BOUND IN LOVE- Ishqbaaz FF(by Yazhu) Part-2

Hiiii ISHQBAAZIANS…This is YAZHU again… came up with the second part…Thanks for all those who’ve commented for the first part…Some may have thought that it is an Ishkara ff but it’s not…it’s about all the four couples and their love journey…let’s get into the story straightly and the rest of my bakbaks… I say it at the end of this part…

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Recap: Magical moment of Shivika, Ishkara, Rumya and Priveer


Shivaay took Anika in his arms, while everyone got worried of Anika. Shivaay turns to look at Tia and apologizes to her as he can’t able to break her fast, Tia too nods in agreement to support him. Shivaay carries Anika and took her to his room. He felt so depressed by seeing her state, in that thought his eyes became teary. He gently placed her in his bed as the doctor too arrives there he checked Anika.

‘She’s fine now…She’ll get conscious in some time…just give her something after she got conscious…’ the doctor said to him and left from there

Shivaay looks at her lovingly and caresses her face as he heard the footsteps of someone, he composes himself and stood away from her. He then turns to find Tia and Dadi.

‘Is she fine?’ Dadi asked him with concern

‘Yeah Dadi…the doctor said that she’ll get conscious soon…’ Shivaay replies

‘I don’t know why the universe is teasing this poor girl…she should take care of herself’ Tia says in her usual Lady Baba tone

Just then Anika too gets her consciousness and she gets up to sit on bed. Shivaay took a glass of juice and rushed to her. Anika looks at him while she handed her the juice, she felt happy seeing his concern for her and a smile escaped from her lips. She then drinks the juice without refusing as she felt so weak and really wanted to have something to eat.

‘Are you ok puttar?’ Dadi asked her

‘I’m alright Dadi…don’t worry about me…’ Anika replies with a smile

Anika then looks at the clock and get shocked as it’s so late. She then remembers Tia’s incident, but she thought that it’s not the right time and decides not to say about it now. Shivaay understands her thought by noticing her looking at the clock.

‘Don’t worry I’ll drop you home…’ Shivaay says

‘This Billu ji’s reading my mind…how did he know what I think?’ Anika thought to herself looking at him

‘Yeah Shivaay’s right he’ll drop you Anika…and Shivaay baby we’ll have dinner together after you came…’ Tia says with a smile

‘Haan puttar…it’s so late and you should take care of yourself…’ Dadi too says with concern

After some more talks Anika took leave from Dadi and Tia then Shivaay too went with her to drop her. Tia senses Shivaay’s concern for Anika and his change in nature while he’s with her. It somewhat irks her so she thought to get done with their marriage as soon as possible.

Om while driving his car recalls his meeting with Ishana, he felt quite happy when she met her again but his anger hits him again and again reminding her betrayal. While Ishana in her house too thinking about him and his accusing gaze, mocking voice keeps on coming before her eyes. She can’t able to understand his feelings towards her, he concerns for her yet he mocks at her, he cares for her yet he accuses her.

‘I don’t know what he is thinking about me…I can’t understand his gaze…It’s true that I cheated him and I deserve to be punished for that…but I just can’t handle his hate for me…why he’s affecting me this much?’ Ishana speaks to herself while tears flow from her eyes and she lies down in her bed with Om’s thought in her mind

In the lawn (at Oberoi Mansion), Prinku and Ranveer walk for some time as he tries to relax her.

‘You feel better now?’ Ranveer asked her

‘Yeah…’ Prinku replies softly

‘Ok…I didn’t introduce myself…I’m ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa…’ he says and lends his hand towards her

‘ACP??’ Prinku says in shock and then remembers him leaving from Oberoi Mansion after speaking with Shivaay

‘Yeah…why? Won’t you give hand shake to a cop? He says with a smile still forwarding his hand

‘No…nothing like that…and I’m Priyanka…’ She replies and forwards her hand too

‘I know…’ he says

‘Of course you know…’ Prinku says in an inaudible tone

‘Did you say something?’ he asks

‘Uh…nothing…I think I should leave now…’ she says

‘Yeah…I should leave too…catch you later…’ he says and bids bye to her

Prinku too leaves to her room thinking about her moments with Ranveer and she smiles unknowingly.

