Boy:who are u?? swara or ragini; Girl:who are u?? sanskar ya laksh (part-1)


Its ur salluzz…im again back with my one shot…I have written manu os, bt it was all swasan…so for a change, I thoughy to written about then also im feeling about to write ragsan guys I have decided…I will write an os in which raglak swalak swasan ragsan are there…..I will give a small intro of character to sorts all here we go:

Swara/ragini:her full name is ragini gadodia, bt for her best frnds, she is Swara….only in business field she is knw as ragini..else its just swara….

Sanskar:a big business tycoon, he is knwn as laksh because currently he is suffering frm partial memmory loss, ap and dp got him as he forgot his ware about they named him as laksh…

Dp&ap:very caring patents…loves laksh a lot (sanskar)

Su&rp:biological parents of sanskar

Sujatha and dp are siblings, when Sujatha runs away frm wedding day to marry rp, dp breaks all ties with her

Now coming to the story:

It was pleasant morning for our bubbly charming

Sumi:swara…beready beta…today is ur last day in college naa…and even u r gettinh internship….

Swara/ragini:haa maa…bt give me 5 min…let me sleep maa…

Sumi smiles and cares her head…

After 5min swara/ragini gets up and kisses sumi and goes to washroom…

After sometime she comes out wearing a blue color frock with full length (if u have seen move aadhavan, in that during the song varayu vaarayu kadhal, nayanthara wears this dress in the last part of this song)
She comes down and have breakfast

Shekar:my princess is looking gorgeous…

Sumi:swara….eat fast..u should go

Swara:see baba..maa is jealous naa….

Sumi:y should I jealous

Swara:im giving more importance to baba..

Sumi:achchaa…im jealous naa..then dont come to me for any help

Swara thinks something

Swara; what is this can my maa get jealous when I love her more than anything…u r our queen naa

Shekar:then im the king

Swara:ofcouse baba…so ur princess ragini gadodia is leavinh for college…so kindly give ur blessing

Shekar:beta…even im going naa…we can go together

Swara:no baba..if I come with u..all will understand that im gadodia…I dont want that baba…I want them to knw me as swara

Shekar:I knw beta…dont get late..and give this packet to kavitha…

Swara:what is this baba

Shekar:she is getting married naa…so give this frm our side…its my duty to do

Swara nodes and leaves

She reaches college, whole college is memmerised seeing het..she used to wear tomboy dress, its for the first time tbey are seeing her like this

Sahil cimes there

Sahil:wow..swara…If I gets to knw that u have such beauti, they I would have proposed u


Sahil turns back and finds kavitha

Sahil:hii kavi..

Kavitha:what are doing sahil

Sahil:dont mistake me kavi..I was just


Swara and kavitha gives hifi

Swara:waise sahil sir

Sahil:dont call me sir…after all im going to become ur jiju

Kavitha:how u become jiju

Sahil:swara is like ur sister sisters hubby jiju naa

Sayinh swara and sahil gives hifi

Swara:mm…kavi..keep this, maa baa gave this

Kavitha takes the paket and have tears in eyes..


Swara:what is this kavi…

Kavitha:this dress

Swara:for ur engagement


Swara:I knw what u must think…u knw naa kavi…maa baba consider u as their own daughter..thats y..its their duty

Kavitha:swara…only because them naa

Swara:dont be emotional….

Both hugs

Sahil:so u leave me alone

Swara:jiju…come on

Trio hugs..

(Sahil works there as professor and consider swara as own sister)

At auditorium

Sahil comes to the stage

Sahil:hii good eveninh my children….so im not makinh u bore with my speech…so lets start with giving awards..
First award is for best student in college..and I call upon mr durga prasad maheswary to give away the price..and the winner is our ragini

Kavitha hugs her..

She moves to the stage and takes blessing frm dp..shekar too is seated there and have tears in eyes…

She takes the award and sits in ger place

Sahil:next award is for best topper of our college infact in university exam, she have scored top..I call shekar gadodia to give away the prize and cal upon kavitha to receive prize…

Kavitha was very happy that she is receiving the award frm shekar whom she consider as father

Kavitha comes and takes the award…

shekar hugs kavitha…

Shekar:im very happy that im giving awards to my daughter….

Kavitha have tears in eyes…

Swara stands there and claps her hands…

Followed by everyone…(everyone used to taunt kavitha saying or calling her as orphan)

Shekar comes to the stage

Shekar:today..I need to announce one more thing…my beti, kavitha is gettinh I invite everyone to join..

