All Boys Are Not Cheaters….True Love….ONE SHOT


Hello Everyone….I am Aakanksha Singh and I write FFs on Tashan E ishq.
But today I am here to write a ONE SHOT STORY…this is not an ff on any serial.
Here if u are A yhm lover then consider the leads as divyanka and karan.
If u are a kkb lover then consider the leads as shabbir and sriti.
If u are a tei lover then consider the leads as sdihant and jasmine.
If u are a skr lover then consider the leads as ashish and madirakshi.
If u are a kasam lover then consider the leads as ssharad and kratika.
If u are a swaragini lover then consider the leads as Raglak or Swasan.
If u are a ky2 lover then consider the leads as parth and niti.
Or if u are a fan/lover of anyother tellywood couple plzzz consider them as the Lead
pai of my story….ohkay so lets start.

A beautiful big house with a beautiful entrance is shown.
As soon as u enter the gate there is a beautiful fountain in the centre and a beautiful
lawn surrounding it…..As u move ur eyes u will find the beautiful Bungalow.
Its super big, and adorable from the outside….and as u get the chance to enter in,
U are left amaze to see the aura and charm the house has…evry thing is so beautiful
that u wud not be able the find words to praise the beauty.
Not to forget Appearance is Deceptive.
In here lives a small family of four….A couple and their 2 children…A son and A daughter.
So let me introduce them to u.
Mr Ramesh Sahani- A big…no not big…a great business man.
Mrs Radhika Sahani- Mr sahani’s wife and a home maker(house wife)
Their Daughter- Aahana Sahani(19 yrs old) she has just joined her Law college.
Their Son- Anshuman Sahani(9 yrs old) studies in 4th standard.
As pretty as the house looked…the relations were just the opposite.
Mr and Mrs sahani stayed together but like strangers….there were fights and arguments every now and then.
The children were fed up of all this….they never spoke much…just kept silent all the time….they were same
in their school and college aswell…they hardly had friends as they never tried making them.
I am sure ull might want to know the reason for which Mr and Mrs sahani fought….but it will be revealed soon.

It was the first day of Aahana’s college….she as usual got up on her own…got ready….servent gave her the
tiffin and she left…as she reached the gate…she herd a voice.
Voice- Aahana….all the best darling.
Ahana turned with a faint smile….it was her mom Radhika….she ran to her and gave a peck on her cheeks
Radhika reciprocated….and hugged her.
Aahana- ohk maa…now let me go I’m getting late.
Radhika- Ok ok Byeee…and aahana plzzz atleast this year make some friends.
Aahan just simply nodded and left.

In the college….Aahana entered her class and went and sat in a corner….away from people.
Slowly many people started entering the class and as the seats started getting full…
Aahana started getting tensed…as she didnt want anyone to sit besides her…she wanted to be alone.
She kept her bag besides her and so who ever thought of sitting there had to spot some other place.
Now it was time for the lecture to start….Aahan took a sigh of relief…as she was successful in her plan.
The professor entered the class and the lecture started….It was almost 10 mins that the lecture had starte
wen a Handsome hunk gave a knock at the open door.
Guy- Sir pleaseee may I come in…sorry I am late.
Professor- Why are u late Mister ???
Guy- Sir actually a boy got hit by my car and got injured…so I had to rush him to the hospital.
Professor- Ok ok…ur reason is genuine so Im allowing you…but next time u wont be allowed.
Guy- Ohk sir…thank u so much.
He enters the class and searches for a seat…and to Aahana’s badluck…only the seat next to her was vacant.
He goes and stands near her bench…Aahana hesitantly keeps her bag down.
He smiles at her…he gets seated and forwards his hand to her for a hand shake…and says ”Hiii I am Kushagra…
Kushagra Singh…u can call me kush”….Aahana ignores his words and looks at the board wer professor was writing.
Kushagra(Kush) withdraws his hand and thinks- what kind of a nerdy girl is she….huhhh chuck what hav I
got to do…kush concentrate on what this taklu(the professor was bald) is teaching.
After 4 lectures get over its time for lunch break.
Kush- Yaar what kind of girl is she….since past 4 lectures she hasn’t uttered a word from her mouth…ughh
how boring….I hav to change my place soon…btw she is beautiful must say…but whats the use she is such
a nerd yaar.
He goes out to the canteen.
Aahan is sitting quietly and eating her tiffin and revising all that was taught in the 4 lectures.
After some time Kush comes back…but he is not alone.
He is with a bunch of people…yess he is a person who makes friends in no time.
Aahana thinks- OMG !!! look at him…its the first day of college and he made so many friends
that too in so less time….waisey….he is sweet…but I dont like to make friends…especially BOYS.
The day gets over and Aahana and Kush head back to their homes.

