BOUND IN LOVE – Ishqbaaz FF(by Yazhu) Part-5


Hiiii ISHBAAZIANS…This is YAZHU again…and here’s the 5th part of BOUND IN LOVE…Thanks for all those who’ve commented guys…without much bakbaks let’s get straight into the story…

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Recap- Om meets Ishana again…Anika sees Tia with an unknown person…Priveer escapes from the gun shot…Rumya moments…


‘Even if you say to him…he won’t believe you…’ Tia’s voice startled Anika and she turns back to find Tia standing with an evil smile

Anika was shocked to see Tia, as she walks towards her.

‘I saw you’re spying on me Anika…’ Tia says with a smirk and Anika remains silent controlling her anger

‘What do you think? If you go straight to Shivaay baby and tell him that I’m cheating on him…and he’ll believe you…seriously Anika…’ Tia says showing attitude

‘Enough Tia…’ Anika says pointing her finger at Tia

‘Don’t you show your attitude to me Anika…you’re just an employee here…you better remember that…And don’t you ever try to interfere in my personal matter…’ Tia too says pointing at her

‘This is not just about you…It’s about Billu ji’s life…and you’re cheating at him with someone else…even if he doesn’t believe me…though it’s fine…but I’ll never let anyone to hurt my Billu ji…’ Anika says straight looking at her, ‘Even better you remember that…’

‘Your Billu ji…’ Tia says raising her eyebrows and lets out a mocking smile, ‘Now I get it…so you have feelings towards him…that’s why you’re trying make me a culprit and trap him…you’re trying to get my place Anika…you’re a cheap little gold digger…’

‘Shut up Tia…’ Anika shouts at her peak, ‘that’s the limit…..Haan…I have feelings for Billu ji…yet to be frank…I love him…I love my Billu ji and I’ll never let you hurt him…’ She says with much confidence looking straight at her

Tia gets shocked by Anika’s confession even more tensed seeing her confidence.

‘Anika you…how dare…’ Tia tries to speak but Anika holds her hand which she was pointing towards her

‘Don’t speak another word Tia…now I’ll speak and you hear it…I’ll prove your betrayal before everyone and will stop you marrying my Billu ji…even your reiki won’t help you in this…after your mask gets tore…Billu ji himself will kick you out of his life permanently…’ Anika says twisting her wrist and leaves her suddenly

‘You’ll pay for this Anika…good luck with your attempts…but you’ll never gonna prove me wrong…’ Tia says in anger and frustration. She gave a dead glare to Anika and leaves from there.

Anika saw Tia going and recalls her own words which she told to Tia. She made a confession and it is the biggest shock in her life which she gave herself. She saw Tia disappears at the turn and Rumya came towards her from the side of the door way standing where they witnesses their argument and Anika’s confession. Anika’s eyes got bigger seeing at them.

When Sowmya consoles Rudra and later decided to go downstairs, they heard Anika’s voice on their way. They sense something is wrong and went towards the room where they found Anika pointing her hand towards Tia and says ‘Enough Tia…’. They hide beside the doorway and over hear their whole conversation. It was a big shock for both Rudy and Sumo to see lady baba in her evil baba avatar, yet got happy seeing Anika defends her and confesses her feelings for their Bade bhaiyya.

‘Rudra…Sowmya…you two…when did you both come?’ Anika asked them

‘We came here long before Anika di…we heard everything…’ Sowmya says to Anika

‘Haan Anika di…I always hated that lady baba…now I feel like I wanna kill her…she’s trying to cheat my Shivaay bhaiyya…I won’t leave her…I’ll go to Shivaay bhaiyya and say him about that evil baba…’ Rudy says in anger and turns to leave from there but Sumo held his hand and stops him

‘No Rudra…did you forget he’s THE SSO…he believes in evidence more than words…’ Sumo says

‘But I’m his little brother…he’ll trust me more than any evidence…’ Rudy replies

‘No Rudra…we have to prove this with evidence…else it’ll make a tsunami in Oberoi mansion…and Billu ji…don’t know what he’ll do…’ Anika says crossing her hands

‘Ok….even though I’m happy that you confessed your love for Shivaay bhaiyya…’ Rudy says with a wide smile

‘Haan…even I’m so happy…’ Sumo too joins him and they gave high-five to each other

‘What? It’s…it’s nothing like that…I…I just say that…in the…heat of argument…other than that…I have no nothing for him…’ Anika stammers

Both Rumya’s jaws fell down and they gave each other a ‘what’s this now’ look.

‘Seriously Anika di…some time before only you say that you love bade bhaiyya…and now you’re saying that you don’t have any feelings for him…’ Sumo asked raising her one eyebrow

‘Haan di…for the first time I’m going with Sumo’s words…you know the day when Shivaay bhaiyya proposes lady baba…I really wished that he’ll propose to you and got happy seeing him walking towards you…but…you know the rest…’ Rudy says making a baby face

‘Even I’m going with Rudra’s words…I too wished the same that day…’ Sumo joins him

‘Arrey…I told you both that there’s nothing like that…’ Anika says

‘Really…ok then…just close your eyes and say me whom you see…’ Sumo says to her

‘Why are you speaking like Sahil? Even he asks me to do the same…’ Anika complains

‘He’s right di…even I’ve heard about this…you’ll see…’ Rudy says

‘The person who loves when you close your eyes…I know…I know…’ Anika says completing his sentence

‘Then just do it na…’ Sumo says

Seeing there’s no way to escape from these two Anika accepts it and closes her eyes. The face of her love, her Shivaay came in front of her eyes and her lips curves to a smile which Rumya didn’t fail to notice.