Kavitha looks at shekar

Shekar:u all are well knw who is my son in law

Shekar calls sahil and kavitha

Shekar:my daughter kavitha and son in law sahil…

All claps…

Sahitha (sahil kavitha) takes blessing frm him

After function:

Dp is looking at swara

Dp thinks something

Kavitha goes to her orphanage(she stays there)

Shekar and swara reaches there

Kavitha comes to them

Shekar:take all ur belongings beta

Kavitha looks on confused

Swara:we are goinh to our house…

Kavitha stands there shocked

Shekar:beta…its ur engagement marriage and all na…so as ur father, I have many responsibility…

Kavitha cries

Kavith:I don’t knw how to thank u

Shekar:so u are thanking ur father….its bad….

Kavitha smiles..
Meanwhile swara takes all her belongings and comes ouy…

Trio leaves to gadodia

They reaches there

Sumi:dont enter..

Kavitha thinks that she dont like her

Sumi:sheena (maid) go and get the aarti thaal

Kavitha becomes happy

Sumi does the aarti fir kavira..

They gets inside…..

Kavitha is shocked to see sahil with his family

Sumi:swara…go and make her ready

Kavira goes

Shekar:raj jii…I very much happy that, my daughter is getting married to ur family..

Raj:no mo shekar…its me, who should thank…we are going to get such a nice daughter in law…I knw that u are father to her…bt now she will become my daughter

All smiles..

Swara brings kavitha…she was looking stunting. L..sahil cant take away his eyes..

Swara:jiju…dont stare her like this

Sahil feels embarrassed

Shekar and raj takes and finalise the engagement date…

And they leave

Shekar gives swara and kavitha his card, and ask them to go to shoppinh….

Both leaves

At mall

Kavira were taking dress…kavitha is looking at the prize and takes dress with law prise…swara notices this…

Swara:kavi….don’t look the prize….see u should take a dress which u like…..

Kavitha nodes and takes a dress

Swara:wow…kavi…its awesome…go and change naa…let me see hiw my jiju”s princess looks

Kavitha gets shy and goes to trail room..

Swara was roaming here and there….

Just then she collides with someone and she falls down…


She looks angrily at that man

Swara gets up

Swara:dont u have eyes mr

Man:(showing eyes) I have

Swara feels irked

Swara:cant u walk properly….because of u I fall down

Man:so what…do u need money

Swara opens her mouth in shock

Man:I knw girls like u are made fir this…

Swara:lool mr…I dont need ur so called money…the mistake was urs..and at least say sorry..

Saying she leaves from there…

That man feels guilty..

A women keeps hand on his shoulder

Women:laksh…what happened

Laksh:nothing maa…

The women is ap and guy is laksh(sanskar)

Swara was goinh she finds something in her pocket…

swara:credit card??

At the same time laksh was searching for his card…

Laksh:where can it be..

Ap:go and check beta..

laksh leaves…

Ap and swara was near by….just then swara notices that someboys where disturbing kavitha…

Swara rushes to there

Swara makes them run…ap finds this and smiles….

Kavitha:we can go naa

Swara:bt kavi…see I collide with a man and I think it’s his credit card…

Ap hears this and comes to tjem

Ap:I think its my son card

Swara:what proof u have

Ap was shocked to see her talkinh harshly

Swara:dont take me wrong aunty…it is my responsibility to give tjis to that person…in this century we cant trust anyone…if im wrong plz forgive me..

Ap says the no. And name…now swara gets confirmed and gives the card..

Ap:what is ur name beta


As soon as kavra leaves laksh comes there

Ap:we got ur card beta

Laksh:frm whom…

Ap:dont knw beta…her name is ragini….

ap describe about her…

Both leaves….

At engagement day…

Gadodia mansion was decorated beautifully

Even dp and ap goes there…and swara is stuck due to break down of her car…

All were busy in preparation…

Shekar was busy in introducing kavitha sahil to partners…

Sumi:swara…where are u beta….come fast…

Ap:sumi jii

Sumi;namaste jii

Ap:are waiting for someone

Sumi:aha…jii…my daughter havnt reached yet…

Someone calls sumi and she goes….

