Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 6

Abhi was trying to sleep on bed by tossing here and there but he couldn’t and was feeling restless.

Pragya’s sleep was disturbed by his movements.

Pragya: What are you doing Boss?
Abhi: I can’t sleep yaar.
Pragya: Why Boss?
Abhi hugged her and told: You said I am Villain na, from then it’s disturbing my heart.

Pragya trying not to laugh said: That means Boss is feeling bad for his deeds.
Abhi: How can u say like that? You think I did it purposely?
Pragya: No..
Abhi: What should I do now Boss?
Pragya: to Purab first. I will talk to the new staff.
Abhi: Apologise to him right?
Pragya in a stern tone: Yes obviously.
Abhi: Then?
Pragya: I will talk to both of them on your behalf too.
Abhi smiled and kissed her.
Pragya: For this kiss ah?
Abhi: Wish to give you more too.
Pragya: Why?
Abhi: As you are my Boss!
He said by wrapping her as closely towards him and doze off to sleep.

The next day,
Abhi apologised to Purab and he too graciously accepted his apology. But still he was upset that new staff is not talking to him.
As for Pragya she met new staff who was typing something in her laptop.

Pragya: Are you done with your work?
New staff: Mam…you are here?
She asked by standing up.
Pragya gestured her to sit down and she sat in front of her by taking a chair.

She looked around and signalled to another staff to leave.

New staff: I am very sorry  Mam.
Pragya smiled and said: I didn’t came here to expect a sorry from u.  
New staff looked puzzled.
Pragya: Boss is always like that, he gets tensed for small issues.
New staff: But he is right na…who would listen to stories during working hours?
Pragya sighed and said: Just let it go. He is feeling bad about scolding both of you too.
New staff: Really?
Pragya: Yes dear, that’s why I am here!

New staff: Oh…
Pragya: Get back to work with no worries! Ok? Your job is absolutely safe!
New staff smiled widely and thanked her.
Pragya was about to stand when New staff was about to ask something but she contemplated in asking Pragya.

Pragya: You want to ask me something?
New staff hesitated: The story….I…
Pragya grinned and asked: From which part u want to know?
New staff: You are ok to share with me? What will Boss tell?
Pragya: What does he have to tell? I am his Boss! You just tell me which part u want to know.
She said casually.

New staff: When you two went to Uncle’s house. From there….
She asked nervously.
Pragya: Oh god! I was so pissed off going there! I ended up being like a spectator!
New staff: Why is that so?

Pragya shaking her head told how Abhi irritated her:

Abhi manage to get the documents from Mithra but he never called Pragya down at all. He was keep on flirting with Mithra.

Unable to stand Auntyji’s pestering of asking her to marry soon, Pragya somehow managed to escape from the room and saw Abhi giving Mithra a basket filled with chocolates and flowers.

She too with shyness took them and was about to leave the house when he called her back and said “ Always wear that Smile that is like Nile river…”

Pragya seeing all this couldn’t believe he was flirting with her all this while.

Abhi came upstairs and saw Pragya staring at him.

Abhi stood beside her and saw Mithra leaving the house.

Pragya “ You got the documents?”

Abhi “ Obviously! It’s on the table there!”

Pragya asked “ Did you check them?”
Abhi “ I trust Mithz!” He said by turning to look at Mithra leaving.

Pragya “One more time you try to flirt with her then I will complain to Uncle!”

Abhi “Sometime back I heard someone saying, the person feels like complaining to Uncle means it’s what school kids do!” He said by looking at Mithra who was leaving and turning back to look at him.

Pragya gasped and shook her head of his behaviour. Abhi “As I said before Beauty not admired is a sin!” Pragya “Whatever!” She said sarcastically. Abhi “Are you feeling jealous of her beauty?” Pragya sighed and said “Me? Jealous?” Abhi “If not why are you trying to stop me?” Pragya “Listen Mr Abhi! I have better things to do in my life!” She said that sternly and walked down the stairs and turning to look at him. Abhi winked at her and she gave a disgusted look.

Abhi “Liar! All women feel jealous when they are not admired!” Pragya walked back to him “I told you many times not to talk about women in this way!” Abhi coming close to her “Then tell me how should I talk about women?” He said by holding her waist.

