Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 59

Pragya: Who give u this?
Prabhi looked at Abhigya as Pragya’s voice was stern.

Abhigya smiled at Pragya.
Pragya: Who gave u this?
She asked Abhigya. Abhigya looked up.

Pragya too looked up and was not able to understand anything.

By then Abhi came by and asked : What’s up girls?
Pragya :Look at this Boss! How did this even came here!!!!

Abhi :You would have bought that! What’s this stupid question!

Pragya :Excuse me! Look at it closely it’s my old baby dress! How can I buy this now!!!

Abhi :Oh that baby dress where your Ma kept it for our kids right?
Pragya nodded her head as Abhi :Maybe she had sent it to us!

Pragya gave a deadly stare towards him as he looked at kiddos.

Abhi : Kiiiiiiddddossss!

Kiddos looked at him surprised after hearing his voice.

Abhi : Kiddos! We don’t want this old dress! I will buy for u a brand new one! Puppa promise!

Kiddos blinked their eyes as Pragya continued to look at him.

Abhi: You see Mrs Pragya Mehra, I don’t have the need to dig out your past belongings and pass it to kiddos!

Pragya: Then how did this came here??

Abhi: I don’t know! Anyways kiddos and I are going for swimming! Bye! Bye!

He said by bringing excited kiddos away from there. Meanwhile, Pragya holding onto her old dress looked clueless.

Pragya coming back to senses: Swimming!! Boss! You can’t do that to them without me!

She said and run behind them.

Kiddos had a fun time of splashing water on each other when they looked Pragya murmuring something to herself. They realized Abhi is missing again.

Pragya looked at kiddos and asked: Is this the time to play kiddos?
Kiddos chuckled in response which was irritating to Pragya.

Pragya let a deep sigh and asked: Why kiddos? Why is he like this? Why did he leave u all in the bathtub and went out?

Kiddos looked confused and simply replied as ya!ya!

Pragya: What’s the point of ya!ya! now? He is definitely up to something if not how did my old dress came here!

Kiddos never see their Mumma complaining like this. This sounded bad compared to the last time when she was telling something to them.

Kiddos: Fiya! Fiya!
Pragya: How would Fiya help now? He is just irritated of it if not scared to do that.
Kiddos keep on cheered Fiya and Pragya got an idea.

Pragya: Kiddos! You two are right! Thank u so much! I will do this!

Kiddos were happy as finally their Mumma was happy and hugged them.

Pragya: Oh god! I never realize u two are wet!

Kiddos looked with a puppy like face and raised their arms for a hug again.

Pragya: You know kiddos, u two are smart like me!

Kiddos felt even more contented hearing how happy Pragya was. As usual the hug from their Mumma is the best gift to them.

Abhi along the corridor was walking to and fro.

Abhi, I am damn sure Pragya won’t agree for this but I need to do this! I have to prove that I am the best!!!

He thought to himself as he heard kiddos talking.

Abhi, Kiddos! I only believe both of u in this situation. Without both of u I can’t prove myself. I hope I can make u all understand this….

He looked worried as he was thinking something.

As this happened, Bulbul had came down to Purab’s house all of a sudden.

Purab: You are here?
Bulbul: Why not? Now I am your girlfriend so have to visit your house to check on u!
Purab: But at night is something unexpected. He said as he moved aside for her to come in.

Bulbul: Radha ma had gone to her hometown and I just thought of utilizing this time to listen more of your story telling.

Purab: Acha….Only storytelling?
He asked holding her hand.

Bulbul: Yes only that and beyond that is something u don’t like to do right? Like even a kiss is only after marriage!

Purab smirked as he let go off her hand and collapsed onto the sofa.

Bulbul: There u see! U never even try to be close to me!
Purab: My dear new staff, you are a really a new staff to relations too!
Bulbul: What do u mean? I had seen relationships before! All of them would kiss and hug each other to express love!
Purab: Well, it’s an insecure feeling.
Bulbul: Are u serious? It’s the most lovable feeling when your loved one kiss and hug u!
Purab: Sit down and listen!
Bulbul was about to say something but he said please sit down and she couldn’t say no as he looked very cute at thay time.

Purab: Alright, to start with this kisses and hugs are just to show how much u want the person close to u. It’s more of being insecure of whether your partner will leave you and move far from u. The closeness they give to each other constantly reminds them the need to be close together and make sure they love each other.

Bulbul: Isn’t it good? I mean it makes sure love is there between two people!

Purab: Not really….why do u even have to make sure love is between two people just through mere touches! When u are loving someone, it’s not about your actions that should speak. It’s about your reactions to each other. It’s about how well u understand each other.

Bulbul looked amazed of his words and had her mouth wide open.

Purab: Close the dam Darling!

Bulbul: Dam?
Purab: Your mouth yaar!
He said by chuckling.
Bulbul smiled and said: Okay….I agree with whatever u said. I mean it is the way love should be but…..
She looked apprehensive of how to tell him.

Purab: My dear darling, you will still get hugs and kisses from me. And I do want them from you too! Hope I had understood what u want to tell me.

Bulbul nodded her head as yes and he asked: Coffee?

Bulbul: No! Start the story as I am curious to know whether Boss bring Pragya for a date!!!

Purab: Date??? Not at all!
Bulbul made sulky faces of being upset that it was not a date outing between Abhi and Pragya.

Purab: No worries dear, Pragya got impressed with Abhi’s action. Her reaction was something that made Abhi to be more and more determined to get her.

