BOUND IN LOVE- Ishqbaaz FF (by Yazhu) Part 1


Hiiii ISHQBAAZIANS…This is YAZHU… back after a long gap…this time I came up with a FF…I thought to write an OS but this idea just came up in my mind and I’ve decided to write it as a FF…hope you guys will like it…In this FF I’ve take my lead from the karvachauth episode and the story further will go on in my way…I just made a change in Om’s track…after all Ishkara is the pair in my FF…So I save the rest of my bakbaks for later…now let’s get into the story…

It’s almost the time for the moon’s arrival and everyone in Oberoi mansion were eagerly waiting for the beautiful guest, but he’s so mischievous and almost testing everyone’s patience especially our cry baby Rudra. While Rudy’s drama is going on in one side, on the other side Shivaay and Anika were busy in stealing the glances at each other.

While everyone in Oberoi Mansion was enjoying their beautiful night, Om was tensed with his own problem. He’s been trying hard from the morning to contact Ridhima but there’s no response from her, even her mobile phone is switched off. So he decided to meet her in her house. But he couldn’t found her even in her house, just then he remembers one of her friend’s number so he called Ridhima’s friend to know about her but her answer shocked him that Ridhima went out of town for a project work and he won’t able to reach her for a week.

Om felt sad and low, he thought that it was his mistake to make Ridhima wait for this much long time. But something in his mind made him not completely committed to her. It reminds that there is someone else is waiting for him. It was really awkward for him but he just can’t able to figure out the problem in his relationship with Ridhima. He felt fed up and stopped his car in a random place and came out to relax himself from his confusion.

He saw a group of women near the place he parked his car. It’s a colony and he saw the simple and beautiful arrangement made there for karvachauth. But he felt strange being there and doesn’t able to figure out what would be the reason. With all the questions in his mind he saw the children might belong to that colony were enjoying in their own way. A girl was busy in calling them and giving sweets to them.

He saw the girl’s struggling to distribute the sweets, as the children were continues running around her, that sight made him relaxed and a smile escaped from his lips. He tries to see her face but fails in that attempt as she was facing her back towards him and also had her shawl around her head. A strong wind helps our Om by removing her veil and her shawl flies with the wind. The girl ran behind it and unknowingly Om too started running in the same direction. The shawl keeps on escaping from her and a strong hand behind her caught it for her.

A sigh of relief escaped from her when she turned to thank the person who helped her, she got shocked to see him. Om’s eyes too got widened seeing the girl before her.

‘Ishana…’ his voice filled with surprise, pain and yet an unknown happiness

‘Omkara ji…you…’ Ishana’s voice trembled

Both of them didn’t get the words to speak but their eyes speak a lot as the words are not enough to express the intensity of their feelings.

In Oberoi Mansion, Rudy makes a great drama and finally decides to speak with love angel to get rid of his hard feelings. Anika who went to the lawn finds Tia hugging someone and thought it was Shivaay. She felt awkward and turns just to find Shivaay standing near the door and shocked to know that Tia is hugging someone else. At the same time while speaking with love angel, Rudy happens to find that Sowmya is love angel and got shocked to know the fact.

On the other side of the lawn Priyanka was lost in the thought of Dev, her meeting with him that time she really thought that he might have been her guy but the continues surprising events made her mind clearly to forget him. She wonders why did she even took the fast while there’s no one in her life, but another strong feeling says that it might have a reason, may be her future is awaiting for her.

Om and Ishana were lost in their own world, while Om got into his senses anger filled his eyes and it became red because of the anger. Ishana too got into her senses and lowered her eyes can’t able to handle his accusing gaze. Yet a brief silence took place between them.

‘I never thought that I would see you again…’ Om says in a plain voice breaking the silence

‘Even I didn’t expect this…I…I…’ Ishana tries to apologize but her thoughts hit her that a sorry is not enough for what she had done with him

‘May I ask what are you doing here?’ Om asked her to avoid her apologizing speech as he thought that he might outburst again

‘I’m working part timely with the event planners…one of our partners belong to this colony and we arranging this place for the function…’ she replies in a feeble tone

‘You…working…’ he says with a smirk

His tone made her feel guiltier and it hurts her more, as a result to that her eyes became teary and she tries hard to hide it. But soon she felt dizzy and she helped herself by sitting on the stairs beside them. Om sees her hands trembling and asked her whether she’s fine. Ishana nods in yes but he felt her trouble and excused himself to get water for her.

Same time in Oberoi Mansion Anika, Rudy and Prinku were dealing with their own problems. Anika tries hard to speak with Shivaay but all her attempts goes in vain. Rudy being angry shouts at Sowmya for not telling the truth about her and Romi. Sowmya tries to explain but Rudra in bound of anger doesn’t listen to her and continues shouting at her.

Prinku who was still in the lawn hears some strange noise and got afraid. She tries to find if there’s someone else but she didn’t find anyone being there. The sound keeps on coming, Prinku got panicked and started running away from there. While running she got bumped into a man, while she’s about to fell Ranveer got her in his arms and they share a short eyelock.

