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BrahmaRakshas 10th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivam does yagna at asur sthal brahmarakshas temple to kill Brahmarakshas. Rishab comes and requests to stop yagna as his mother is worried about him. Brahmarakshas comes there. Kanakaraj tells Mohini that they have to save Brahmarakshas, else Shivam will kill him with yagna. Mohini says what if someone really dies there, it would be her son Rishab and not Brahmarakshas.

Raina gets worried for Rishab and tries to go out to save him. Mohini calls Naina and orders her to not let Raina go out. Naina stops her and tries to engage her in a baseless discussion. Raina asks how did she get injuries on her hand. Naina says she will tell her truth and starts again Raina thinks what if she is the one behind Brahmarakshas. She runs down silently. Naina runs behind her.

Raina clashes with Kiara while rushing out. Kiara yells at her what is she still doing here. Raina asks if she really cares about Rishab, he has gone out to fight with Brahmarakshas. Kiara says why should she, Rishab is a fool to risk his life. Daadi bua gets angry. Nalin says Kiara is right, it is Rishab’s foolishness and why should Kiara worry for him. Daadi asks Raina to go and save Rishab. Raina rushes out.

Brahmarakshas walks towards Shivam and Rishab. Rishab asks Shivam to stop yagna and run from there. Shivam pushes Rishab and he falls down. Phuli comes and pleads Brahmarakshas to spare her son, he is her servant’s son. Brahmarakshas says he is not Sanjay and is Brahmarakshas now. Shivam asks her not to plead Brahmarakshas. Mohini comes there and hiding orders Brahmarakshas to kill her son Rishab and even kill whoever comes in his way. Brahmarakshas pushes Phuli and then strangulates Shivam. Rushab rushes to his rescue. Mohini orders him to leave Shivam and attack Rishab. Brahmarakshas strangulates Rishab’s neck next. Raina rushes in and tries to free Rishab. Brahmarakshas raises hand to kill her, but Mohini orders not to touch her and escape from there now. Brahmarakshas leaves Rishab and disappears. Rishab falls down unconscious. Kanakaraj takes Mohini’s permission and doe some pooja and prepares something on fire.

Rishab and Phuli are rushed to hospital. Nurse tells Puli got a deep injures, but is out of danger. Raina asks what about Rishab. She says she will ask doctor and inform her. Doctor informs Raina that Rishab has gone into coma due to neck strangulation and his brain is not geting oxygen. Whole family gathers. Raina informs family same. Mohini comes and starts acting. They shift Rishab to their home. Daadi speaks to someone and says she wants her grandson well and can sell even her property, asks to send best doctors from Mumbai. Mohini asks Nalin to call his doctor friend from US. Kanakaraj comes and says Rishab needs different treatment and he can help. Nalin starts yelling how let fake baba in, he will get his friends from US and will not use this fake baba’s help. Kanakaraj says he saved Rishab from Brahmarakshas and sent Brahmarakshas from there. She asks how did he know Rishab had gone there. He says Mohini had come and pleaded him to save her son. Raina thinks that Naina was right. Nalin continues insulting Kanakaraj and sends him from there. Kanakaraj looks at Mohini and leaves.

In the morning, Raina gets rose boquet to comatosed Rishab’s room and starts pouring her heart oout. Shhe says she is not that dumb like he thinks. She bargained boquet from 500 rs to 300 rs, but would have got it for 250 rs also. She tells she used to hate him in childhood when he used to pull her hair while playing with Rakhi, then he went away and she saw him when she was in 10th standard, she started liking him, then he went to college again and came back again. He was different and she used to hate him seeing him with many girls, but then realized he is doing this as Kiara ditched him. She continues her emotional talks. Mohini hears her conversation. Kiara walks towards Rishab’s room with bouquet. Mohini stops her and asks where is she going. Kiara says to meet her husband. Mohini stops her and says she will not let her near her son, where was she when her son was in trouble. Kiara says she does not want to risk her life. Mohini warns her stay away from her son and pushes her away. Raina watches hiding. Mohini does this drama noticing Raina beforehand. Mohini then goes to Rishab’s room and cries that she knew he did not like Kiara, even then she did not stop him from marrying Kiara. Raina hears her conversation.

Inebriated Yug comes to Kammo’s servant quarters and starts flirting with her. Kammo finds Rakhi’s mobile in her cupboard and sees Yug also has same phone. Yug continues flirting with her.

Raina walks on street speaking to doc that she got all medicines, except one and asking what happened to the US consultant he was talking about. Shivam stops her and asks how is Rishab. She says not good and asks how is his mother. Shivam says she is recuperating at home. Raina leaves.

Kanakaraj enters Rishab’s room silently and injects something in saline bottle. Raina opens door and he hides. Raina tells Rishab that soon US doc is coming for consultation. Mohini calls her and she goes down. Kanakaraj silently walks out and comes from other side and says Raina that Rishab needs different treatment as he came under Brahmarakshas’ wrath. Only she can save Rishab now and has to go through a tough path.

Precap: Yug watches on phone Rakhi pleading Mohini not to kill her. He panics that he is next target. Mohini comes there. Kanakaraj gives a map to Raina and asks her to get a jadi boti from particular mountain. Raina walks looking at map.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi all, i missed today’s episode… anyone who has an idea of this episodes repeat timings

    1. No idea about timing…

      But you can download it from ozee… By using uc browser

  2. love rishab and raina very much. how can mohini kill her own son. that blo*dy mohini. i want to kill her. bu the way how mohini can control bramharakshas. and that kiara only thinks about her own life but shows that she loves rishab very much. wanna rishab raina to re uni and please rishab come out of coma soon. the blo*dy hell kiara hate her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  3. Mona146

    I dont understand mohini’s actions. Even if she is cruel and ruthless mother, I dont get why she wants her children to be attacked and if she really wanted bramharaksas to be alive only for her own benefit then she could have come back at kamalpura only without going away.

  4. Hey gungun… long time hru… ok i will download

  5. Yes avantika i agree with u

  6. Hey mona i somehow feel mohini is postive only n she is very closely related to sanjay… may b his sister or something…. n seeing the update i feel raina is also very closely related to sanjay may b his daughter or something…. just a guess

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