BOYS OVER FLOWER’S – Introduction

Hi frndz… thanks for ur support for my 1st story MISUNDERSTANDINGS..because of u only I’m writing my 2nd ff.. hope u all like it…

This story mainly tells about boy who is arrogant egoist and uncaring and a girl who comes into their life… and changes them…
Members :-
Swayam ( santhanu),
Siddhartha – Sid ( Parth samthaan),
Karan whai ( suggest name)
Viren ( karan tracker)
Jeevika (Krystel dsouza)
Sharon ( vrushika )
If u wanna change any name… u can suggest me this are the main characters…
SWASAN is one pair raglak is one pair jeevika and Viren is one pair… thinking pairs for others….

The story is about swayam other members popularly. Know as fab5 (f5).. and a girl Sharon …
And fab5 who can do anything for their frndz and love..

Hope u like it…


  1. Bhavika

    Nice one but pls change parth name (Manik is Much Batter) b& for karan wahi Sid is cool,
    and other pair is Swaran (Swayam + sharan) & for manik always nandani…Best of luck…

  2. pretthi

    copied from korean serial boys over flowers and you are saying that you are writing so sad
    tell that its is like the korean serial
    eeminho acted in it

  3. die heart fan of boys over flowers

    actually this ff is like boys over flowers from korean serial but don’t say that sanskar is lee min ho plz i will cry because no one can replace lee min ho plz and don’t say that swara is jandi plz

    • Prernaprem



      Sorry yaar… I’m also a big fan BOF… but U can imagine this story as the next part of BOF….. 1st I thought to keep the title as you r my life… But their are so many stories with this title… So I took this title…

  4. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Friends i knw its hard to accept d fact.. i hv too seen BOF and it ws lill remade in indian version as kyy.. so do encourage her.. she may change concept little. And im fan of bof and kyy… u write author.

  5. Prernaprem



    Yes the title is from Korean… And that story is fav… I can’t change this… But im big fan of ji hoo… I don’t want him to be single…. Thinking about him I worte it…. But it is not at all related to that story….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.