At Aahana’s place as soon as she reaches…she finds her parents fighting again….she hardly speaks to her dad
so she tries to calm her mother down and stop their fight…but of no use….Radhika asks her to stay out of it
and go and change…Rmaesh says the same.
Aahana runs to her room and falls on the bed and starts crying.
Aahana- Why lord…why….why are u doing this to us…why cant we be a happy family like the others….why cant
we all stay happily loving each other…plzzz god plzzz stop all this…it has been 3 years now since all this started
but now its high time….I feel so helpless…I just cant do anything to sort out all this.
She holds her head and cries bitterly.
Just then anshuman comes there…he cups her face and wipes her tears.
Anshuman- No didi…plzzz dont cry…hav faith in god everything will be fine…my teacher says that so many
people pray to god every day…and he cant fulfill everyones wish at the same time na…so he lists them in
numbers….I am sure our wish has got a very late numbering in his list…but we hav to wait…wen our turn comes
god will fulfill our wish too….now plzzz smile.
Aahana smiles and hugs him….
Aahana- Acchha tell me are u done with ur home work…
Anshuman- No didi…u know na I hate maths…plzzz help me out.
Aahana- Ok ok…u go and remove ur books…I will change and come.

Days passed nothing had changed….The same fights…the same nerdy Aahana…no sign of any change.
But by now kush was very furious….he had till now tried atleast a 100 times to speak to Aahana….to bcom her friend
But all he got was ignorance.
He was very keen to know as too what was the reason behind her such behaviour.
He just kept finding out ways to know the reason but it was super difficult as Aahan hardly spoke to anyone.
But 1 day kush found Aahana speaking to her driver and she looked very comfortable with him.
Kush had decided in his mind that he would now know the truth from the driver.

One day as Aahana came to college with her car…kush intentionally came in frint of the car and acted of being hurt.
Aahana quickly got down the car and went to him.
Aahana- Heyy kush…are u fine….bohot zyada lagi kya…wait let me see…cant u see and walk….u must be careful
omg !!!…I think u hav fractured ur leg.
Kush had herd her voice almost the first time….he was mesmerized in the sweetness of her wife…she was undoubtedly
beautifu but her sweet voice was icing on the cake.
Kush kept on admiring her beauty and got lost in her sweet voice.
Just then Aahana noticed this and got up….she felt a lil awkward….she moved aside and asked her driver to take him
to the doctor….and this was exactly what kush wanted….he got up with Aahana’s help and sat in the car.
He smiled at Aahana and she turned her face and went to the class.
On the way kush started enquiring the driver…at first he hesitated….but wen kush told him that he will get Aahana out
of this troma….the driver agreed to tell him everything.
Driver- They were a very happy family and Aahana beta was such a cheerful girl that she cud make any1 smile with her
sweet talks….
he tell kush about all the members in her family.
Driver- All was going very good….when one day madam(Radhika) came to know that sir(Ramesh) had an affair.
kush gets shocked.
The driver tell him everything as to how after that all the fights between Mr AND Mrs Sahani started…which led to
the destruction of the family….the happy go lucky family suddenly changed into a war feild…with fights every day.
All this had led to this change in Aahana….she felt helpless looking at her parents fight…she decided not to make any
friends and stay alone so that no one wud come to know about what was happening in her life.
And she developed a hate for boys…she thought all boys were cheaters.
Kush hand now understood everything and new exactly how he could help her.
He thanked the driver for the help.

From that day onwards Kush stared putting in all his efforts to make Aahana speak up…to make her open up
atleast a little bit….it was very difficult but he never lost hope and never quit trying….and in all this he didnt realise
when he fell in love with her….and as far as Aahana was concerned even she had started melting…she too had started
to catch feelings for him…but she always stopped her heart saying “Boys Are Cheaters”
But kushagra’s efforts gradually started showing results…she started smiling…she started talking…very little
but she did talk….the first year got over…and by now ‘Aahagra’ Aahana and Kushagra had become good friends.
Aahan had started opening up to him….she spoke to him about studies…her likes…dislikes etc.

