Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 43

Pragya looked upset was cleaning the kitchen. Robin had left early and now she was all alone to clean it up.

That’s when she heard wailing of kiddos.

Pragya murmured: What is he doing letting kiddos to cry like this?

She left what she was doing and rushed to their room and saw Abhi trying to control kiddos but they were continuously crying making him looked very tensed.

Pragya: What happened now?
She said by sitting beside kiddos and tried to calm them down by hugging them.

Abhi in a stressed tone: Fiya again!
Pragya made them calm down by saying something and kissing their foreheads.

Pragya looking at Abhi: Mr Abhi, this is why they need a Mumma!
Kids in a soft tone: Cute Mumma…
Pragya smiled hearing that and pouted which made her even more cute. The kids in return also pouted which made Pragya to chuckle.

Abhi: Whatever! You have some magic in you that makes them quiet!

Pragya: Kya? Magic? You are really funny though.

Kids cuddled against Pragya’s lap and looked up at her as if asking her for something.

Pragya: Fiya na?
Kids: ya!ya!
Pragya looked at Abhi with a demanding look.

Abhi moved away from there not able to stand her stare.

Pragya: Hello! They want Fiya now! Where are u going?
Abhi: I can’t do all that…
Pragya: Just try it out! It’s only among the four of us na…
Abhi: No way! If they want I can buy butterflies but not what u ask me to do!

Pragya looked at kiddos who were still looking yearning.

Pragya: If u are not doing it then I will post the pictures of u being like a clown in instagram!

Abhi hearing that gasped in shock!

Abhi: Are u blackmailing me?
Pragya: If u think so then haan I am blackmailing u! For my kiddos I will do anything!
Kids: Puppa….no!no! Buya buya….
Pragya in a gentle tone: You see, they even know that we are arguing for this….
Abhi looked back at kiddos who were giving a pleading look as they don’t like when Abhi and Pragya talk to each other harshly.

Abhi sighed: Ok! Fine all for kiddos!
Pragya smirked and told him that it’s in the closet in a red box.

Abhi reluctantly went inside the closet and saw the box.

Abhi: There u are! These girls won’t leave me being a center of attraction for them!

He said as he took out his costume.

Abhi wearing it: Pragya! It’s damn tight yaar….

Pragya: It is meant to be that way…
Kids looked at Pragya not knowing what to expect as Abhi was in the closet for quite some time.

Abhi with shyness came out of the closet and looked at them with an uncomfortable look.

Kids looking at Abhi clapped seeing him and especially at the wings.

Abhi was wearing a very tight black attire
with blue wings attached at the back.

Pragya seeing that giggled as kids were back in their form of cheering Puppa loudly with happiness.

Abhi: Ssssh!
Kids tried to stand up and with the help of Pragya they stood up. They were jumping out of joy.

Abhi gave a silly smile and asked: Can I change now?

Pragya: Come closer to us na…why are u so shy shy?
She asked in a teasing tone.

Abhi reluctantly came towards them as kids were excited to see the wings!

Pragya: Looking handsome Mr Abhi…
Abhi gave an unbelievable look as kids opened their arms to be carried by Abhi.

Abhi: One by one! I can’t carry both of them! Tell them that!

Pragya: Arrey now u won’t talk to them ah?
Abhi: Not tonight as I am not in my mood….
He said looking away.

Pragya: Okay…
She said and made Abhigya go first and Abhi carrying her smiled as she tried to touch the wing behind but couldn’t reach it making her upset.

Pragya: I guess u need to kneel down to their height.

Abhi: What? Kneel down?
Pragya: Ya as they want to touch the wings that u are wearing….

Abhi: This is too much!!!
Kids: Puppa! Fiya! Puppa! Fiya!
Abhi: Okok! I am kneeling down!
He did that by giving Abhigya to Pragya.

Pragya made the kids to get down and walked around Abhi.

Kids in an amazed tone: Fiya…..
They said and were touching the wings with full of astonishment.

Pragya couldn’t control her laughter as kids were exploring Abhi as if he was some new creature in the world!

Abhi was slowly forgetting his shyness as kids enjoyed looking at him and he too enjoyed their excitement.

Pragya: Can I tell u something?
Abhi: Hmm…
He said by lying down facing the floor as it was convenient for kiddos to touch the wings and play with it by sitting on top of Abhi.

Pragya: You are damn cute hubby!
Abhi: Excuse me! I am doing all this for kiddos not for u!
Pragya looked upset and said: Anyways you are always awesome as a father!
Abhi: Thanks!
He said sounding proud about it.

Pragya: Come on kiddos! Leave him na…
Kids were not willing to get up from him as they were loving it.

That was how the rest of the night went until kiddos felt tired and their energy level was low.

As this happened, Jai was surprised that Mithra agreed to marry him but was wondering about the condition that she said she will reveal to him soon.

Jai: I don’t want to lose her as she is a gem of a person.

The next day,

Jai was waiting for Mithra at the restaurant she had asked to meet at. (Their part will be further elaborated in the next shot).

Meanwhile, New staff expected Purab to come like last time where he will narrate to him the story on her way to bus stop but there was no sign of him coming. She was very disappointed.

Walking very slowly she kept thinking of the moments when he teased her and how hard she tried to give a poker face to hide herself from smiling.

Just then, she felt his presence in a dreamy way when the wind blowed on her face.

Purab: Hey! Stop! Stop!
New staff turned back and see him with a goofy smile.

Purab: Was late today! So sorry for that darling….
New staff reacted as if it’s alright and smiled looking away.