Rudra felt so betrayed after realizing love angel’s truth. Sowmya tries again and again to speak with him but he keeps on ignoring her. Sumo felt so hurt and cries thinking about Rudy’s words. Rudy went to Shivaay’s room but he didn’t find him as he went to drop Anika, so he thought to check out with Om. While he went towards Om’s room he finds him coming in the opposite. Om composes himself looking at Rudra and went near him.

‘Rudra… Are you alright?’ Om asked him caressing his face

‘No…bhaiyya…’ Rudy replies in a feeble tone

Om felt bad seeing him so dull and he took him inside his room. He makes Rudy to sit on the bed and caresses his hair.

‘What happened Rudra? Why you look so dull?’ Om asks

‘I felt betrayed bhaiyya…the one who I thought as my best friend…now cheated me…’ Rudy says

Rudy’s words remind him of Ishana but he clears his thought and continues to console Rudy.

‘Who cheated you? About whom you were talking’ Om asked him

‘Sowmya…’ Rudy’s voice shattered

‘Sowmya…What did she do?’ Om asked him to know the reason

‘She didn’t do anything bhaiyya…She didn’t say me about that Romi…She didn’t say me about love angel…She didn’t say me about anything…I thought her as my true friend…but she cheated me by hiding all the truths…’ Rudy says all these in one breath as his mind filled with anger and disappointment

‘What’s she had to do with love angel?’ Om asked him in confusion

‘She had nothing to do with love angel…as she’s the love angel herself…’ Rudy says hitting his wrist on the bed

‘Sowmya is love angel…seriously…’ Om says in astonishment

‘Haan bhaiyya…’ Rudy replies plainly

Shivaay and Anika remains silent throughout the journey, she thought to say about Tia to him but she stops thinking that she might be wrong. Shivaay stops the car and Anika finds that she had reached her home. She looks at Shivaay and get down from the car. Shivaay too get down from his car and calls Anika which made her turn to look at him.

‘Did you want to talk with me about something?’ he asked her

‘Oh my god…it’s happening again…how he find what’s going on in my mind…Is he a magician?’ she thought to herself

Shivaay comes in front of her and waves his hand before her face.

‘Are you ok?’ he asks

‘Haan…haan…I’m fine…’ she says getting back from her thoughts

‘You are behaving so weird now a days…and more over what’s the problem with you…can’t you take your food…do you always need someone to feed you or what?’ he says with concern yet angered tone

‘Oye…hello…Mr.SSO I can take care of myself and I don’t need anyone to look after me…’ she says making faces at him

‘Of course…you’re a Super girl right…always being tadibaaz and showing attitude…’ he says

‘Look who’s saying that…’ she says crossing her arms

‘You…’ Shivaay tries to give a counter but controls himself

‘Just take care of your health and eat on time…did you get that?’ Shivaay says in an ordering tone by pointing his finger towards her

‘Yeah…I know…bye…’ she says pouting her face and left to her home

Shivaay smiles to himself and left back to Oberoi Mansion.

That’s it for the 2nd part guys…hope you’ll like it…and please do drop your views on my FF…your comments are the fuel for my writing skill…even if you feel it’s bad just let me know…so that I could improve my writing…Sorry for not giving any romantic scenes as it’s not possible for the current story line…I thought to show some light hearted moments between them and also their bonding…as I can’t give all the shades in one episode, it’ll take few parts…but I promise that soon you’ll get some warm and intense romance between our couples…

Love you all ISHQBAAZIANS…

One for All and All for One…


  1. Mounica

    Nice episode..shivaay caring fr anika..ishkara feels fr each other… omru sharing their problems…post next one asap

  2. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Wow Yazhu really nice ff…just now i read ur previous part and this one is really good one ……
    Keep it up……Excellent way of conveying emotions and characterisation…. loved it a lot…..

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