BOUND IN LOVE- Ishqbaaz FF(by Yazhu) Part-4

Hiiii ISHQBAAZIANS…This is YAZHU again…and here goes the 4th part of BOUND IN LOVE…It’s week end and It’s family time so only I didn’t get the chance to write and update my ff…but sure I’ll post the next part by tomorrow…Thanks for your support and love guys…let’s go straight into the story…

Link of part-3:Part 3

Recap: Om advices Rumya…Tia notices Shivika’s attraction towards each other…Om searches for Ishana and she hides from him…


Ishana felt happy seeing Om, she didn’t know the reason why he came there but some voice in her says that he came for her. And she scolds herself for thinking such a stupid thing. When she turns to leave from there, she saw four goons standing before her. Ishana’s heart beats faster and she gulped in fear.

‘Don’t try to escape girl…you know the consequences if you try so…’ one of the goons said with his scratched voice and evil smile

‘I’m not trying to escape…I just got the money and was coming straight to your place to give it…’ Ishana answers in a shivering tone

‘Then why you are wasting the time…give that to me…’ another goon grabbed the bag from her, ‘It’s more than the required amount…’ he said to others after checking Ishana’s bag

‘Please give the remaining amount…I wanna buy medicines for my father…he’s suffering from sickness…’ she begs them by folding her hands

‘Let him suffer…after all he’s the reason for this situation of yours…’ he says and laughed with the others

‘Don’t you dare say a word against my father…’ Ishana’s anger gets its peak

‘What will you do if I say?’ the goon says and walks forward to catch her, in that time Om comes in between and stands before Ishana

Ishana gets quite shocked to see Om, but it gave her courage. Om stands in front of her as protecting her from those goons.

‘Who are you? Leave from here…else you’ll end up in hospital’ the man says seeing Om

‘Why are you messing with her? Looks like you’ve got what you want…now leave her alone…’ Om says seeing straight at him

‘Who the hell are you to tell us that?’ the man tries to offend but the other stops him saying that they have to leave, the first man glared at Om with anger and they all leaves from there

‘Thanks…Omkara ji…’ Ishana says with genuine gratitude

‘Don’t have to…’ Om says avoiding her eye contact

‘I didn’t expect you here…’ she says

‘Actually…uh…’ Om stammers by not knowing how to answer her moreover how could he say that he came in search of her, ‘Do you come here regularly?’ he says trying to divert the topic as he didn’t want to lie with her

‘No…actually…I came here to get our payment amount…for the decoration work we’ve done for karvachauth…’ she completes her sentence with much stammering

‘Oh…’ he says doesn’t having any further words to speak with her

They both felt happy for meeting each other again yet it makes them feel uncomfortable to face each other. A brief silence took its place between them.

‘I should go…I have some work to do…’ Ishana says trying to get away from there

‘Ok…bye…’ he says

Ishana left from there as fast as she could. She gets into an auto rickshaw and asked the driver to get to JD dance academy. Om curses himself for not offering her a lift and then again his ego hits him saying that why should he have to offer her lift. Finally he decides to follow the auto rickshaw to make sure that she reached her destination safely. He then follows her unknowing to her and stopped seeing her getting out the auto and enters into the dance academy. He sighs with a relief and left from there with his as usual unanswered questions.

In Oberoi Mansion, Anika shows the catalogue of bridal dresses to Tia. But her thoughts came around and stop at the same incident again and again when she saw Tia hugging someone else. Just then Tia’s phone rings as she excused herself and went aside. Anika thought to make her doubt clear so she tries to follow Tia but she got collide with the table and Tia’s purse fell down. While taking it up she notices something fell from the purse, she again bends to get the thing she finds that it’s a chain which had a T&D letters on it. Anika wonders what could be or who could be this D, she hears the sound of footsteps and arranges everything the way it was before and composes herself. Tia comes with a bright smile by starring at her mobile screen.

‘You look so happy…’ Anika says seeing her constant smile

‘Uh…It’s nothing…’ Tia replies plainly

Anika notices Tia’s weird behavior and her constant gaze towards the mobile screen. Tia’s phone received a notification, she excused and went outside. Anika follows her and hides behind the pillar on upstairs. She gets a clear view of Tia noticing her waiting for someone at the entrance. A courier boy comes there with a parcel, Tia looks around to make sure nobody sees them and hugs him. She then takes him inside, Anika saw everything and gets shocked to know that Tia is cheating on Shivaay. But she couldn’t able to see the face of the courier boy as he wears a cap which makes his face not visible clearly to her.

Outside her college, Prinyanka was waiting for her driver to come. Just then she saw Ranveer coming out from her college as he too saw her and came towards her.

‘Ms. Priyanka…hi…’ Ranveer says with a smile seeing Prinku

‘Hi Ranveer ji…you…in my college…’ Prinku too says smiling but with a confused look

‘Oh…that’s actually…I came here to meet one of your college’s staff members…police work…’ Ranveer says clearing her doubt, ‘Why are you standing here? Don’t you have your car?’