Pragya looked flustered of his action and she couldn’t speak. Abhi “Women easily get lost in my touches too..” He said by touching her exposed back. Pragya pushed him away and ran down the stairs.

Abhi laughed loudly as she ran away. Abhi “She is beautiful when running away from me!”

New staff interrupted: Was Mithra that beautiful?

Pragya remained silent and reacted as if she remembered that she had some important work to do.

She left the place hurriedly and new staff found it weird.

New staff: This Mithra sounds friendly and more lovely than my sister, Mithra.

Days passed and the bonding between Pragya and new staff increased.

Abhi called Pragya to the cabin and she wondering why he is calling went inside.

Abhi: Lock the door.
Pragya: What Boss? I need to do my work urgently.

She said impatiently by locking the door.

Abhi demanded: Come here!
He was sitting on the table and looked at her seriously.

Pragya came closer to him and he pulled her towards him locking her in between his legs.

Pragya impatiently: Boss! Make it faster!
Abhi: Arrey, why are you keep on rushing?
Pragya: I need to help her….
Abhi: New staff?
Pragya: Yes Boss, how did u know?
She asked doubtfully.
Abhi: Nowadays you are busy helping her only…
He said sadly.

Pragya: Boss is sad ah?
Abhi: Haan you used to come here often but now u are always behind her.
He said by looking down.
Pragya lifting his chin up: Oh Boss, you still see me at home!
Abhi:  What’s the use? At home you are mostly behind Abhigya and Prabhi.
Pragya looking at his eyes: You miss me?
Abhi nodded his head.

Pragya chuckled at his worries.

Abhi: I am serious!
Pragya: So what u want me to do now?
Abhi: Just stay here until our work ends!
Pragya: Boss! You have lots of work! I also have to supervise on the staff.

Abhi: Leave all that…
He said by hugging her.

Pragya: Boss! You are being funny nowadays.
Abhi breaking the hug: Funny?
Pragya: Ya if not why do you have this kind of worries?
Abhi tickled her stomach making her giggle.
Pragya: Arrey…stop it! What if anyone hears?
Abhi: Then tell me you will spent more time with me!
Pragya: Acha baba, I will!
Abhi stopped tickling her and she smiled at him.

Abhi: I want to ask you something…
Pragya: What Boss?
She asked by placing her hands on his shoulder.

Abhi: Don’t be very attached with the new staff.
Pragya: Why? Is it because she is Mithra’s sister?
Abhi: Yes Pragya….if she gets to know that you are close with her sister, things may not turn out well.
Pragya hearing that worried by looking down.

Abhi soothingly: Pragya….
Abhi hugging her and said: How long will you feel for what had happened?
Pragya: Don’t you feel I am the reason for…
She said and was unable to complete her sentence.
Abhi: Chup! If you are the reason then I am also the reason for it.
Pragya: Leave all this, I feel like seeing Mithra again.

Abhi: Meet her if you want to but after that don’t get remorseful!
Pragya: I won’t!
Abhi: I will pass you her number.
Pragya: You still have her number?
She asked with mixed emotions.
Abhi: Oh Pragya, I told you that day I saw her and that’s when she passed me her number.

Pragya: Oh…
She said by thinking something.
Abhi kissed her cheeks making her look at him with a pout.
Abhi making a serious face: If you keep on think then I will eat you now!
Pragya shook her head and tried to move quickly.

Abhi: Relax! I won’t do anything!
Pragya: Boss…you won’t let go of me na…
She asked yearningly.

Abhi: Oh my goodness! Can’t u see I am still holding onto you firmly?
Pragya blushed and looked away.

Abhi slowly loosening his grip and patting her back: Ok get back to work!
Pragya looked upset of his words.

Abhi sternly: I said get back to work Pragya!
He said by walking away to unlock the door.

Pragya: That’s all?
Abhi: Haan
He said by shrugging his shoulder making Pragya upset.

Pragya walked towards the door and before leaving said like a child: I expected more…

Abhi smirked and said: Just remembered that I have a meeting later!

Pragya: Bye Boss…

Abhi whispered: Keep your expectations, I will fulfill them in our room!

Pragya smiled widely and walked away from him by turning back frequently to look at him.

A few days later,

Pragya called Mithra to meet her.

