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BrahmaRakshas 11th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanakaraj tells Raina that she has to save Rishab in 2 days, else he will die. Mitali shouts from Rishab’s room seeing his worsening condition. Whole family gathers. Nalini calls doctor. Doctor checks Rishhab and says his condition is getting more worse. Raina thinks Rishab is sinking like her father and she has to save him at least. Mohini smirks seeing Raina’s concern for Rishab. Yug wakes up in the morning and realizes he was at Kammo’s house whole night. He wears his shirt hurriedly and seeing Rakhi’s mobile in cupboard thinks he must have kept it while heavily inebriated, picks it and rushes home. Raina goes to temple and prays god why Rishab is suffering so much. Daadi bua comes and asks her to take her to Kanakaraj as only he can save Rishab

now. Yug reaches home and sees Rakhi’s pic as screensaver on mobile. He opens mobile and sees Rakhi’s video in which she is pleading Mohini not to kill her. He panics that mom killed Rakhi, then she can kill even him. He turns and gets more afaid seeing Mohini. Mohini frightens him to give phone.

Kammo says Raina that she lost her children and does not want to lose Rishab. Raina says she can understand as she lost lost her parents and even her foster father. Daadi requests to take her to Kanakaraj. Raina says she will go to Kanakaraj and will do whatever he asks to save Rishab.

Mohini takes Yug to a room and scolds that he changed his opinion on his mom seeing just a video. She says she did not care about Rakhi as she was not her daughter. Yug asks what….Mohinis Rakhi and Rishab are not her children and only Yug is her lone son. Yug asks what, who are they then. She she says they are Daadi bua’s grandchildren, Ashish and Sudha’s children. She goes into flashback where she sees young colllege students Ashish and Nalin and wanted to marry rich Ashish, but he loved behanji type Sudha and married her, so she married Nalin thinking he is also Daadi bua’s son, but Nalin was Daadi bua’s brother’s son. She got Yug first and did not let Sudha bear children and planned her miscarriage twicce, but then somehow Rishab was born and then Raina. Nalin was just a puppet to Ashish, so she planned Ashish and Sudha’s accident to get Daadi bua’s property. Once Ashish and Sudha died in accident, she took care of Rishab and Rakhi as her own children and everyone thinks they are her real children. Yug says she planned all this since so many years, even then why they are broke and who is Sanjay. Mohini says Daadi bua did not transfer property in Nalin’s name, so as per plan B, she got Apu married to landlord Sanjay and then killed him according to plan. He asks why did she killed Rakhi then. She says she did not kill Rakhi, she just ordered Apu to take her to Asur sthal and with Apu’s foolishness, Brahmarakshas killed Rakhi. She asks him to destroy this phone as already she faced many problems because this. He asks that means she killed mamaji. She says as his brother was a betrayer and tried to steal 1 crore from secret locker. He asks if dad knows about it. She says she wants to see her plan successful, so she did not involve fool and waste body Nalin. He asks what he has to do. She says he has to help her and soon she is getting a powerful herb/booti. He asks who will gget it. She says Raina.

Raina walks in jungle reminiscing Kanakaraj’s words. She sees Kanakaraj’s parrot and follows it to Kanakaraj’s meditation place. Kanakaraj says he knew she would come, it is time to change history. She asks what she has to do. He says she has to travel to a mountain and get sanjeevini booti which will save Rishab. Parroti drops a stick. Kanakaraj explains her plan with stick and says path is very tough and many monsters will try to stop her. She asks like Brahmarakshas. He says they are more powerful than Brahmarakhsas. Many people tried get sanjeevini booti, but they could not as they were selfish. Raina says even she is selfish and wants to save Rishab, but why she cannot travel at night. He asks her to come in the morning, he will give her map. She leaves. Mohini with Yug watches everything hiding and comes out smirking. She tells she did everything alone till now and after her death, everything should be her legal her Yug’s. Kanakaraj says everything will be hers tomorrow. Mohini says he should follow Raina and take Brahmarakshas along and once Raina gets sanjeevani, he should kill Raina.

