Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 74

Pragya seeing Purab anxiously asked did he get any information about kiddos. He replied yes but it may not be that big enough to know where they are.

Abhi: Just tell whatever it is Purab.

Purab: Bulbul is missing and she sent a message to me that kiddos are safe.

Pragya: You mean she saved her? Did u called her back? How are they? Have they eaten? Call her now. I need to talk to kiddos!

Abhi holding onto her asked her to relax as he asked Purab to tell them clearly.

He explained making Pragya getting more worried.

Abhi: So that means it’s not confirmed that Bulbul had saved kiddos. She might be just there and looking for the right time to escape with them.

Pragya: Call her now and ask where is she Purab. We will go there immediately.

Abhi: Pragya….Calm down, if we call her then it might be not safe for her. What if it alert Suresh? So we have to just wait for her call or message.

Pragya looked even more disturbed. Seeing that Abhi asked her not to worry too much.

Abhi: Purab, Did u ask the police to track her location?

Purab: Yes I did and they will be informing me soon.

Abhi said ok and looked at Pragya who was closing her eyes and was praying that kiddos should be safe.

Meanwhile kiddos were getting bored by looking at Suresh who was keep on using phone. They decided to talk to him.

Prabhi: Bello!
Suresh looked up and saw them with a puzzled look.

Kiddos: Bello!!
Suresh coming in front of them sat on a chair.

Kiddos smiled and he still looked suspicious of their Bello to him.

Suresh: This is the second day u two are with me. Then why this hello now?

Kiddos had a twinkle in their eyes and they smiled widely at him.

Suresh: Are u trying to impress me?

Kiddos looked confused of the word impress. They never came across such a word before. It sounds good to hear.

Suresh: Anyways Hello too!
Kiddos again said Bello and were hesistant to ask him something.

Suresh: What else? Can I go now?
Kiddos: NO!No!
Suresh: What u all want now? Just tell me but I am damn sure I won’t understand your language.

Kiddos finally asked: Watie Nami?
Suresh was taken aback by their words.
Suresh: Do u all know Japanese? It sounds like Japanese!!! What the hell!!! Is he that smart to teach both of u Japanese? No way I think she teach u. Am I right?
Kiddos look shocked as they only ask a simple question but why is he telling so many things.

Suresh: Sorry but I don’t know Japanese. I wished I had learnt like you all from young.

Bulbul scratching her head thought why is he wishing for so many things? Just be happy with what u have!!! It’s so simple.

Kiddos said NO!No!

Suresh: I don’t have the need to lie to both of u. I really don’t know Japanese.

Kiddos gasped and discussed among themselves how to make him understand.

Prabhi initiated: Mai Nami Prabhoo.
Abhigya: Mai Nami Abhoo.

Suresh laughed loudly realizing they want him to introduce himself.

Kiddos frowned of thinking why is he laughing at their names.

Suresh: Cool! I was not laughing at your names. I was laughing at myself thinking that u too are speaking in Japanese.

Kiddos still frowned and he said Sorry which made them softened.

Bulbul’s mind voice: At least he have the courtesy to say sorry. I also forgive him for that. Anyways it’s his loss for not understanding my friends’ language. It’s the most happy language in the whole world. Don’t worry kiddos I understand both of u. Don’t feel bad for this man.

Kiddos then heard from him that his name is Suresh. They find it difficult to pronounce so they called him Sush. Suresh irked hearing his name to be Sush.

Kiddos smiled and continued calling him Sush and he walked out of the place as he knew he would lose his cool if he stayed longer hearing to the word Sush.

Bulbul silently laughed hearing his name to be Sush. She felt he deserved this name for laughing at kiddos.

Bulbul peaked out of the wardrobe and signalled to kiddos. They responded by saying Bubu…Bubu…

Bulbul: Ssssh….Sush might come. Kiddos agreed by nodding their head and winked at her by closing their eyes.

Kiddos chuckled when Bulbul winked back.

Bulbul: Oh God! That’s so loud.
She quickly hide herself as she was scared that he might be back hearing kiddos chuckle.

Suresh walked back in and stared at kiddos. Kiddos in return stared too.

Suresh: Enough of all this! If both of u continue by enjoying here then I will throw u on top of this house.

Kiddos whined loudly and Suresh was getting irritated seeing them.

Suresh: I am leaving. Cry until u all have no energy!!! I will be back only for dinner.

He said that and slammed the door before leaving.

Bulbul, What an idea!!! It means we can escape from here soon.

Meanwhile, Abhi and Pragya reached the place where kiddos are being kidnapped based on the details provided by police. Purab and police were also around there following them secretly.

If life is that easy then why do difficult things happen very easily?

Thank u everyone once again for reading. Actually this line refers to silent readers too. I always think like that and mention it as I don’t want to differentiate silent and non silent readers anymore as reading my updates itself is a very big boost for me and ya comments are extra boost to acknowledge reading it. So thank u everyone for reading again. Thank u!!!

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  1. Prathi

    Bello CS hp u fn. Just trying to speak like kiddos. They are awesome cutties <3

  2. Lopez

    nice dear

  3. Very nice uptade akka. The story seems to be interesting day by day. Loving abhoo and prabhoo. Lovely kiddos they are.

  4. The story seems to be interesting day by day. Loving abhoo and prabhoo. Lovely kiddos they are.

  5. Prabhigya

    epi is nice…. Bt being ur well wisher.. I didn’t feel previous epis upto potential.. introducing chunni was far well than kiddos kidnapping by Sush( I like it)…As Pragya is replaced by Munni in kkb…I I’m looking for her in ur ff…. and missing their chemistry, romance, nok jhok….. I’ll be delighted to read all those things I’m missing in kkb…

    It’s not to demoralize u.. it’s what all I wanted to say and convey..eagerly w8ing to see them all together.

  6. Superb n soooo cutee of kiddos loved it sissy updt soonnn keep rocking❤❤❤❤??????????????????

  7. Saranya24

    Bello sweety akka loved it so cute cute kidoos i love them i wish i could hve them choo chweet?????love u akka??????

  8. Reshma_Pradeep

    Awwwww! Its Soooooooo Cuteeeee!

  9. Nice didi lovely and kiddos sush was nice and kiddos & bulbul should escape fastly from there and waiting to see Abhigya’s romance, chemistry and lovely moments etc

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