Laksh was going to gadodia house…his car was stopped by some children…

Children:will u help our swara dii to reach house

Laksh agrees…

Swara comes and sits in car
Swalak was shocked to see each other…

Laksh didnt say anythinh

Swara:I need to reach gadodia mansion

Laksh was shocked

Laksh:even im going there



Swara:yes…kavitha is my best frnd

Laksh:bt the way im laksh….

Swara:im ra

Laksh(interepted) swara

Swara lools at him

Laksh:dont mistake me..actually that children only say

Swara nodes…

Both reached there..

Swara runs inside…

Laksh looks on confused…..

All were waiting for swara…..

Just they all hear a noice….

“Hii everyone….im very much happy that u all are presented for my best frnd cum sister’ s engagement….I cingratulate kavitha and my jiju sahil….im wishinh u a happy married life)


Soon they changes the ring…

Swara again goes to the stage….(dp and ao are also presented)

Swara:on behave of our college, we are dedicatibg this dong and dance for our kavitha and our sir, sahil….enjoy…

Swara comes in dress(ranveer in yeh jawaani hwi deewani) and ger whole crew dances on badthamees dil….

Laksh looks at her lovingly….

All went on its full wings…..all enjoyed a lot….

Marriage date was fixed…(5 days left)

Raj comes shekar

Raj:shekar do u knw that boy??(pointing towardd laksh)

Shekar:raj jii..its laksh..dp ji’s son…

Raj:bt…he have only daughter naa

Shekar:I dont knw much about it

Raj:bt I have seen him some where else….3 yeard back at a conference

Shekar:in that case we can ask to dp jii

Raj and shekar goes to dp…

Raj:dp jii…

Dp:I knw for what u come here…I have heard ur talkings

Shekar:dont mistake me

Dp:no shekar jii…actually I dont knw who is he….in fact his or anything…3 years back, I have found him on road..there I came to knw that he have memmory loss…bt at the same time I feel connection towards I give him my surname

Raj:bt infacy its his surname

Dp:(shocked) what

Raj:he is ur sister son..SANSKAR MAHESWARY

Dp is double shovked..


Raj:yes..jii…3 years before, I have met him…at that time he only introduced…I dont knw what happened next

Dp:sujatha…mere chottu…

Dp remembers his times with sujatha…

Dp makes excusr and leaves

He sitting alone in a room


Dp:chottu…After gettinh married u wil leave me naa

Sujatha:no bhai…I will stay with u in frnt of u

Dp:u should do one thing…if u are blessed witu a boy, u should name him sanskar and if its a girl sanskriti

Sujatha:and u also..if u have boy, name him laksh and if its a girl, uthara

Both nodes each other and hugs

Fb ends..

Ap comes to him..dp tells her everything

Ap:u cant forgive sujatha

Dp:I have forgive her long back…now im craving to here her calling me bhai…


Dp turns and finds sujatha there

Dp cant believe his eyes


Sujatha without wasting time hugs him and cries…..

After sometimes

Sujatha:where is my son bhai

Im here only mom

They turn and finds him



He gies and hugs them

Sanskar/laksh folds his hand

San/lak:im sorry papa and maa…I did this memmory loss drama to unite u both..I dont have any wrong intention, when I see u all after that accident I easily recognised u because mom uses to say a lot about u two…I want to stay with u two, thats why I did this drama..forgive me badepapa

dp:no laksh…sorry hurts me when u call me me papa

Laksh:call me laksh papa

Dp and ap hugs sanskar

Sujatha ask for uthara ap says that she went fir excursion

Sujatha and rp changes their business to kolkata and stays in maheswary mansion

All lives there happily

Sahil and kavutha gets married happilt with all blessings..sumi did her bidaai…


Swara gets the job as intern in maheswary comapany

Shekar:swara….y are going as intern…u can directly help me naa

Swara:baba…I need experience naa…after workinh there I will join our company kk..

Shekar nodes

Meanwhile sanskar/laksh also joins there as accountant…as laksh maheswary….

Laksh still dont knw that swara is actually ragini gadodia

Swara joins the office

Swara became friendly with everyone especially laksh….

Swara too don’t knw that he is maheswary

Both started to spend time together…

Everytime in house, swara takes only his name…

Sumi:beta….I think u r in love with him..

Swara looks at her in shock

Swara:what type of a mom u r…u r encouraging ur daughter to love someone…..

Sumi:because I trust my daughter…she wont take any wrong decision

At gadodia company..

Shekar calls swara and ask her to come to office…

Swara goes to office and finds dp and rp

Shekar:she is my daughter ragini gadodia

Swara:whats this baba

Shekar:beta….im doing this for u…plz sign this paper….