Then Ranveer makes her stand steadily and asked her for the reason being scared. Prinku says that she felt someone‘s there and Ranveer went there to check for person or thing that scared her. As he didn’t find anyone he made Prinku to sit in the bench and asked her to relax.

As the moon arrived, the ladies of Oberoi Mansion break their fast with the hands of their husbands. While Anika tries to speak with Shivaay, he too keeps on staring at her while Tia took aarthi of him. Anika goes towards him deciding to say about Tia but she felt dizzy, while Shivaay sees her and rushes towards her as Anika fell unconscious in his arms. Shivaay asks for water and he made her drink it which becomes fast breaking moment for them.

In Rudy’s room Sowmya tries to explain while Rudy tries to leave. But Sumo started coughing hard and Rudy turns to look her. He saw her coughing continuously, so he helps her to sit and feeds her water unknowingly breaking her fast. In the lawn Ranveer too gave water to Prinku and breaks her fast, while the beautiful moon spreads his rays over the three couples.

While the magical moment of the three couples took place in the Oberoi Mansion, in the colony Ishana remembers all her moments with Om. Her first encounter with him, her confrontation and his outburst everything flashed in her mind. Tears started flowing from her eyes, she looks at the moon and imagines Om’s smiling face in it. While Om gets a water bottle in his hand and came towards her. Ishana turns her face from the moon and looks at Om, even in that cool breeze she felt warm seeing him.

Om came to Ishana and handed her the bottle. She took the bottle from him and brought it towards her lips to drink it, Om notices her hand is still shivering so he sits beside her and supports the bottle to make her drink it. Her guilt hit her again seeing his concern towards her.

‘Are you ok now?’ Om’s words brought her back from her thoughts

‘Yeah I’m fine…’ She replies

‘Haven’t you eaten anything? You look so weak…’ his words filled with concern

‘It’s just…I had much work today and didn’t get the time to eat…’ She replies

‘Looks like you working hard…’ he says with a smirk

But that smirk hurts her more, she could feel the mocking tone in his words. This time she didn’t felt any guilt and faces him with confidence instead.

‘This is not new to me…even I’ve spent many days struggling for food…you rich people will never able to understand it…’ she says in a bold tone looking straight into his eyes and left from there without expecting any answer from but her eyes cheats her and started flowing tears.

Om got astonished by her answer, as he didn’t expect such a reply from her. He even felt bad for her and just keeps on looking her until she disappears from his sight. He then left from there forgetting all his relationship issues, even forgets Ridhima as Ishana was the one who filled his both mind and heart.

So that’s it for the first part guys…hope you would’ve liked it…even if you felt bad about the story or about my writing don’t hesitate and just let me know through you valuable comments…because only with the number of comments I would decide to continue it further or not…So please pen down your thoughts…

I just took my lead from the karvachauth episode…sorry for not giving the detailed part of Shivika and Rumya moments…as you guys would’ve seen them in the ib epi itself…while seeing the three couples and their magical moments in ib…I really missed Ishkara as Om was only one who is left alone…poor Om…so I compensated it in with my FF…I promise that there’ll be equal space for all the couples from next part…I have no idea whether it’s good or not…so just tell me through your comments…

Love you all ISHQBAAZIANS…

One for All and All for One…

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  1. It was really nice
    Post the next very soon yazhu

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Namrata…

  2. Naaginfanforever

    Awesome. I loved it. Please continue

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Naaginfanforever…

  3. Mukta

    Honestly di, ff k title me aapka naam dekhkar hi confirm ho gya tha ki I have to read this ff!!!!! You are just awesome and same are ur OS and FF!!!!!! Although there is nothing much new in today’s episode except for Ishkara scenes but it’s ur ff, so it will be good!!!!!! Waiting for next episode…… plz post it asap……..

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks a lot Mukta dr…happy that you liked it…I know there’s not much in first part…as I just added ishkara’s part with the epi…as I’ve said further story will be in my way…

  4. Ananya7044

    So cool….and calm and light..nice one

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Ananya…

  5. Nansshivika

    Its interesting

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  6. nice googd u hav u bach yazhu waiting for next

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  7. Tulasi

    Hey dear…its a gd strt..luvd ishkara really…..poor omm ..i too felt empty while watchng d real epi….? check out my ff tooo….plzz

    1. Yazhu

      Hey Tulasi dr…thanks for your lovely comment yaar…sure I’ll check out ur ff…a lot of ffs I’ve read as I’ve many in last three weeks…

      1. Yazhu

        I’ve missed many ffs in last three weeks…

  8. Very nice but is it a ishkara ff

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Radhika…it’s not Ishkara ff…it’s about all the pairs…if you read my notes you’ll understand the reason for much Ishkara scenes in this part…

  9. Yaashi

    Superb awesome… Do continue….

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Yaashi…

  10. Ishqkum

    Nice dr

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  11. Nice one

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  12. nice one yaar

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  13. Priyanka_22

    Awsum yazhu 🙂
    Loved ishkara part 🙂

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  14. Ohhh it’s very nice yazuuuu. I like mainly ishkara pls continue it…….all the best for uuuuu

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