‘My driver’s getting late today…doesn’t know what happened?’ Prinku says in a worried tone

‘It’s ok…then let me drop you…’ Ranveer offered her lift while Prinku hesitates at first but accepts his offer later

While Ranveer took Prinku near his car, a man in another car shoots aiming at Ranveer. Just then Ranveer bends down to pick his car keys which get slipped from his hand and the bullet shots at Ranveer’s car. Both Prinku and Ranveer got shocked by the sudden incident, he looks around and find the man who shot at them but soon he escaped from there. Ranveer runs behind the car but soon stopped to catch his breath, when he tries to see the car’s number he notices that the number plate is covered around with a cloth. Ranveer hits his leg hard at the road to let his frustration out, just then he remembers about Prinku and runs to her.

Ranveer gets shocked seeing Prinku sitting on the road and breathing hard to get the air. As soon as he saw her like that he rushed to her. Ranveer took Prinku’s face to make her look at him, tears were flowing from her eyes and he wipes it off with his thumbs.

‘Prinyanka…Priyanka…it’s ok…look at me…just look in my eyes…’ Ranveer says cupping her face, ‘its ok…you’re fine…you’re safe…’

Prinku looks in his eyes and slowly her breathing becomes normal. She could feel her heart beats are getting normal. When she heard the gun shot, her heart beats got fast and she met with a phobic attack. But when Ranveer rushed to her and consoles her, she felt safe with him and soon she gets relieved from her phobic attack. Ranveer helps her to stand and took her aside from the road. He then gets water for her and made her drink it.

‘What is it with you?’ Ranveer asked her

‘It’s a phobic attack…when I heard the gun shot…it was……what if he shot you?’ Prinku says while crying

‘Nothing would’ve happened to me…I’ve seen lot like this…It’s my duty and I have to face situations like this…’ Ranveer says wiping her tears, ‘You’re the one who have to be careful…it’s better if you stay with someone beside you…what if no one’s there and you got a phobic attack?’

Prinku didn’t say anything but she could see his care for her and it made her feel like there’s someone besides her family to care for her. It makes her feel different and his caring face registered in her mind. After she became completely normal, Ranveer drops her at Oberoi Mansion.

In her room, Sowmya was walking here and there around the room. She tried to contact Rudy but his phone was out of reach, she gets worried for him as she didn’t even saw him at their college. Both Romi and Rudy didn’t come to college which makes her worried more.

‘Where did this crybaby go? What if Romi does something bad to him? Oh god……Rudra…where are you?’ Sowmya was speaking to herself just then she hears a loud noise and turns to find Rudy who looks horrible and sweating

Rudy hurriedly locks the door and fell on the couch. Sumo saw his terrible condition and gives him a glass of water.

‘Thanks Sumo…’ Rudy says and drinks the water completely

‘What happened Rudra? Why are you sweating like this?’ Sumo asked him with concern

‘She’s a god damn psycho yaar Sumo…she kidnapped me from college…’ Rudy shouts making his cry baby face and Sumo cups her mouth hearing to him

‘I tried hard to hide from her…but that Romi with DD finds me and kidnapped me…’ Rudy continues

‘DD???’ Sumo asked in confusion

‘Haan…Divya Drishti…’ he says clearing it, ‘She took me to her home and even tried to marry me forcibly…I ran away somehow…do you know Sumo I ran all the way from her home…She even took my car keys from me…’ Rudy cries

‘This is why I’ve tried to speak with you…but you idiot…you never listened to me…’ Sumo says sitting beside him

Rudy felt scared of Romi and guilty of Sumo, he remembers Om’s words and hugs Sumo. Sumo shocked by his sudden act but seeing at his situation she reciprocates the hug.

‘I’m sorry Sumo…I was a fool that I didn’t listen to you…Sorry…’ he says still hugging her

‘It’s ok Rudra…now stop thinking about that Romi…’ Sumo says releasing the hug, ‘Come…let’s go downstairs if you spend some time with bade bhaiyya and Om bhaiyya you’ll feel better…’

Anika tried to call Shivaay but he didn’t responded. She thinks about the whole incident her suspicions on Tia. When she notices Tia took that unknown man inside, she followed Tia and found her hugging that man. But soon he left from there as Tia worries that they may get caught by someone. Anika still doesn’t able to see his face when she was busy trying to see the man’s face, Tia saw Anika spying at her which was unknown by Anika. Anika remembers all these incidents and again tried to call Shivaay for which he finally responded.

‘Billu ji…I wanna speak with you…its really important…’ Anika says

‘What is it Anika? Tell me now…’ Shivaay replies

‘But Billu ji…I have to say this in person…’ She explained

‘It’s not possible for now…I have an important meeting to attend…I’ll see you when I come back…’ Shivaay says in hurry and cuts the call

‘Billu ji…’ Anika tries to speak further but he cuts the call

‘This Billu ji…can’t he hear me…I told him it’s important…but he cuts the call…how’ll I say him about Tia’s betrayal…she’s cheating on him…but somehow I have to tell him everything when he gets back…’ Anika speaks to herself

‘Even if you say to him…he won’t believe you…’ Tia’s voice startled Anika and she turns back to find Tia standing with an evil smile

Precap: Anika confronts Tia…Rumya too joins with Anika…Om says to Ishana about his and Ridhima’s breakup…Ranveer calls Prinku…

So guys…here goes the end of 4th part…hope you all liked it…I’ve got quite disappointed with the less number of comments…I know the problem is with my conveyance of story…but I’m sure guys…I’ll try my best to make you all comment…as you all know romance is not possible for now…so wait for few episodes to see some cute romantic scenes between our couples…and forgive me for not showing Shivaay…just this time…

Love you all ISHBAAZIANS…

One for All and All for One…

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