Mohini if she forgave Raina. She says yes, she was angry on her for going to kill Brahmarakshas without informing her, but now she is not, she has accepted Raina as her bahu. Rishab enters and Mohini asks where is her bahu. Rishab says Raina is not her real bahu as they marrried just to kill Brahmarakshas. Nalin thinks Apu is saved again and he has to plan something else to push her in front of Brahmarakshas.

At clinic, Phuli comes to donate blood and stops seeing Raina’s dad. She reminisces giving a baby to him and asking not to come here again. Raina gets medicines and seeing Phuli asks what is she doing here. Phuli says she gave a baby to this man. Raina shows locket and asks who are they. Phuli says they are that girl’s parents and reminisces Raina’s dad was a doctor and treated Phuli for free. Brahmarakshas attacks Raina’s parents and kills them. Phuli saves baby Raina and hands her over to her foster father. Raina cries that Brahmarakshas killed her parents, she will kill him now.

Precap: Apu says Nalin and Aditya that her heart says Raina knows a lot. Raina says Apu is the same woman who killed Sanjay. Nalin and Aditya wrap Apu in a blanket and take her in jungle for Brahmarakshas.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ohh god
    there are soo many secrets yet to be revealed
    the show is really interesting
    loved the moment when RiAna hugged 🙂
    was soo cute
    interesting plot!!

    but please writers dnt ever spoil it due to some stupid things like other serials
    please !!

    gud night everyone 🙂

  2. interesting.story…………wow…many twist……..

  3. Really very nice episode i love it
    Mohini was really so good but just short tempered
    Brahmu also good and still have soft corner in his heart so he spares raina and her dad
    It is really very interesting pls don’t spoil it

  4. Rithik

    I think there are many secrete like naagin raina is Awesom

  5. Mona146

    mein tumhe maar doonga………………….scene was damn hilarious.

  6. Thank God, thy r nt dragging!!

  7. I think raina is bramhu’s daughter that’s phuli know this but didn’t disclose the matter

  8. Nice one. ..

  9. @Future I think Appu killed Bramhrakshas on the night of thier marraige so when did have a kid?

    1. From first wife of Brahmu – May Be
      Bt phuli said some other story

    2. Tara

      hahah ikr..
      bt trust me i dnt believe ekta…

  10. This serial is too interesting.. There r many secrets to be revealed.. Too good.. Ekta plz don’t spoil this serial like kalash etc..

  11. Tara

    guys.. i just hope that the news of rishab getting killed by brahmarakshas isnt true…
    and also that brahmu to fall for raina..
    i want Rishna love story…

    1. dear tara..
      isnt RiAna gud as a name for rishabh-raina??
      i mean rishna also gud
      just a suggestion 🙂

      1. Tara

        oh sorry i didnt see that.. yup its pretty good..
        ok so we ll call RiAna… 🙂

      2. thanks 🙂

  12. Awesome serial…and also totally different story line loved watching it…

  13. Till now iam watching..,why the serial showing that rishab not feeling on raina..he is loving raina or not. While mohini asking him,he is telling it just a fake marriage for to kill makes me becme sad.only raina have a feeling on rishab..iam waiting fo rishab and
    raina love moments..

    1. Tara

      dont worry..they have started falling for each other..
      just that realisation is left..
      m sure they will come loser soon..
      keep faith

  14. omg …now waitng for nxt week.

  15. don’t worry guys the serial wont get dragged its just a short serial and it will wind up in 40 episodes just like naagin and kawach… ekta started a new trend in serials by introducing these short stories

  16. Guys I think mohini also n DT team with apu nalin….
    Because at hospital brahmarakshas aim s apu k… So he left raina eventhough she s with all marriage stuff… But y he tried to kill mohini in between…

    And my next doubt s pulis truth about raina… I think she lied. She may be a part of bad people.because if puli s right then y nalin tried to kill Raina’s father.

    Totally so many twist waiting for us

    1. I think phuli told what she knows. May be apu and Nalin sent Raina’s mother to rakshas to trap him and kill and that didn’t work out

      1. Mmm may be… And that baby girl may be some other girl

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