She too came and both met at a coffee shop.

Mithra sat opposite to Pragya. After a moment of silence, Mithra with a smile started to speak.  

Mithra: Your man is only yours.
Pragya: I know…
Mithra: But my sister can’t be yours…
Pragya: You know that she works for us?
Mithra nodded her head taking a sip of coffee.
Mithra: As a sister, I do keep track on what she is doing. But please don’t get attached to her.

Pragya convincingly: We didn’t do anything like you are thinking…
Mithra: At least leave her Pragya…she can’t stand heart breaks like me…
Pragya: He didn’t mean to break your heart Mithra..
Mithra: I know…but my heart is broken completely making both your hearts to be one.

She said that and walked away with tears making Pragya worried.

Pragya coming back to their room saw Abhi playing with the kids.

He realized she was acting awkward by not talking to them and moving to the closet first.
Abhi passed the kids to Dadi and Dasi to take care and he was waiting outside the closet for her.

Pragya coming out in a comfortable wear looked at him surprised.

Pragya: Where are they?
Abhi: You don’t care about me!
He said and frowned at her.
Pragya shook her head and was about to leave the room when he pulled her back.

Pragya shrieked: What are you doing? I want to see them!
Abhi: They are with Dadi and Dasi.
Pragya: So that means I can’t see them?
Abhi closed the door by kicking it with his leg.
Pragya looked annoyed.
Abhi: I didn’t say so.
Pragya: Then let me go na Boss.
Abhi: I don’t want u see our kids with this small face!
Pragya: Small face?
Abhi: Haan when u are sad it becomes small!
He said by caressing her face.

Pragya: Stop it Abhi! I want to see them!
Abhi: First tell me what did she say?
Pragya: Who are u refering to?
Abhi: Don’t try to cover up, I know you met Mithra today.

Pragya in a low tone: You know?
Abhi: Ya if not what makes you not to look at me when u entered the room!
Pragya moved away and sat on the bed.

Abhi sat beside her and asked: What did she tell?

Pragya told everything and looked at her lap worriedly.   

Abhi : She told like that?
Pragya nodded her head.
Abhi: Do you think we should help her?
Pragya looking worried: Yes Boss….but how?
Abhi: She don’t like me helping her after whatever happened.
Pragya: You understand her very well.
Abhi: Pragya…I told you many times she is just my friend!
Pragya in a low tone: I know…
Abhi holding her shoulder firmly: What you know? Always being like this as if you are losing me!
Pragya looked at him yearningly and fainted in his grip making him call Dadi loudly.

A while later,

She was awake and looked at Abhigya and Prabhi looking at her and were squealing
“ Mumma!”.

Abhi: Glad that you’re awake now!
He said by passing the kids to her who were on his lap all this while.

Pragya: Oye Boss! I am just conscious and u are passing them back to me now?
Abhi: Who ask u not to eat on time?
He said sarcastically by taking a tray from the side table.

Abhi asked her to hold on to the kids as they were crying after seeing you sleeping.

Pragya: My kiddos cried?
She asked sadly looking at them.
Abhi feeding her: Ya! You always sleep after them! For the first time they saw u sleeping and got worried!
Pragya: Oh my kiddos! You two are so concerned about me.
She said by hugging them both and they were cuddling on her.

Abhi giving her the next spoon of food forcefully: Are you a small kid like them? Like you want someone to feed u?

Pragya taking the food looked down and their kids hearing that got angry.

Both started to yell Puppa loudly making Abhi and Pragya shocked.

Pragya said softly: They are angry with you..
Abhi: Haan they are your side right, always shouting at me.

He said by staring at her and Pragya managed to calm down her kids.

Pragya pitifully: Sorry Boss..
Abhi: First make them sleep! I even tried to play Daler Mehndi hits for them, but no use!
Pragya smiled but he didn’t respond. Abhi just turned away.

After making them sleep she came beside Abhi.

Abhi moved away in anger.

Pragya held his hand but he frowned at her.

Pragya: Boss, I am sorry na…
Abhi: You know I was scared?
Pragya: I know…
Abhi: What you know? If u know u wouldn’t be so careless!
Pragya: I am so so sorry…
She said by leaning on his shoulder.

