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BrahmaRakshas 10th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raina wears bridal dress and jewelry reminiscing Phuli’s words that they can call Brahmarakshas only via a bride. She reminisces how Brahmarakshas killed Rekha. She then reminisces her childhood and her asking dad to give and says she will not give it. Dad asks if she will elope and marry when she grows up. She says she will not without his permission. Dad hugs her happily. She comes out of flashback and looking at her father’s pic apologizes him for getting marrried without informing him. She SMSes Risab that she is ready. Rishab sees her message and silently tries to leave house when Mohini stops him and asks if he is going somewhere. He says he is going to lawn for a fresh air. She asks him not to do anything that he may repent later. Raina hides seeing Mohini.

Mohini asks Rishab if he heard bangle sounds. He says it must be Raina. She gets back to her room. Rishab and Raina leae from there and reach Brahmarakshas mandir. Raina dorns her bangles and say she is ready. Rishab says not yet. Brahmarakshas looks at Apu’s pic in haveli and roars in anger reminiscing how she killed him.

Raina cries and Rishab asks chindi why are you crying. She says nothing and then says she is the first bride whose family is not with her during her marriage, no pandit will perform her marriage. Rishab says so what all the rituals will be followed even without pandit, they will do all 7 pheras. Brahmarakshas roars seeing Apu’s pic. Rishab starts pheras taking oath that he will keep her happy whole life, will not let her die and will be with her aways. Raina also takes same oath and says even if she dies, she will not let him die and will let him complete his mision. He dorns mangalsutra in her neck and applies sindhoor on her forehead. Brahmarakshas walks towards temple. Rishab says marriage is complete now. They hear Brahmarakshas’s roar. Brahmarakshas comes in front of them. Gumnaam hai koyi….music plays in the backgound… Raina throws lotus on him and Rishab shoots arrow and throws net on him and he falls down out of temple into jungle. Rishab beats him with wooden plank. Brahmarakshas falls unconscious. Raina asks if Brahmarakshas is dead or not. Brahmarakshas reminisces Apu telling same to him. Raina asks to push Brahmarakshas into water. Rishab walks closer to Brahmarakshas and checks if he is alive. Brahmarakshas opens eyes and strangulates Rishab and throws him in air. Rishab falls down unconscious. Brahmarakshas continues attacking him. Raina shouts to leave Rishab. He attacks even her and she falls down. Brahmarakshas leaves.

Raina reminisces promises made during pheras and wakes up. She goes and shakes Rishab to wake up. She thinks she has to save Rishab first and then follow Brahmarakshas. She finds cart nearby and takes Rishab home on cart and knocks door. Yug and Ved open door and ask what happened to him and takes him in. Family gathers. Mohini asks what happened to her son. Raina tells whole story and says they wanted to kill Brahmarakshas. Mohini yells that even after warning, she took Rishab out, she does not obey her as she does not have mother, she wanted to kill Rishab instead of Brahmarakshas, etc..etc.. Raina starts crying and says Rishab is severely injured. Doc comes and family take Rishab to a room. Mohini says even if family accepts Raina as bahu, she will not accept and warns Raina to stay away from Rishhab. Aditya informs Nalin that a villager saw Brahmarakshas running into jungle and was severely injured. Brahmarakshas severely injured roars that he is injured and not dead, they tried to kill him via water, he will not spare them.

Raina sitting in her room thinks how Rishab must be now. Her dad reaches Kamalpura, calls her and says he has reached Kalampura station and she should come here soon. He says there are many secrets hidden in this place, she should come and meet him right now. Raina goes to Rishab’s room, sees him sleeping and says she promised not to leave his hand forever, holds his hand and says she is going and prays that he is always happy. She hears someone’s footsteps and leaves crying. Mohini comes to Rishab’s room and reminisces Phuli telling Rishab’s live is in danger.

Two goons hit Raina’s father and inform someone that they did teir work. A speedingtruck rushes towards him. Raina comes to the place and thinks papa called her here, where is he. She sees her dad in the middle of road and a truck speeding towards him. She saves him in a nick of time and rushes him to hospital. On stretcher, papa says why did she come here, this place is unsafe for her, there are many secrets hidden about her here, she is not his daughter. Doc takes him to ICU. Raina sitting ni waiting area thinks why papa said this, reminisces her childhood memories. Doc comes and informs that her papa went into coma.

Raina walks on road reminiscing her papa’s words that he is not her papa. She thinks how can he not be her papa, what is happening with her, everything is changing in seconds, her papa’s life is in danger, how can an evil win, where is god, if god is there, why is human dying and why evil is killing everyone whom she loves. Her papa says god lives in hearts and not temple. She find a locket and a temple in front. She sees a couple’s pic in locket and thinks Phuli also sent these people’s pic, who are they.

Apu comes to Kalampura, gets out of car and says this land is her, she is a landlord and nobody can step on it except her. Brahmarakshas is seen walking. Apu laughs Brahmarakshas roars and says she came for whom he was waiting for years, his soul will be freed only if he kills her.

Precap: Raina asks Nalin who is this girl, how is she related to this place. Nalin asks her not question much. Phuli gets afraid seeing Brahmarakshas in front of her. Raina is shocked to see Apu and realizes is Sanjay’s wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ohhhh…wat an epi..
    was too gud

  2. Truth is revealed raina is the daughter of brahmarakhsas and his first wife

    1. its better she is his daughter ,or else there is news that brahmarakshas falls in love with raina and kills rishab

      1. Tara

        yeah.. actually…
        future i also thot that

    2. How? ? I mean I don’t find any link. ………. Guys can u include me in ur group. Maybe the image which phuli gave her and the locket which contained the same pictures are Raina ‘s parents

  3. Don’t drag the serial and fwd it pls

  4. Who’s Apu

    1. Tara

      aparajita… the wife of brahmarakhshas aka sanjay..

  5. Hw do u knaw tht

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