Daadi bua looks at her son’s photo and thinks she always tried to act like she loves Yug also, but she loves her grandson Rishab more and tries to hide her sorrows. She has become selfish. Raina enters and says she is not selfish. Daadi hides her son’s pic. Raina asks what is it. Daadi says life’s truth. Raina says she told Kanakarajj that she is most selfish as she needs sanjeevani to save Rishab. Daadi says she is not selfish, she is very good. Raina asks to bless her. Daadi ties her protective thread and says she should go to temple first before leaving home as devi maa’s blessings will be with her.

In the morning, Raina looks at sunrise and gets ready to travel. She goes to Rishab’s room and tells him that she is going to bring his life and once he is alive, he cannot frigthen her with his silence, mountains will not harm her at all. She finds a rose in Rishab’s hand and picks it and says he made her smile even now, she will be back soon and leaves. Mohini enters and thinks Rishab helped her a lot, whatever his life could not do, his death will do, just in a day he will be freed forever and she will meet her goal.

Raina meets Kanakaraj in a temple who gives her map and says he made it whole night. She has to move a stone and get booti. She prays devi maa. Devi’s maa’s cloth flies and falls on Raina. Panditji says she got devi maa’s blessings now. Raina ties cloth to her forehead and leaves on her journey.

Naina picks Yug’s clothes for washing and finds lipstick marks on his shift, she gets sad that someone else is also in Yug’s life, she was worried for him, but he betrayed her. She will find out who this girl is.

Raina looks at map and travels in jungle. She reminisces Rishab’s condition worsening and prays god. She surpasses dager sign. Kanakaraj with Brahmarakshas follows Raina and warns Brahmarakshas that Raina should not see him and he shold change his form before she sees him. He has to follow her if he needs sanjeevani boti. Raina passes through thorny pathy. She stops seeing honeybees and shouts fr help. Kanakaraj warns Brahmarakshas that he cannot help Raina as he does not want her to see him. Raina realizes honeybees attrack rose and throws rose away. Bees go behind rose. Raina thanks Rishab that he saved her even her. Brahmarakshas roars. Raina thinks if Brahmarakshas is around.

Mohini goes back home with Yug. Yug says he is afraid. Mohini says he stole money with his dad since many years and even got his brother married to Kiara for money. He says Rishab is not his brother. Mohini asks he did not know until she informed him, now his love for Rishab changed. He fills 2 glasses of liquor and says this is medicine for his fear, sips even herself. Yug says they are all afraid of Brahmarakshas and she is controlling him. She says we are big Brahmarakshas, there is no difference between Brahmarakshas and Raina, they both follow her order. Raina did not kill anyone, but Brahmarakshas killed so many; if she asks Raina to kill somone, will she. He asks if she is trying to kill Raina tonight. She says after her work is done, she does not need Raina anymore. He asks what about Rishab. She says he is worried about his brother. He thinks Rishab has to die as he knows his and Naina’s secret. Daaddi bua comes.

Mohini fumes that oldie does not spare her alone. Daadi thanks her for taking care of Rishab like her own son. Nalin enters and asks what is happening. Mohini says bua is trying to make her stranger, but she loves Rishab so much that she would not have returned Rishab to Ashish and Sudha and will fight with anyone for Rishab’s life. Daadi thanks her and leaves. Nalin asks Mohini to stop her drama and call doctors to get Rishab well, else whatever money Kiara brought is vanishing soon. She aks if he does not love his son. He says loves, so he wants Rishab alive and asks her to do something soon. Rainna continues walking looking at map. Kanakaraj and Brahmarakshas follow her.

Precap: Daadi feels Raina is in trouble. Raina falls into a pit withh grass around and shouts for help. Two masked people come and burn grass. Raina asks what are they doing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. As expected Rishab and Rakhi are not Mohinis children… Raina ur love fa Rishab will definitely save him…. I feel pity fa Rakhi… Mohini don’t worry Bhramaraksas will definitely kill yu back…. Naina pls do help Raina…. Nalin Mohini and Yug what a family too greedy fa money

  2. Hi sindhu, hi fi dear…. well said…. mohini ur too bad…. n rishab wake up soon v miss u n raina needs u

  3. I m with rishab and raina really mohini ur tooooo bad not expected this from u

  4. If it’s plan to kill rishab and Raina then y Raina need to Sanjeev herb? And there is many chances for to kill Raina before ,but nothing didn’t kill her.y???I can’t understand anyone explain

  5. Raina is so good

  6. Hello Pinku.How are you?

  7. HEey Nazneen i am super good hru?…

  8. Hey sana, raina has tht horoscope which can move tht stone… u remember tht stone which kanak raj cud not move n said there r many hidden secrets in it. only raina can move… also tht booty can b brought from there only by raina.. tht is why she doesnt want to kill her now… am i rt guys?

