My boyfriend’s best friend.. Prologue

I have left message on his facebook id dropping my phone number and its been a long time now. Whenever my phone buzzed i hope that it is him but no, he has not contacted me. Well why will he contact to an unknown girl.


3 missed calls from an unknown number.

It may be him. I called back. No response. 

‘ Ugh , what’s it. ‘ I threw the phone on the bed and in next second  it buzzed again.

Was he waiting for the call to be disconnected so that he may call again. May be or ugh wait let me receive the call first.

‘ Hello’ his voice echoed , ‘ who is there’ he said .

‘ Hello Siddhart,  I am Sanya  ‘ i said .

‘ Who Sanya’ he sounded quite confused.

‘ Well u know my name as i messaged you on facebook. I am your best friend’s girlfriend. ‘ i chirped hesitantly.  Emphasizing the word best friend a quite more. Just to see if he still consider him as his best friend or he is mad at him for the past things took place between them. I was still figuring out what he might be thinking he spoke again.

‘ What! ! Aarav’s girlfriend. Hey bhabhi , when did it happen. He didn’t even tell me about it. It is not a prank right. And how come you called me’ he sounded happy. But Aarav has told me they are not on good terms. And ‘ bhabhi’ the first person on earth to call me bhabhi ever. Yes it was awkward but I smiled because this word connects me to Aarav . And everything that connects me to him is my favourite.

‘ Hello’ his voice echoed again. And i realised i haven’t replied to him as I am still inside the word ‘ Bhabhi’ and also in the thoughts of Aarav.

‘ Well you both are not talking to each other. Once you were best friends and now you both don’t even talk to each other. He really misses you Siddhart.’ I spat out the main reason why i called him. I wanted my boyfriend to be happy and he really misses his brother like best friend and i decided to clear misunderstandings between them.

‘ Bhabhi don’t take his side. Let him contact me. I too miss him. But mistake is his. Let him call and i will equal scores with him. And yes one more score now he didn’t even tell me about his relationship. ‘ he said and yes he sounded happy and angry at the same time. So he is not mad and this is the bonding these guys share.

‘ Ohky i will tell Aarav about it. He will contact you soon.’ I said half smiling,  half laughing.

‘ No bhabhi , I will go his home now. And i will go today itself. How dare he. I was always the first person to share the news with him and this time, in the biggest decesion of his life he had not told me about you. And you will not tell him anything. I will give him surprise well no it will be shock as i am going to settle my scores. Yes we were not talking but this doesn’t mean that he will not involve me in his life’s biggest decesion  ‘ he said like a small kid.

I laughed and said ‘ ok ‘

‘ Ok bhabhi, bye. Now next time i will talk to you when he himself makes me talk to you. And yeah thanku for getting me a way to have my best friend back’ he chirped happily.

‘ Bye’ i said and the call was disconnected.

Finally my boyfriend will be happy. His one and only friend will be back to him. I thought and mentally praised myself for putting the effort.

I took out Aarav’s photo on the phone and kissed him. I really love him so much.

‘ I just pray to god , they both are not gay’ , i made a frightened face looking at my friend Srishti and we both started laughing.

So guys do you like the Prolouge. Let me know in comments ?. Its a sneak inside the book.

Can u guess what is the reason of the split up of both the friends. ?

Did you like  Aarav and Siddharta bond.?

Do you think Aarav’s girlfriend will make the both friends together again.?

And yes they are not gay its confirmed. Haha .??

And moreover please tell me in comments you like the track or not. ??

Waiting to hear from you.
                     ♡ HEER ♡

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  1. awesome

    1. Thanku dear Swara:)

    1. Thanku sara 🙂

  2. Heera just loved it.. Waiting for nxt part…

    1. Thanku ananya 😉

  3. I like it

  4. Well i will not post anymore episodws here. I will continue ut in wattpad as i don’t know where they are posting this story and people are nett getting through it so sorry swara..sara…and ananya..i will not post episodes here. Its a request for you all to please jlin wattpad and enjoy the story there☺☺

  5. Hi heer, awesome prologue, just loved the bonding between the friends. ..n effort of sanya to bring them together again….interesting story. ..keep it up…but you’re not posting it here 🙁 …what is your watt pad id? Love you loads

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