Swara reads it and looks at shekar angrily

Swara:what is this can u transfer all ur share to me…..and u said that I should take the charge…..

Shekar:beta wo

Swara keeps her hand

Swara:chup chap bet karo…

Dp and rp smiles

Swara:(turns to rp and dp) uncles..u only say, u have a son or daughter, he dont knw even to ryt abc alphabets. .and u r saying to him that write a essay…what will he do…will he be to write it


Swara:exactly… (turns to shekar) I hope u understand…

Shekar gives a smile

Swara:dont worry mere baba…my intership will get over by 4 months
.that time I will obey…now smile plz

Shekar smiles

Swara:thats my boy…

She leaves

Shekar:jii…my beta is like that only…

Dp nodes and leaved

At maheswary mansion

Sanlak used to say about swara..and both ap and sujatha where interested to see her…even they have bought bridal dress for swara

Dp:ram…I was thinking that sanskar should be married to ragini…if u r kk

Rp:what is this bhaisaa..even he is ur son..I dont have any problem..

At night

Laksh calls swara

Laksh:hii swara

Swara:hii laksh..

Laksh:I need to talk to u imporatant thing..will u plz come to xyz place today

Swara thinks for a while

Swara:kkk laksh

They cut the phone

Swara says this to sumi

Sumi:chalo..swara..and confess ur feelings..ur mom is always with u

Swara:thanku maa

At mm

Ap:today my son is going to propose his love

Sujatha:haa jiji…let swara accept this relationship….they only we can discuss future plans…

At xyz place

Swara reaches there, it was fully darkness…

Swara:laksh…are u there…u knw scared of darkness…olz come laksh..

Suddenly the lights strtd to come…(in rab ne banade jodi, srk proposing anushka, after the song tuj me rab)

swara doesn’t knw if she was dreaming or not……

Tears were flowing in her eyes

Laksh:swara, the day I see u I felt something…and whenever I finds u im getting attracted towards u…then I finds tha u are my soul mate..I love u swara…will u marry me

Swara was in cloud nine..she without wasting time hugs him tightly…

They spend sometime there and leaves..

Meanwhile rp and dp has convinced for the hands of ragini to sanskar….

Next morning

Sujatha and ap disclose laksh love for swara and sumi disclose it to shekar

Shekar:i gave promise to them what will I do

Sumu; for us swara happiness is firat priority naa…let she marry the person she.loves

Shekar nodes

At mm

Dp&rp:we need to talk to shekar…we cant force sanskar to marry ragini, if he loves swara

Dp rp ad shekar meets

Both dont knw how to start

Shekar:dp jii…dont mistake me…my daughter is in love with a boy….I cant force her to this relation

Do and rp looks at each other

Rp:thank god..infact we were coming tp tell u this..sanskar is in love with his collegue…so even we dont him to accept this firced marriage….

Both leaves

Dp:sanskar call swara family and ask them to come to park..we can discuss ur future

Sanskar/laksh informs this to swara

Swara:maa baba…laksh family wants to meet u he called to meet at park

At park

Dp rp ap sijatha are already presented there

Laksh sees swara…swara too sees laksh…

Laksh:maa she is


Both looks at each other in shock

Sumi and shekar sees laksh


All stood there confused

Swalak lools at each other

Dp:what are doing here shekar jii

Shekar:actually my daughter…

All start to say..full of confusing…that time sahil and kavitha comes there

Sahil:I will clear ur confusion…

He holds swara…this is ragini gadodia aur pyaar se swara

Kavitha:aur this is sanskar aka laksh

Swara:that means I rejected sanskar proposal and that was laksh

Laksh:ragini tum..aur I tejected ur proposal

Rest of them burst into laughing

Later they too understands

Dp:I cant stop laugjing…tbey loved each other and rejected each others proposal….oh my god

Swalak too laughs…

Sumi:so swara, to whom u want to marry??sanskar aur laksh

Ap:and u…ragini aur swara



Swalak:because it was choosen by our parents

All smiles…

Next week their marrige too happens

At night:

Swara:yes sanskar
Sanskar:call me laksh
Swara:then call me ragini….

Both feels irritated…so to make silence laksh/sanakar kisses swara/ragini on lips……both get intimate

So guys say was this os swasan or swalak ragsan or raglak

Love u all…..

Credit to: salluzz

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