Bulbul got excited and sit close to Purab.

Bulbul: Faster tell! I want to know!!

Purab smiled and continued his narration.

Previously Abhi asks Pragya whether she is free on Friday night. She said and yes and he asked her to see him at the mandhir she always goes on Sunday mornings.

Pragya was surprised hearing him to meet her there as she knows he doesn’t belief in God. But why mandhir she was also not sure.

Abhi saw her coming in as he was sitting near the steps.

Pragya “ May I know why here?” Abhi simply grinned and gestured her to see at a direction.

Pragya looked clueless and asked him “Who are they?” Abhi “ The children u felt who got separated as u never marry their father.” Pragya tried to focus her vision as he said “ Pragya, they never got adopted by different families….” Pragya “ How can it be possible? I heard Ma saying they were separated….” Abhi “ Haan but it was for a brief period of time. After being unable to stay away from each other both requested their adopted parents to make them stay together. And now both families are living in the same house.” Pragya “ Are u telling the truth? Or are u telling this for my sake?” Abhi “ Why would I lie? Come here with me!” He said by holding her hand and bringing inside the mandir.

A person there signalled to Abhi and they went near them. After what he had explained Pragya was in tears and moved away from there.

Abhi excused himself from the person and went behind Pragya.

Pragya was standing lonely near the pond.

Abhi “ Pragya….” Pragya wiping her tears asked “ Why do u have to do all this?” Abhi “ What is the all this?” He asked giving a mischievous smile.
Pragya “ I mean convincing the parents to stay together like siblings in front of the children?” Abhi “ Err…no it’s actually the kids who asked them and …..” Pragya “ Please, I know u did this….from the way u and him looking at each other to make me feel better, I knew that u made this effort!” Abhi felt no point in lying to her further. Abhi “ Ya I did it ….but it’s all for your happiness….” Pragya “My happiness?”
Abhi “Yes….” Pragya “ But why??” Abhi “I see sun and moon in your eyes that makes my day and night by seeing you…..I feel your happiness is what makes u and what makes u is what makes my days as I always like to see you…..So this is a very small part that I can do to see your happiness….”

Hearing that Pragya looked at him back without blinking her eyes. Pragya “ I feel whatever you say is far fetched and it’s not easy as u are thinking.” Abhi smirked as Pragya caught him seeing someone. Pragya “ Why are u looking somewhere? Who is there?” Abhi “ Nothing! But tell me one thing Pragya, why are u thinking it is far fetched. I was just telling what I feel with u. It doesn’t mean what u are thinking right?” Pragya “ Mr Abhi, whatever u do nowadays clearly shows it’s love!” Abhi “ Haan why not? Friends also help out each other out of love for each other too!”

Pragya murmured “ Friendship is the most easiest excuse u can think of to cover up…”
Abhi “ What did u say?” Pragya shaking her head “ Nothing, ok friend if u want to do anything for me out of your friendly love, then I am fine with it!” Abhi “ I told that for an example but it can be beyond friendly love too!” Pragya looked away and said “ Thank you for what u had done. It’s getting late and I need to leave!” Abhi “ To tell the truth u are still holding onto your emotions. I tried to reduce your guilt feeling and realize happiness after today but……” Pragya feeling that he is getting upset said “ You did help me to feel better in terms of my guilt feeling. You did made me feel happy!” Abhi “ I know but I expected more from u….”

He said and walked away from there feeling quite disappointed.

Bulbul: That’s so sad!!! Why didn’t she hug and thank him!!! I bet he was expecting for a hug! But why is she so stingy!!!

Purab: Relax! She was holding onto her feelings but she did want to hug him and say that she loves him a lot.

Bulbul: Then why she never tell? What’s the problem now when Boss had solved her guilt feelings and he is showing that her happiness is his!!!

Purab: Maybe she is like me….

Bulbul: What??? Ya right, P letter name people are causing pain to others!

Purab: You can’t generalize that way!

Bulbul: What happen next? Did she like run back and hug him???

Purab: Why are u taking diversion?

Bulbul: Oye P! Just tell me what happened next!!! If not I will say u are PP!

Purab: PP??

Bulbul: Pain Purab!!

Purab: So childish! Anyways I will tell u the precap!

Bulbul: No tell me full episode na….

Purab: It’s getting late and u need to leave!

Bulbul made sulky faces to which he laughed.

Purab after composing himself said: Precap is Pragya accompanying Mithra for the bride seeing ceremony.

Hearing that Bulbul realizes now there will be more about her sister coming up in the story.

Kiddos look tensed as they are trying to learn something from Abhi.

Thank u everyone for reading. Sorry for the very late update. Was caught up in many tests. All done badly which is another sad thing due to health reasons. Then I thought after tests I would be able to post but then assignments came up then projects and the cycle is going on……So I am thinking of either ending this soon if not giving short updates on a daily basis. But my short will be very short. It will be either present situation of abhigya with kiddos or rabul if not flashback. Are u all ok with it? If not I shall try to give long updates (will be irregular) and try to end it soon as possible as I don’t want u all to waste all your precious time too. I am sorry again for late update. Oh Mokshi sis, I am fine but not fine again ( I think this is my regular dialogue now) and drishti (sorry and hope this update was soon to u sis). Thank u all for reading again! And sorry again. Actually I understand most of u all are busy so it’s ok if u all can’t tell about the long or short update thing.I guess I have roughly made my mind but I am asking this for a suggestion from u all.

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