‘So…who is it?’ Sumo asks in a husky tone near Anika’s ear

‘Billu ji…’ the word escaped from her mouth while she still closing her eyes

‘Yaayyyy….’ Rumya shouts in happiness and Anika opens her eyes being startled by their shouting

In her Prinku was thinking about Ranveer. Her first meeting with him then at her college, the gun shot and everything flashes before her eyes. In that thought a tear escaped from her eyes. It really hurts her when she thinks about someone shoots at Ranveer, she even prays for him and wished him to be safe always. Just then she gets a call from an unknown number and with much hesitation she picks it up.

‘Hi…Ms. Priyanka…’ Ranveer’s voice made her smile

‘Ranveer ji…’ Prinku says

‘How did you find it’s me?’ he asked with curiosity

‘I…I just guessed it…I remember your voice well…’ Prinku says and bites her tongue realizing her last sentence

Ranveer smiles and felt happy hearing her and continues, ‘I must appreciate your guessing……that’s…actually I called you to just know whether you’re ok…’

‘I’m perfectly alright…are you fine?’ she asked the last sentence with much hesitation

‘Yeah I’m fine…’ he replies warmly and they both remain silent for some time, it’s just their breathing sound that they hear through the phone

‘Ok then…take care…good night…’ Ranveer finally speaks breaking the silence

‘Good night…’ Prinku too replies to him and cuts the call

They both smiled seeing their mobile screen and reminisces their moments being together. Prinku then went to her bed with Ranveer’s caring face in her mind.

It’s so late at night and Ishana waits to get an auto or taxi. She was standing before her dance academy for more than half an hour and she didn’t get a single vehicle to get back to her home. Just then a car parked before her and she finds Om in it.

She was quite shocked by it but soon hides it. Om signs her to get in the car and she too gets in as she realizes that it’s been too late. Om starts his car and Ishana unable to control herself keeps on stealing glances at Om.

‘Can I ask you something?’ Ishana starts

‘I know what you’ll ask…why I came always at the correct time for your rescue… Isn’t it?’ he finishes it

‘Are you a mind reader or something? How did you know?’ Ishana says in amazement

Om smiles hearing her, ‘Of course what’ll someone think if they happen to encounter with the same person again and again…’

‘So…’ she says

Om lets out a sigh, ‘I’m going back to my home after visiting my client at the restaurant…I just saw you on the way…and you know…’ he didn’t lie to her as he was returning back to Oberoi Mansion when he saw Ishana he thought to go without offering any help for her but his as usual disobedient inner voice of his says to help her and he did the same

Ishana too finds him true as she knows that the Oberoi Mansion is by this way and she felt happy being with him.

‘You can drop me here…I’ll go further…’ She says pointing at a turning which is at quite a distance from her house

‘Don’t worry…I’ll drop you near your home……Is it this way?’ he says pointing at the turn and Ishana nods in yes, and says the land mark beside her home

‘How’s Ridhima?’ Ishana asked him by gathering her courage

Om puts a sudden brake and Ishana manages to sit safely. She looks out and finds that Om stopped at the place where she said and gets out from the car. She turns to him to say thanks.

‘Ridhima breaks up with me…’ he says by not facing her and left from there without even expecting a thanks from her

Soon he left, soon his last words registered in her mind, she gets happy and started dancing at that place. Om saw her through the mirror and gets angry yet he gets happy after seeing her happy. Ishana’s happiness finds no limit and she felt relieved knowing that Ridhima left him for his goodness sake. In that happiness she forgets all her worries, even forgets about her financial condition and dozed off to sleep peacefully.

Shivaay saw Anika coming opposite and looked at his watch as it was too late and she’s still in Oberoi Mansion. Anika too saw him and her lips curved to a wider smile.

‘Anika…what are doing here still? It’s so late…come let me drop you…’ Shivaay says with concern and turns to leave

Anika saw his care for her and it makes her heart jumps in happiness, she kept on smiling constantly which Shivaay notices. In the car he finds her still smiling at him and wonders what would be the reason. He even checked himself at the mirror to make sure that he didn’t look funny.

‘Are you alright?’ Shivaay asked her in confusion

‘Haan…I’m more than fine…’ Anika says keeping her smile

‘Then why are smiling like this?’ he asked

‘Nothing…’ she replies simply but still smiling
Shivaay gets confused at her weird behavior. And Anika keeps on smiling at him and gazing at him.

Precap: Shivaay gets much confused at Anika’s behavior…Rudra says about Tia to Om…Anika, Om and Rumya tries to explain Shivaay…Anika gets shocked hearing bua’s call…

Here goes the end of 5th part guys…hope you all enjoyed it…please let me know your thoughts through your valuable comments…Sorry for not giving Shivika scenes…but you’ll get it with interest in upcoming two episodes…Thanks for reading…

Love you all ISHQBAAZIANS…

One for All and All for One…

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