  9. Update


    Mohini is worried after Raina succeeded to save Rishabh. Mohini does not know how Raina failed her. She angrily breaks the mirror after her inner self laughs on her for losing out to Raina. Raina and Rishabh see Brahmarakshas attacking the village. The people run around. A small kid gets trapped and cries. Raina and Rishabh save the kid.

  10. Finally rishab got saved thank god !!!

  11. @Pinku.I’m also good dear.
    That stupid Mohini we should kill her.

  12. Seriously Nazneen till lat episode i thought may b there is something positive reason behind her evilness but no.. very bad she is,,…

  13. The title brahmarakshas suits for Mohini…

  14. What happened to Apu the Brahmarakshas?

  15. hahaha well said @ Nazneen

  16. Hi Ani, Sanjay Brahmarakshas killed apu… accomplishing his revenge

    1. Oh I missed that episode thanks Pinku..

  17. TRP
    #Trp Week 49, 2016
    Top 11 Drama Serials:
    1.#Naagin2 4.2
    2.#KumkumBhagya 3.2
    3.#Saathiya 2.9
    3.#Shakti 2.9
    4.#YEhhainmohabbatein 2.8
    5.#TarakMehta 2.7
    5.#Udaan 2.7
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    9.#Ishqbaaz 2.2
    10.#Brahamrakshas 2.1
    11. #ZindagikiMehak 2.0
    11. #Kasam 2.0

  18. TRP’S are coming down for brahmarakshas :'(

  19. 49th week TRP

    ZEE TV
    Kaala Teeka 1.1
    Sanyukt 0.7
    Mehek 2.0
    Jamai Raja 1.5
    Kumkum Bhagya 3.2
    Ek Tha Raja Ek Tha Rani 1.3
    Yeh Vaada Raha 0.8
    Brahmarakshas 2.1
    Yaaron Ki Baraart 0.5
    Aji Sunte Ho 0.3
    Amma 0.1

  20. My exams have started it will end in January.
    @Pinku.If you don’t mind can I ask you which class you are studying??As friends I’M asking?

  21. God knows how kumkumbhagya is on 2nd position !!!

  22. Hey Nazneen, all the best. Do well. I am done with my studies Nazneen, I am MBA , i am working now… n y will i mind Nazneen.. u can ask me anything… which class r u in?

  23. Sorry Pinku di.
    I’m studying engineering 1st year.
    Now onwards I will call you di because I thought you are student ?.
    I’m E&C branch di.

    Di here is a joke.The full form of MBA is MARRIED BUT AVAILABLE ???

  24. Thanks for your wishes di

  25. Are you married??
    Which all serials do you watch except Brahmarakshas?

  26. Hahaha no formalities nazneen call me pinku am absolutely fine with it…. nice all d best E & C is a tough branch yaar.. keep it up… joke is very nice… yea am married i hv a daughter….

  27. I watch yeh hai mohabbatein, kumkum bhagya n brahmarakhas…. but now a days both yhm n kb hv gone for a toss…. so i stopped watching tgem….. i only watch brahmarakhas…..

  28. Wr r gungun n 3veni….. not to b seen at all

  29. Nazneen wr do u stay???

  30. I stay in Karnataka di.
    And where do you stay?

  31. Di what is your daughter’s name??
    Aap ishqbaaz nahi dekhti vuh bhi acha hai.
    What is your husband?
    When is your birthday ??

  32. Oh nice u mean bangalore noe, my bestie also stays tere, i stay in hyd, nahi nazneen ishqbaaz nahi dekha, filhaal sirf brahmarakshash pe atki hun…. the whole week i wait to c brahmarakhas, my hubby is a manager in manufacturing industry, my bday is 17 sept 1991

  33. Hi nazneen, oh bangalore rt?? Nice my frnd also stays there, i stay in hyd,my daughters name is Ria Krithika, no dear i never watched ishqbaaz, my hubby work as a manager in a manufacturinf industry,my bday is 17 sept 1991

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    My birthday is on 25th December.

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