Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 5

This episode is dedicated to Guess me who is currently feeling sad as I never made a guess until now! This episode is also dedicated to all those who are reading this Shots with patience.

Shooting back to Shots:

Abhi and Pragya going back to home together in their car.

Pragya: Shall I tell you something?
Abhi: What Boss?
He asked by placing his hand on her lap.  
Pragya with a smile: You had become a villain!
Abhi in disbelief: What? Are you like teasing me?
Pragya: No Boss…I will tell you something then you yourself will know that you had become a villain.

She said in a serious tone making him slightly worried.

Pragya trying to hide her smile and  explained everything.

He was keep on looking at her in shock.

Pragya: Boss! Come back here! We have reached home.

She said by stopping the car and he looked around.

Abhi: I will go to room first, you park the car.
Pragya cheerfully: Yes Boss!
Abhi walked cluelessly and Pragya after a while came to the room.

Pragya: You never change?
Abhi: Did you tell the truth just now?
Pragya: Yes I did!

He walked to and fro in confusion as Pragya saw some of her children’s’ clothes messed up on the bed.

Abhi in shock: He loves her?
Pragya folding the clothes: Haan Boss!
Abhi: Why u never tell me earlier?
Pragya: Before that you vent out your anger on them!
Abhi: You mean I stopped a love story from blossoming?
Pragya: Haan! How many times I have to say that you are the villain for their love story even before it beginned?
Abhi: Me? Villain?
He asked with disbelief looking at the mirror.
Pragya coming near him: Actually u can’t even be a comedian but circumstances made u a villain.
She said that and chuckled making Abhi irritated.  

Abhi: Don’t say like that Pragya! You see how handsome I am looking like a Hero? How can I be a villain!!
Pragya: Excuse me Boss, nowadays Villains are more handsome than Heros!
Abhi stared at Pragya for her joke.

Pragya: Okok still it is not late though.
Abhi: How can I go and tell him to continue his storytelling about my love story? It sounds so odd.
Pragya: Right! It’s like you are asking him to publicize your story na…
Abhi: Yes and at the same time how can I tell her to listen to my love story? Which Boss will say like that?
Pragya: That’s also right. No Boss will want their staff to be interested about their personal life.

Abhi: Then how Pragya?
Pragya: You know what? I even dreamt of them as slaves in front of you and singing Hamari Adhuri Kahaani song in front of you..
Abhi jerked and asked: Why that song?

Pragya making him sit on the couch said: It’s like this…as in you are the king aka Boss and you built a wall in between the slaves cum lovers to separate them and they are singing that song sadly.
Abhi: Huh? When did you even dream this?
Pragya: A very short dream na so I can’t remember it when I dreamt!

She said as she was walking out of the room with a playful smile.

Abhi: I can’t believe you would dream of me in this way…
Pragya smiled inwardly hearing that and that’s when she saw her children coming in pram by Dadi and Dasi.

Pragya: Oh my kiddos! How are you two?
Both squealed in happiness and Dadi passed her the duty to take care of them as they are tired.

Pragya pushing one of the pram called Abhi for help and he too came and helped her.

Abhi: Now I need to take care of them?
Pragya: Wow Boss! How did you understand even without my commands? I am very impressed!
Abhi smirked and said: You are taking your chasma away from that I know.

Pragya smiled and said: Yes I want to bath first. You just keep on talk to me so that they can hear my voice. They only get mad if they never hear their Mumma’s voice. Isn’t that so my kiddos?

She asked by looking at her children who were sitting with their toys on the bed.

Both said something in response which Abhi couldn’t understand for sure.

Abhi: What did they say?
Pragya: They said we are twinkle twins and we will miss Mumma if she is not around.
Abhi: They say that?
He asked by looking at his kids who were busy investigating the pillows.
Pragya: Why you don’t talk to them? You know how cutely they talk to each other?
Abhi: Is it? But I only feel they shout at me.
Pragya: That’s because your ears have some problems!
Abhi shrieked: What?

Pragya before being caught by Abhi ran to the bathroom with her clothes and Abhi smiled at her antics.

