Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 7

Pragya: Where did he go? How long I have been searching for him?

She was searching for him at every place at home by carrying Abhigya as she is keep on calling Puppa.

Pragya, He is back from one day meeting and never even come to meet us. This Abhigya is missing him and is torturing me by calling his name. As for the other one is sleeping for long hours as she never saw him yesterday!

Finally she found him, looking at Prabhi.

Pragya: You are here? Why u never come and meet us?
Abhi: I was playing with Prabhi!
Pragya: Huh? How is it possible?
She asked by looking at Prabhi sleeping.

Abhi: Why do u have to search me everywhere except for their playroom?
Pragya: You said you will be busy na, I went to the conference room and other rooms!
Abhi: You remembered my last time hiding under table ah?
Pragya with a smile: Why do u ask that?
Abhi: I saw u the first thing when u entered this room was looking at that table’s direction.

Pragya nodded her head sheepishly.

Abhi: Do u see how small is this table? How can I fit under that?
Pragya passing Abhigya to him: First u handle her! I didn’t expect she will miss u so much and chanting your name continuously!
Abhi carrying Abhigya: You mean my name?
Pragya: No Boss! Your favourite name Puppa!

She said that and ran away before he reacted by shouting at her.

Abhi: I will handle u later! Now it’s my time to handle this sweeto!

Abhigya squealed hearing the name sweeto & cheerfully said “ Puppa!”

Abhi shaking his head thinking of how to get rid of the name started to play with Abhigya.

Pragya walking down the stairs thought of the first time Abhi hide from her.


Pragya at the canteen was having her food when Abhi sat opposite to her.

Pragya gave a frustrated face thinking about his way of flirt with Mithra.

Abhi “ Why your face is like this?” Pragya “ Like what?” Abhi “ Like a mouse!” Pragya shrieked “ Mouse!!” Abhi “ Silence this is a library!” Pragya “ Excuse me Mr Abhi, this is a canteen!” Abhi “ Very smart!” Pragya scrunched her nose and he touched her nose and said “ Relax nosy!” Pragya touching her nose “ What are u doing?” Abhi “ Your nose got stressed!” Pragya folded her arms in anger. Abhi “ Have your food first! Later we have lots of work and need energy to work!” He reminded her.

Pragya continued eating and in between she stopped looking at him drinking lime juice.

Abhi “ You want?” Pragya shaking her head negatively “ No! No!” Abhi “ Then? Why are u looking like that?”

Pragya “ Do u know what Auntyji said that day?” Abhi “ I don’t know if you know then it’s good for you!” Pragya trying to remain calm, whispered “ She said we look like a couple!” Abhi came forward whispered “ Is this a matter to be whispered?” Pragya still whispered “ Isn’t it?” Abhi “ It is not even a matter, not a bad idea too. Nothing matters as long you are not interested in it.” Pragya widened her eyes in shock and asked “ Then u are saying I am interested in this that’s why I am asking u ah?” Abhi “ Should be…” Pragya firmly said “ It is a matter of nothing to me too!” She said by beating her spoon on the table.

Abhi smirked. Seeing that, Pragya frowned.

Abhi “Women are always like this they think too much for a small matter and ends up saying nothing matters by saying it as a small matter….”

Before Pragya could react, he ran away and she had to chase him.

Pragya, Idiot he is! How many times I have told him not to generalize women!!! Today I am not leaving him.

Pragya looks around for Abhi in his cabin but he is hiding from her.

Pragya “ You better come out now! How can you say nothing matters? It was a big matter as she was keep on nagging at me!!!” She said sternly.

Abhi, I should just crawl out from here and escape from her.

Just then he saw Mithra coming in and he stood up to welcome her making Pragya super annoyed.

Abhi introduced Pragya to Mithra,
Abhi “This is Pan Pragya, my colleague!” Pragya scrunching her nose “Huh? Pan Pragya?” Abhi scratching his head said “Tongue slip, Ms Pragya!” Mithra chuckled looking at Abhi.
Pragya “How can Miss have tongue slip to Pan? Tell me that first Mr Abhi!” Abhi “It happens, when mesmerizing Mithz is beside me.” Mithra looked shy and Pragya frowned at him.
Abhi “Oh Ms Pragya, I was just saying u indirectly as hot! You know when u cook, the frying pan becomes hot right, that much hot you are when u talk and the way u look!” By saying that he quickly bring Mithz out of the cabin before Pragya reacted further.

Pragya gasped as she saw Abhi walking beside Mithra and cracking some joke with her.

Pragya, Always flirting!

She turned back in anger when she heard the door opening sound.

Abhi “ Ms Pragya! Would u like to join with us?” He asked softly.

Pragya “ No!” Abhi “ You sure?” Pragya “ Yes!” Abhi “ Then come na…” Pragya turning back “ Huh?” Abhi “ You said Yes!” Pragya “ I said Yes I am sure that I am not coming!” Abhi “ No! You said yes to join with us!” Pragya scrunched her nose and he rushed towards her to press her nose when she covered her face with hands.

Abhi “Your nosy is stressed! Let me relax it!” Pragya said something but it was not clear to him as she is saying with her hands covering her mouth.

Abhi “I don’t know Japanese Pragya…” Pragya taking her hands away “ What??” Abhi got happy and pressed her nose immediately.

Pragya sniffed and Abhi just held her hands and pulled out of the cabin.

Pragya screeched “What are u doing? Leave me!” Abhi “You shouldn’t shout as if I am kidnapping you!” Pragya “ I am hungry and I need to continue my lunch!”

Abhi “ We are actually going out for lunch! Let’s go!”

Pragya calmed down hearing about having lunch and asked him to leave his hands as she would follow him too.

Abhi, Always get silenced when it’s about food….What a foodie she is with this petite figure!

