Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 68

At night, Abhi looked at Bulbul and Pragya who were standing near her room.

Abhi: I don’t have the heart to move away from my heart.

Purab: May I know why are u telling that to my heart?

Abhi sighed and said: What to do dude when my heart is so far away and I have to tell your heart so that my heart can hear it.

Bulbul turned behind to look at Pragya’s reaction. She was looking at kiddos instead of Abhi.

Kiddos were already asleep after exploring the surroundings and their mini dance with Abhi and the rest.

Pragya turned away and Abhi: Oye Chunni!

Pragya turned back and asked: What do u want?

Abhi: You! Do u need to ask that?
Pragya rolled her eyes and remained silent.
Abhi: Nothing much. Will u mind to be with kiddos for tonight? I mean they are already asleep and if I bring them they might get disturbed from their sleep.

Pragya: How can I? I mean….how is it possible?

Abhi: It’s okay then. I just have to manage kiddos once they are awake. They might not fall asleep again though.

Pragya: No…
Abhi: Yes they will be awake.
Pragya: No…they can stay here…..but only today….
Abhi smiled victoriously and looked at Purab. He gestured that they can leave now.

Pragya looked at sleeping kiddos and let a silent tear drop.

She quickly wiped it before Bulbul saw her.
Bulbul: I really don’t understand why u want to act!
Pragya shook her head and never said anything in response.

She went inside her room and brought a blanket and pillow for Bulbul.

Pragya: You sleep with them inside….
Bulbul: Me? No way! I might place my leg on kiddos. I have a habit of moving in sleep!!! I will also snore while sleeping!!!

Pragya looked helpless as Bulbul smiled inwardly.

Pragya: I will sleep with them today but only today. U can sleep here.

Bulbul smiled and took the blanket and pillow from her as she walked back slowly to the room.

She saw kiddos sleeping on the cot peacefully. She sat down and looked at them.

Pragya, How peaceful both of u look….Did u all miss Mumma a lot? Mumma is naughty na for ignoring both of u. Sorry kiddos….I never want to be away from both of u. Mumma always think about you. Even just now when both of u dance do u know how happy I was? I felt like praising both of u by hugging you but I couldn’t kiddos….Then when both of u were amazed by seeing chicks. Kuppis! I felt like helping both of u to get closer to them but I couldn’t kiddos. Please forgive Mumma for not seeing u properly…..I have to this for your Puppa…..

She thought all that while kiddos moved in sleep murmuring Mumma…..

Pragya had tears in her eyes as they said that and caressed their head. She slowly drifted to sleep saying sorry to them silently in her thoughts.

The next day,

Kiddos got awake and saw their Mumma sleeping beside them. They couldn’t believe their eyes that Mumma is sleeping beside them!!!

Prabhi: Mumma!! Mumma!!!
Abhigya also exclaimed together with her sister.

Pragya in sleep: Don’t call me Mumma! Call me Jumma! Do u all know Jumma Jumma song?
Kiddos shook their head as no. Pragya frowned as they don’t know the famous song.

Kiddos touched her face and tried to get rid of her frowning. Pragya then smiled seeing them. Kiddos chuckled when Pragya caught their hands and tickled their stomach.

Abhi: Kiddos!!! Open your eyes!!! Why u two are laughing like this??

Kiddos laughed until their faces became red.
Pragya seeing this from a distance wondered what dream that kiddos had that made them so happy.

Abhi: Oh no! How to wake u all up from dream? If she was here then she would know but now she is chunni now. How will she help me??

Pragya heard him saying that and she dropped one of the vessel that made kiddos be out of their sleep.

Kiddos looked blur. They couldn’t comprehend what happened that Pragya disappeared.

Abhi made them sit down and asked: What u two were dreaming until laughing so much?

Kiddos were still looking puzzled and blinked their eyes many times.

Abhi: Still in dreamy world ah?

Kiddos looked around for Pragya. Pragya came near the door and looked at them.

Kiddos: Jumma! Jumma!!
Abhi: Jumma! Jumma??
Kiddos were looking at Pragya direction and saying Jumma.

Abhi turned back to see and saw Pragya standing with a vessel.

Abhi: She is Jumma to both of u?
Kiddos talked a lot trying to explain their dream.

Abhi listening to all that said: Okok! So she is Jumma now??

He asked pointing at Pragya.

Kiddos nodded their head as yes which irked Pragya.

Abhi: Not bad kiddos…I thought u two were unfair to me by calling me Puppa. But now it’s not fair when she is Jumma!!!

He said as Pragya turned away fidgeting her hands.

Abhi smirked thinking of their new name to her as Pragya walked away in anger.

It was a hard time for Abhi to bath kiddos alone and feed them.without the help or supervision of Pragya. Now he understood how much Pragya had managed kiddos well. She had literally took care of them with utmost care and concern.

Finally after making kiddos settle down he looked at Purab and Bulbul who were talking in silent language through their eyes.

Abhi thought, This is how we used to be but now u see she is not even looking at me. Where is she now?

He thought that by scanning around the place and saw Pragya going out of the house from the backyard.

Abhi, Where is she going???

He wondered as kiddos were already pointing at their shoes to go out.

Abhi quickly made them wear their shoes and the trio left to follow her.

Abhi whispered: Kiddos! U two ok walking right?

Kiddos: ya!ya!

Abhi: Ok! Then walk in front of me.

He made them walk in front and they were walking carefully to see Pragya. Abhi Crawled as he find it easier to communicate with kiddos being in their height.

Kiddos find Abhi cute as he travelled with them this way. They did said cute Puppa to him to which he smiled.

Soon they saw Pragya hiding behind a tree and talking to someone. Kiddos meanwhile were fantasizing about the coconut trees there. They were imagining to reach on top of it with their Bobbies.

Abhi: Kiddos!!! Bend down!! Mumma can see us!!!

Kiddos were daydreaming now of flying from the top of coconut trees. Abhi had a hard time to grab their attention.

He came in front of them and understood they are daydreaming.

Abhi want to see who was Pragya talking to so he stood up and walked quickly to see as kiddos were still standing there immersed in their own world.

Kiddos lost!

Thank u everyone for reading. I know its getting boring. So sorry. Just bear with it n i will try to speed up the story.

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