Pragya: Suniye..
Abhi: Keep talking…I know…
He said in a dragging tone sitting in front his kids.
Pragya: I will test you of their language.
Abhi: Haan carry on!
Pragya: What is Dad for them?
Abhi saw Abhigya trying to move away and he get hold of her.
Pragya: You don’t know?
She asked worriedly.
Abhi: Wait yaar…she is not sitting at one place…
Pragya: Oh…
Abhi: Puppa!
Pragya hearing that giggled and said: Correct Boss!
Abhi: I don’t understand how Papa became Pupa for them! It’s so so so….
Pragya: So so so?
Abhi: Nevermind, next one!
Just then Prabhi called : Puppa! Puppa!
Abhi in irritation: You see they like to call me Puppa when I taught them as Papa!
Pragya: You never taught them properly na..I taught them Mumma and they call me Mumma!
Abhigya hearing that was calling Mumma and Prabhi was keep on repeating Pupa and it sounded as if who is telling the names louder.

Pragya hearing to their screams said: Oh god!
Abhi: Yes please call him to save me!
Pragya: No I think they are challenging each other! Like who calls the names louder!
Abhi: Is it?
He tried to notice and indeed Pragya was right.
Abhi: Now what do I do?
He asked helplessly.
Pragya: You do something,Take your phone and play the third song on the music playlist.
Abhi: Ok!
He said that and quickly did that.

The children’s screamings slowly decreased.
He was amazed to see his children liked this song!

Abhi: What is this?
He asked in astonishment
Pragya coming out of the bathroom: Why? It’s a nice song na…
Abhi: I thought it will be some lullaby that will calm them down.
Pragya grinned and said: But what to do? Our kids are active na so they like this song only!

Abhi looked at his children again who were grooving to the tunes of Daler Mehendi hits by shaking their bodies and at the same time playing with their toys.

Pragya: They are like this from long time.
Abhi: They like Punjabi songs?
Pragya: Yes we are Punjabis right?
Abhi: I know…but how are they exposed to this songs?
Pragya turned away to hide the truth.

Abhi: Why are you turning away?
Pragya: Wo…I listened to those songs when I was…..
Abhi with a horrified look: When you are pregnant you heard this songs!!!
He said in an alarmed tone.

Pragya: Yes Boss! The music you asked me to listen were all so boring! Only making me to sleep! That’s why…
She hesitated and Abhi: You are crazy! No wonder they are so active! You listened to Tunak Tunak Tun too?
Pragya: All Daler Mehndi songs!
She said sheepishly.
Abhi ruffling his hair: Acha…and you blamed me earlier that they are hyperactive as Dadi said I used to be active when I was young!
Pragya: I had no choice na…
Abhi: Oh no!
He shrieked as he saw Prabhi hitting Abhigya with a toy and Pragya turned back to see.

Pragya rushed to them as she saw Abhigya crying.

Abhi carried Prabhi and Pragya attended to Abhigya with concern.

Abhi: They have fights too!
Pragya: Like us!
Abhi: Did I hit you like this?
Pragya: You did! That night when you were angry at me.
Abhi: You still remember?
Pragya: Obviously, you were mad at me like a mouse!
Abhi: Mouse? Did u see mouse being angry before?
Pragya looked at him with a silly smile when Abhigya lied on her head on Pragya’s chest feeling tired.

Pragya: I think she is sleepy.
Abhi: Same here….
He said by looking at Prabhi yawning.

After making them sleep, Abhi looked at Pragya wanting to tell her something.

Pragya understanding that said: Tell me Boss!
Abhi: I am sorry…
Pragya: For what?
She asked with a surprised look.
Abhi: For hitting you before..
Pragya: Correction Boss, you slapped me.
Abhi looking regretfully: Haan sorry for slapping you…
Pragya chuckled and Abhi seeing that: I am serious! I am really sorry…
Pragya: Come to the balcony for a while…
Abhi followed her and she holding his hands said: I should be thankful to you for slapping me.

Abhi was about to say something when she shook her head as no.

Pragya: You know Boss, I never thought I would have this kind of life! You very well know that in what situation I joined as a Manager before….Whenever we had fights, I used to think why we end up arguing with each other! But that is what makes us to adjust with each other too…You are my Boss of life from the moment I realize my love for you…so please don’t say sorry for anything Boss. All I wish is even if I make any mistakes, please don’t let go of me…

Abhi: Hey Boss! Why are you so emotional?

Pragya hugged him and he embracing her back said: I said sorry as I thought you might be still feeling bad for the slap.

Pragya: I don’t feel bad for anything that you do towards me…

Abhi kissed her forehead and said: You are  the Boss in my life! I won’t let you go for sure! But tell me one thing, why do you always like to hug me?

Pragya breaking away from his hug looked away.

Abhi: Tell me now! You always try to find a chance to hug me!