He grinned thinking that and Pragya smiled lightly as she saw Mithra waiting for them

Pragya came back to senses when she heard crying sounds of Prabhi.

She rushed back to the playroom.

Abhi looked at her innocently as if showing a face he never did anything wrong.

Pragya carrying Prabhi cajoled and made Prabhi to sleep again.

Pragya looked at Abhi and Abhigya still playing with a ball when all the while she was handling Prabhi.

Pragya whispered: What is this Boss?
Abhi: I never do anything, we were playing and Prabhitha woke up.
Pragya: I know but why u never tried to calm Prabhi? And why are u calling her by full name?
Abhi: Don’t disturb us, we miss each other badly.
He said by pushing the ball lightly towards Abhigya.
Pragya: Prabhi also misses you!
Abhi: No she didn’t, when she woke up she got scared of me and cried making me scared too. Ask Abhigya if u want, she also got scared!
Abhigya was looking at their conversation and she crawled towards Abhi by pushing the ball to him.

Abhi: She is my daughter as she wants to play with me!!!
He said cheerfully and looked at Pragya for response.
Pragya: Oh god! Prabhi missed u badly too and she was keep on looking around for u last night.
Abhi: Really? Why she never call me Puppa then? Why she cried seeing me?
Pragya: For that u mistake her?
Abhi: What else can I think Boss?
Pragya: Oh Boss, I think I have to take a detailed lesson about our children’s characteristics to u!

Abhi hearing that gave a pout and she asked him to take care both of them as she have some work in the kitchen.

Abhi, How bad she is? I am back after a day but she is after some work in the kitchen!

Pragya thought, It’s so tough to handle 3 kids at home!

She cooked Abhi’s favourite dishes went back to the playroom where she saw both Prabhi and Abhigya playing with him.

She leaning against the door smiled at her 3 kids.

Abhi by chance glanced towards the door and saw Pragya smiling.

Abhi: You want to play with us?
Pragya: No! No!
Abhi: You sure?
Pragya: No!
She remembered the last time and now she replied as no.
Abhi: Then come na…let’s play as a family!
Pragya raised her eyebrow and stared at him.

Abhi: Kiddos! Call Mumma!
They understood his command and they were yelling “Mumma!”

Pragya: I will play with them but you go and have your lunch…
Abhi: How bad you are? Why u don’t want to play as a family?
He said angrily and looked away.

Pragya: Oh Boss, I cooked your favourite dishes! First eat that!

Abhi folding his arms denied having lunch and the kids looking at their parents were getting upset.

Pragya: Theek hai…I am playing with u all. But it should be a fast game as u need to eat the food before it becomes cold!

After their playtime,

Abhi and Pragya respectively carrying Abhigya and Prabhi went to the dining room.
Abhi: Where is Dadi and Dasi?
Pragya: Oh they went to temple for prayers…
Abhi: Leaving u alone?
Pragya: Not like that, actually they want me to come along too but I thought of being here when u are coming back.
Abhi: You should have gone at least they would have helped u manage our kids.
Pragya: Arrey Boss, first sit down and eat.
Abhi: Pass me Prabhi to me!
Pragya: Wait! We can make them sit on their baby chairs!
Abhi: Where is it? Let me take for you.
Pragya: I said u just sit down and wait for your food.
She said that and headed to take the baby chairs for the kids and Abhi shook his head for his stubborness.

Pragya: I made them sit beside u already, now keep an eye on them! Let me bring your food.
Abhi: Yes Boss!
He said in a high pitched tone.

Pragya came back and served the food to Abhi and he was eating it with some thoughts in mind.

Pragya: What are u thinking Boss? Is the food not nice?
She asked with worry.
Abhi: No yaar it’s delicious but I was thinking about Mithra…
Pragya: Mithra?
She asked with shock.
Abhi looked at the kids who were playing with their toys and then at Pragya.

Pragya: Why Boss? Is anything wrong?
Abhi: No…nothing…
Pragya: Tell me na…
Abhi: I feel I had become selfish Pragya…
Pragya: Why do u feel like that?
Abhi: I am with a happy family because of you….that’s why I knew you are the person for me but Mithra…
Pragya: What happened Abhi? Tell me properly!
Abhi: I know she is a independent person like you…
Pragya: That’s why she is living alone.
Abhi: Exactly! That’s what make me feel that I was selfish!
Pragya: What do u mean?
Abhi: She is living alone all this while not having her family support. Nobody is close to her Pragya, even her sister ignores her!
Pragya: Are u telling the truth Boss?
Abhi: Yes Pragya…Do u think I am the reason for all this?
Pragya: Boss, like u said if u are the reason then I am also the reason for it.
Abhi remained silent and Pragya came beside him and feed him the remaining food.

Looking at that the kids got hungry too, they started to whine.

Abhi looking at that: I guess our kids are jelalous of u feeding me!
He said with a light smile.
Pragya: Haan, it’s their lunch time too. But wait! I know how to stop them.
Abhi wondered what’s her technique.
She signalled to her kids something by not letting Abhi to see and the kids in response understood that and remained silent.

Abhi: What did u do? Eye magic ah?
Pragya: Secret Boss…You first eat….
She said that and continued to feed him.

Pragya: And Boss we are going to help Mithra…so please don’t worry.
Abhi nodded his head with a calm look hoping that Mithra would get fine.

Pragya: I am going to Uzbekistan.
Abhi: What? Why there?
Pragya: I said somewhere far from u na…
Abhi: Is it because Abhigya was saying Uzz uzz that day?
He asking in a teasing tone which made Pragya to stare at him furiously.

Thank u everyone for reading and will reply u all soon as I am updating this in my travel in bus. Thanks for the wishes too.

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