Abhi: For a moment, I thought u got pregnant again!!! I was so scared!!!
Pragya shrieked: What?? How can u think like that??
Abhi covered her mouth signalling that the kids are sleeping.
Pragya: Wait, if I am pregnant why are u scared? U should be happy right?

Abhi held her hands and bring her to the balcony not wanting to disturb the sleep of their kids.

Abhi looked at her and smiled.
Pragya: Answer me! Why were u scared?
Abhi: I can’t bear your mood swings again! It will make me swing from office to home insanely!

Pragya got irritated and looked away.

Abhi hugging her from back: I like the route to pregnancy but not your pregnancy. I need time to prepare mentally for that!

Pragya: Unbelievable!
Abhi: Why Boss?
Pragya: Nevermind! Let’s go in!
Abhi: Hey Boss, you can’t be this much angry as it makes me hungry for you too.

Pragya blushed hearing that but hide her emotions by saying: Just be hungry forever! But I won’t satisfy your hunger!

Abhi: Acha…Pragya babe won’t satisfy my hunger.

He said by nuzzling her neck.

Pragya was protesting to move but was keep on smiling inwardly.

Abhi: No sounds?
Pragya: Boss…It’s getting late..
Abhi seductively asked: For what?
Pragya: To sleep!
Abhi making her face him: Abhi babu don’t want to sleep….

Pragya looked away blushing and he smiled widely saying: Keep blushing like this, but I won’t let you sleep tomorrow!

Pragya: Why tomorrow?
Abhi: It’s not like u are thinking, I am going for business meeting tomorrow. I wanted to inform u that earlier but before that u fainted and made me scared.

Pragya: What meeting is that?
Abhi: You forgot that? U are the one who arrange for it!
Pragya looked confused trying to remember.
Abhi: You are tired now na…that’s why u have forgotten it.
Pragya: Oh…
Abhi: I will miss you Boss..
Pragya: Me too…
Abhi: Ok let’s go in and sleep.

Pragya: Boss, sorry again…
Abhi: It’s alright but do take care of yourself as you very well know that three lives are in your life.
Pragya hugged him and he kissed her forehead trying not to cry.

Pragya: If you want to cry then u should try Boss!
Abhi: But you don’t like me to cry!
Pragya: Yes Boss!
She said by kissing his cheeks and he signalled for a kiss on his lips.

Pragya: Boss! If I kiss u there then u will have a rush of feelings which is uncomfortable to u!
Abhi: It’s okay…I can control it.
Pragya shook her head and said: I don’t believe you!

Abhi thought enough of talking and suddenly kissed her lips passionately.

Pragya looked stunned as he moved away to look at her.

Abhi carried her to the room before she could react and laid her on the bed.

Pragya: You are very bad!
Abhi: Sleep! If u talk more then I can’t sleep.
Pragya closed her eyes turning away from him to sleep.

He grinned at her cuteness and dozed off to sleep.


Pragya looks around for Abhi but he is hiding from her under the table.

Pragya “ You better come out now! How can you say nothing matters?” She said sternly.
Abhi, I should just crawl out from here and escape from her. I can’t bear to hear her women empowerment speech!

Just then he saw Mithra coming in and he stood up to welcome her making Pragya super annoyed.

Abhi introduced Pragya to Mithra,
Abhi “This is Pan Pragya, my colleague!” Pragya scrunching her nose “Huh? Pan Pragya?” Abhi scratching his head said “Tongue slip, Ms Pragya!” Mithra chuckled looking at Abhi.
Pragya “How can Miss have tongue slip to Pan? Tell me that first Mr Abhi!” Abhi “It happens, when mesmering Mithz is beside me.” Mithra looked shy and Pragya frowned at him.
Abhi “Oh Ms Pragya, I was just saying u indirectly as hot! You know when u cook, the frying pan becomes hot right, that much hot you are when u talk and the way u look!” By saying that he quickly bring Mithz out of the cabin before Pragya reacted further.

Thank you everyone for reading.

I think I didn’t reply to Asmithaa in the last update, so thank u CA for finding it superb.
Precap is long as I won’t be back until Monday!
Hope u all like this update too!

Good Friday to all Christian friends and Happy Easter too!
As for all those celebrating different events, May this day bring happiness and prosperity too.

See you all on Monday!

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