Pragya: You don’t like it?
Abhi: It’s not that I don’t like it but I feel uncomfortable…
Pragya looking at him in shock: Uncomfortable?
Abhi pulling her towards him: Haan whenever you hug me I end up being uncomfortable as I need to control my desires…

Pragya: Desires?
Abhi: Don’t act as if you don’t know anything.Even now I have those desires…
Pragya was keep on smiling with her eyes twinkling in happiness.

Abhi looking up the sky: Oh my Beauty! You are killing me!
Pragya: What? Who is that Beauty?
She asked with a fake jealousy.

Abhi scooping her in his arms: I can’t take it anymore. Shall we do it Beauty?
Pragya: No way Boss! You know now u had become a Villain! Clear that name first!
Abhi making a puppy like sad face gave a pout.

Pragya: This pout of yours won’t help now!
Abhi: How about a peck then?
He said that and gave a peck on her cheek.

Pragya: Boss! I am serious, he is in love with her…
Abhi: Okay…I will talk to him tomorrow….
Pragya smiled and said: Let me down! I am hungry!
Abhi: Always hungry! But I am hungry for you…
He said by looking at her with a naughty smile.

Pragya: Abhi babu, first we have our dinner then I think about your hunger…
Abhi: Wow! Boss is giving thoughts about it. That’s a Boost to me!
Pragya beat his chest lightly as he carried her to the dining room.

As this was happening, Purab was feeling upset about new staff’s ignorance towards him. He tried to talk to her after work but she completely ignored him and he also felt it was pointless to keep on follow her.

Pragya made a call to Purab but he never answered her call as his thoughts were completely on the new staff.

Pragya, Seems like he is very upset. All because of this Boss.

She thought as she looked at Abhi happily eating and at times glanced at her looking at phone.

Abhi: Eat na…it’s so delicious!
Pragya giving a deadly stare remained silent.
Abhi: I said I will talk to him!
Pragya: You must Boss! I can’t see him like that!
Abhi: Huh? Is he here? When did u see him?
Pragya: Very funny Boss, I said I can’t stand him being upset. He should be upset now that’s why he never picked up my calls.
Abhi: I am wondering is he my cousin brother or yours?
Pragya: He always call me Pragya Bhabhi affectionately.
Abhi: He calls me Bhai affectionately too.
Pragya: Then why are you not worried for him? Oh ya, you are now Villain that’s why you are so cold-hearted.

Abhi shook his head at her funny statements and continued eating.

Pragya: Arrey! I am serious!
Abhi looked at her seriously and stood up.

Pragya, Why is he standing in the midst of eating?

She thought by looking at him with a frown.

He walked towards her and held her hands forcefully.

Pragya: What are you doing? I need to eat!
Abhi gave a evil smile and said: I am going to eat you!
Pragya gasped at his tone which was scary.

She closed her eyes in fear and Abhi smiled looking at her scared expression.

Abhi: You said I am a Villain na…Just tried a bit of that!
Pragya opened her eyes widely and yelled: I got scared!

Abhi letting her hands off: I know…
Pragya: I will give you punishment for this!
Abhi went back to his place to sit down and giggled.

Pragya: I am serious!
Abhi: I am waiting!
Pragya: I have my squad with me! We will discuss on what to do!
She said firmly by hitting her spoon on the table.

Abhi: Do whatever you want later but now let me eat yaar…
Pragya sniffed and continued eating.

Abhi: By the way, I am a one man army and I can handle all this!
He said proudly.

Pragya smiling inwardly thought, That’s very true.

As this was happening, new staff in her home looked unhappy and was feeling depressed.

Mithra who came by and sat beside her.

New staff stood up and left to her room.

Mithra didn’t stop her as she knew her relation with her sister is not cordial.

Radha: I am sorry, she is still not accepting you as her sister.

Mithra smiled through her tears and said: Take care of her. She is still very young.

Radha: How can you still wait for her?
Mithra: She is my sister that’s enough to wait for her.
Radha: I will try to talk to her.
Mithra: No mam, I will wait for her to come back as my sister without any compulsion.

She said that and left the house.

Mithra: Your man is only yours.
Pragya: I know…
Mithra: But my sister can’t be yours…
Pragya: We didn’t do anything like you are thinking…
Mithra: At least leave her Pragya…she can’t stand heart breaks like me…
Pragya: He didn’t mean to break your heart Mithra..
Mithra: I know…but my heart is broken completely making both your hearts to be one.

She said that and walked away with tears making Pragya worried.

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