The second year started.
And By gods grace…Aahagra were in the same class again.
After a few days had passed and after their friendship had turned very strong.
One fine day Kush decided to confess his love to her.
He went to college all dressed…he was looking super hot.
He went to Aahana and without a secont thought in mind he proposed her….he very well knew that she loved him too.
Kush went on his knees with a rose in his hand and said “I love u Aahana”
Aahana was all shocked….she too loved him…but the fear of boys being cheaters was still there in her heart.
She didnt utter a word and ran from there.
Kush ran behind her….she kept running and kush kept chasing her.
She finally stopped as she her kush shouting.
“Aahanaaaa stopppp !!!!….all boys are not cheaters”
She was stunned to hear this…she turned to him and gave him a puzzled look.
Kush went to her and hold her by her shoulders.
Kush- Listen to me Aahana…All boys are not cheaters….and whatever ur dad did was just a mistake…forget all that.
Aahana moved his hands awaya.
Aahana- Who told u all this ????
Kush- That is not important…that doesn’t matter…what matters is ur happiness…what matters is ur life…what is
important is that I love you….what it important is that I will never cheat you.
He moves close to her and holds her by her waist….she does not resist him…as somewhere in her heart she trusts him
Kush- Aahana I agree whatever ur dad did was wrong…actually it was a sin…but it was a mistake….and galti har kisi
se ho jaati hai….but why are u punishing urself….what will u get by not talking to people…what will u get staying alone
Aahana- Nothing….just leave me.
Kush- No I wont…u hav to answer me today.
Aahana tries moving but of no use….she finally opens her mouth.
Aahana- Yes Yes Yes !!!! even i know I will not get anything….but I dont want to talk to people…I dont want to make friends
bcoz I dont ant any1 to know what is going on in my life…I dont want any1 to know that my father is a cheater…and yes
I Love You Too….but my heart has a fear and I believe that all boys are cheaters….how i wish u wud hav never come in my life
B4 u came I was happy being the nerd I was…but know u made me smile…u made me laugh…u made me happy and
u made me fall in love with u and thats wer everything went wrong….see plzzz leave me alone and forget me…I will never
be able to get out of this fear that I have in my heart… plzzz just goooo !!!!
Kush- Tell me 1 thing….there are so many girls in our college…that too they are stylish….modern and most importantly
they talk with every1 hangout with friends and are pretty too….but did u ever feel why…why did I always considerd u as my
best friend….why did i spend my time in making u laugh and be happy…why did I never even look at any girl the way I looked
at you….I if wanted to cheat on you…in these 2 years I cud hav easily left u and made any girlfriend….but did I do that ???
the answer is no….bcoz the love that is there in between u and me is called true love….I very well knew that u loved me too
Ur concer for me….ur trust in me made ur love so evident.
Aahana looked into his eyes lovingly with tears in her eyes….she was convinced by his words….she agreed to him totally
Kush- I love you Aahana….Plzzzz give me a chance….I really love u and I swear on our future kids I will never cheat you.
Aahan was in tears but smiles listenin to the words “Our future children”
She quickly hugs him….he hugs her back…they share a tight romantic hug.
(Your choice….ur favorite romantic song plays in the background)
They break the hug.
Kush- Ohhh madam….sirf hug se kaam nahi chalega…I hav said it twice now its your turn.
Aahana blushes…kush holds her by her waist and pulls her close.
Kush- PLZZZ jaldi bolo yaar….ab sabar nahi hota.
Aahana smiles and shouts in his ears “I love you tooooooo”
He smiles and hugs her againg….they break the hug and kush leans forward to kiss her but she pushes him and runs away
Saying”Not so easilyyyyy Mr Kushagra”
Kush smiles and goes behind her.
6 years passed and Aahagra hav now become Mr AND Mrs Singh.
A Big house is shown.
A room is shown wer two people are sleeping.
A voice is herd.
“Happy Anniversary Mumma Papa”
The couple gets up and its none other then our Aahagra.
Kush- Heyyyy champ….thank u sooo muchhhh !!!
Aahan gets down the bed and picks the boy up.
Aahana- How come U got up so early Aahagra(Yes they hav a 4 year old son and they have kept his name Aahagra)
Aahagra(their son)- Ohhhh come on mumma…I am a big 4 year old boy now….hai na papa ???
Kush goes and picks him up in his hand and says”Yesss my Biggg Boyyy”
Aahana laughs and they share a family hug.
In all these years Kush had sorted out all the differences between Mr and Mrs Sahani too.
They hav organised their 5th anniversary party.
All the guests come along with Mr AND Mrs Sahani and Anshuman.
Aahagra ran and took blessings of his nana and nani and Anshuman picked him up and hugged him.
They were now 1 big happy family.
This Is What True Love is….It has the power to heal everything….So this was My story Of TRUE LOVE.

Heyyy guys….I know its a lil too lenghty and boring too…but plzzzz do comment and let me know as to wer I hav to
improve….and plzzz dont hesitate….all sorts of comments are welcome…this is my first one shot so plzzzz
forgive me for any mistakes….luv u all loads and stay blessed.

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