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BrahmaRakshas 11th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raina sees Narsimha turning into Rishab and collapsing. She panics and sees him having high fever. She thinks what is happening, how to free Rishab from all this problem. She shakes him and asks to open his eyes. He opens eyes. In haveli, Daadi prays god that her grandson cannot harm anyone. Mitali says bhaiya went somewhere as he became Narsimha and killed Naina bhabhi. Ved takes Rishab’s side and says nobody saw Rishab killing Naina and he cannt harm anyone. Daadi says she knows her grandson will not harm anyone. Mitali asks why did bhaiya took Raina bhabhi. Daadi says because he is Rishab.

Pakhandi baba tells Lakhan and sarpanch that haveli is a big menance for whole village and everyone’s life is at risk. Lakhan says why did Rishab/Narsimha killed his bhabhi.

Kammo enters and says because bhabhi knew his truth and so he killed her, he will not harm his wife and after killing all villagers, he and his wife will rule over whole village. She says Brahmarakshas is innocent and Narsimha killed everyone and blamed Brahmarakshas . They have to kill Rishab. Lakhan asks how. Kammo says they need Vibishan who can get family info. Sarpanch asks who will help. Kammo calls Yug in. Yug says he will help them as nobody helped him when his wife was kiled, he will help them rehabitat this village and kill Narsimha.
Rishab warns Raina to get away from her as he can kill her, he breaks stone and says he is very powerful, he can run faster than light and demonstrates. Raina says he can killl her as she loves him. He says she is mad and will burn. She says let her die. He says he is Narsimha and cannot love anyone, Rishab is dead. She says if Rishab was dead, he would have killed her long agin. He says Rishab is dead and shows his body. She says it is better she die from his hand. He asks if she is not afraid of death. She says she is afraid of love, even he is afraid of love. He says he does not need her and walks out warning not to come behind, else he will kill her. She says she will as she loves him and will love till she is alive.

Yug with villagers searches Narsimha. He smells Raina’s blood and informs Lakhan that they are somewhere around. Lakhan asks how does he know. He shows Narsimha’s foot steps. Phuli searches Rishab in jungle to give him maata’s chunri/veil. She gets afraid hearing sound and thinks Brahmarakshas came. She then sees no one and thinks what was that sound then. Villagers see Phuli’s footsteps and follow them. Yug fumes that these are oldie Phuli’s footsteps and his secret will be out. Phuli searches Raina next. Raina sees villagers and hides. Yug smells her and shows Lakhan that someone is behind tree. Raina panics seeing snake and prays god to save her. Phuli shuts her mouth from behind and pulls her aside. Lakhan says there is no one here, sees snake and runs aside. Phuli tells Raina that villagers want to kill Rishab and have gone to kidnap his family.

Kammo with villagers goes to haveli and tortures Mitali to tell where Rishab is. Ved warns her. Nalin asks this is what she gave him for his help. She says she did his work and took money. Daadi pleads not to harm her family. They all take them along to asur sthal.

Rishab runs into jungle reminiscing Raina telling that she loves him and does not mind if he kills her. He thinks he cannot kill her, if he becomes Narsimha, he may kill her, he should not o in front of her. He sees temple nearby and prays good. He then sees 3 sadhus passing by and follows them. Phuli while walking with Raina slips. Raina sits to check. Snake bites her and she shouts. Yug hears her voice and informs Lakhan. He reaches with villagers and says Raina that nothing will happen to her. Lakhan yells let her die. Yug shouts if he has gone mad, they need Raina to call Narsimha. He sucks Raina’s blood to get poison out and gets starts turning into Brahmarakshas.

Rishab goes to temple and tells Sadhus about his condition. Sadhus say god comes on earth to get rid of evil from earth, this time god has chosen him and Narsimha came in him. He has to get the world free of sins. Rishab says he cannot. Sadhu says it is not in his hands now. Rishab says if he becomes Narsimha he will kill his family. Sadhu says either he has to kill himself or kill evil. Rishab says he wants to kill Brahmarakshas, but if he becomes Narsimha he will kill Raina, god has chosen a wrong person this time, so he wants to kill himself. Sadhu says they have to start a havan and he has to get into it.
Yug starts turning into Brahmarakshas. Lakhan asks what is happening to Yug. Kammo asks Lakhan to take Raina to asur sthal as her family is tied there and Raina has to call Narsimha. They all take Raina and Phuli and tie them to pillars along with Daadi and others. Kammo asks Raina to call Rishab. Raina says she will not…They hear roaring sound and Lakhan says Narsimha is coming to die. Brahmarakshas is seen coming… Raina tells Ved and Mitali that their bhaiya is not bad. Nalin asks why did he kill Naina then. Raina says he did not, someone one has done it and reminds Daadi that Rishab writhes in pain before turning into Narsimha. Kammo comes in running and collapses saying Brahmarakshas has come. Brahmarakshas enters and asks where is Narsimha, he will kill Narsimha and protect them. Kammo gets up and says he helped them a lot and now it is their turn to hand over Narsimha t him, he can kill Narsimha’s family.

While Sadhu’s perform havan, Rishab meditates on floor reminscing his marriage wiht Raina. Raina tells Brahmarakshas that she will not call Rishab, even if he kills them. Kammo orders Lakhan to burn Rainna then, if she burns, Narsimha wil come. Lakhan makes a fire circle around Raina. Daadi calls Rishab and pleads villagers to spare Raina. Kammo then asks Lakhan to burn Mitali to force Raina to call Rishab. Rishab opens his eyes thinking Raina is in trouble. Sadhu asks him not to spoil havan. Raina pleads not to trouble Mitali. Phuli also warns not to harm innocent. Lakhan says she betrayed them all by supporting haveli people. Kammo asks Mitali to ask Raina to call Rishab. Ved frees himself and frees Mitali and starts beating Lakhan. Brahmarakshas lifts Ved holding his neck and orders Raina to call Narsimha Raina asks him to leave Ved. Kammo asks Brahmarakshas to kill Ved and throw him in air. Raina calls Rishab. Rishab hears her voice. Daadi prays god to save her family and send Rishab. Sadhus tell Rishab that he cannot back off now and has to step in havan. Rishab leaves.

Rishab reaches asur sthal as Narsimha and frees Raina. He provokes Brahmarakshas to come in front of him. Lakhan and Kammo hidde behind pillars. Kammo tells her Brahmarakshas sucked Raina’s blood and became very powerful. Raina hears that and thinks why did she tell this. Narsimha finds Brahmarakshas in jungle. Brahmarakshas shouts he will kill Narsimha. Sadhus discuss that Narsimha’s powers are in havan now and the person who went to save his family is powerless nnow, they cannot let god defeat and pray Narsimha that they will sacrifice themselves to end evil. Raina catches Kammo and asks why did she tell Brahmarakshas sucked her blood. Kammo throws some powder on her and runs. Brahmarakshas calls his bat team and bats attack Narsimha. Raina runs towards temple to save Rishab. Sadhus continue chanting Om Narsimhaya namah. Powers from havan disperse and Narsimha’s stone stops glowing. Sadhus discuss that evil is winning. Bats continue attacking Narsimha.

Precap: Rishab tells Raina that he cannot see anything except her. She says he is her life. Yug roars that Narsimha will die today. Raina frees Rishab and prays god if he is present, then he should show his sign. Brahmarakshas attacks Rishab.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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