Purab: Hmm…Is your mouth sealed? Usually u will not give me space to talk!
New staff: It’s early in the morning so thought of not annoying u with my baks baks…..

Purab: Okay…that’s a good thing too…
New staff: How are u?
Purab: Err…Same as yesterday! By the way, I met you yesterday as well na, then why is this how are u now?
New staff blushed and looked straight as she walked by slowing down her pace so that she can walk longer with him.

Purab: Are u here? Why are u keep on smiling?
New staff: Just like that…
Purab: Hmm….you have been acting strange from yesterday….
New staff: Strange or range it’s all in your change….
Purab: Huh? How can u everytime tell something to confuse me?
New staff: I’m sorry….
Purab: That’s so fast! You usually tell something to say that u are not confusing and justify what u have spoken but now u are saying sorry!

New staff: Will you stop this?
Purab: What?
New staff: Keep on saying usually I will do like that blah blah….You are making me sound as if I am changed!
Purab: You are changed to a certain extent!
New staff: Leave all this…Why did Boss follow Pragya in tracksuit and why she was not able to do anything as she was with her Ma?

Purab: Oh…that scene….
New staff: Ya faster tell me why all that happened?
Purab: What will i get if I tell u faster?
New staff in shock: You expect something in return?
Purab: Yes! Why not?
New staff: Okay I will give u a gift!
Purab enthusiastically: Really?
New staff: Really I will give u!
Purab: Okay then I will faster tell u about that!

New staff smiled as he started to tell:

It was an Sunday, nowadays Abhi missed seeing Pragya on weekends especially on Sundays as the whole day he can’t see her. At least Saturday he will be able to see her at Uncle’s house for lunch. It was a routine for both of them to go for lunch at Uncle’s house on Saturdays. But Sundays were miserable for Abhi! That’s when he decided to follow her!

He was in his tracksuit and was jogging around her street to see her. He had once heard from her that she will visit to temple in the morning of Sundays. So he was eagerly waiting to see her to be out of from the house!

That’s when his beauty came out from the house. He was dumbstruck by her looks. He had seen her before is sarees a couple of times but this is the first time he feels different as he sees her with love!

Abhi felt like melting like a ice by looking at her. He quickly hide behind a tree as he saw her Ma also coming out of the house.

Abhi, She is not going alone? What age she is and she still her Ma to follow with her! That’s very bad! I should tell her that next time she must leave alone to temple or maybe I can accompany her too! Why does she have to bother her Ma?

He thought as he followed them from a distance with his hoodies covering his face.

As for Pragya she felt strange to see someone walking behind them as she knew the people who will be walking around at this time. To her this person was out of the blue moon.

Sarla “ Pragya….who is that behind? Never seen someone like that before!” Pragya shook her head saying she also don’t know.

Sarla ma asked to increase the pace of their walk although there were other people jogging in that area.

Abhi, Why are they suddenly walking so fast? Let me go and ask them!

Abhi ran and came in front of them by blocking their way. He was breathing heavily and they tried to move when he took off his hoodie and showed his face making Pragya shocked.

Abhi “ Wait! Wait!” Sarla “ What do u want?” Abhi pointed at Pragya and she looked even more in shock by gasping.

Sarla “ What? You want her???” She asked in shock as well. Abhi “ No…I mean…” He said and then tried to tell something when he looked at Pragya and said “Lovely!” Sarla “ Lovely?” Abhi “ She is looking lovely…” He said looking mesmerized by the maroon saree that complimented Pragya’s beauty. Sarla slapped Abhi and he came back to senses and said to her “ I was referring to fair and lovely! The facial cream!” Pragya was looking at all directions except at him.

Sarla “ Excuse me! You think I am having a shop here to ask for that?” Abhi “ No…I wanted to ask is there any shop here that sells the facial cream?” He asked in a shaky tone making Pragya to control her smile as he was scared of her Ma.

Sarla sighed and said “ Go straight and take a left, it’s near the temple.” Abhi “ Haan I also heard like that but I don’t know where is the temple na that’s why I was following both of u!” Pragya for a instance smirked signalling to him that he is managing well. Abhi smiled back when Sarla looked at Pragya and asked why is she smiling?

Pragya “Nothing Ma…” Sarla looking back at Abhi “ Okay follow us but not from the back. You walk together with us…Walk beside me….” Abhi “ Thank you and it’s my pleasure….” Sarla faintly smiled and held Pragya’s hands firmly.

New staff interrupted: Does Boss really use Fair & Lovely cream?
Purab: No yaar it was just an excuse for him to be not in trouble….
New staff giggled and said: Whatever it is Boss is always cute when he does like this!
Purab: Ya…..
He said looking away while walking.

New staff: I’m sorry, you are also cute to me!
Purab smiled and asked: From when did u feel that i am cute?
New staff: From when I don’t know but whenever I say Boss as cute, you will give a sulky face na, that makes me feel u are very cute!

Purab: So that means u always tell him as Cute to feel my cuteness?
New staff looked away as she was caught by him!
Purab grinned seeing biting her lower lips and was blushing badly.

Purab: Anyways so that was the first meeting of Abhi and Pragya’s Ma. From that day, he knew that her Ma is very overprotective of Pragya. She never let him talk to Pragya for a single moment.

New staff: You mean she is also a villain?
Purab: Oh dear, how many villains you want?
New staff: At least 3?
Purab: What? Why 3?
New staff: Kumkum bhagya is like that na…
Purab in shock: You still relate this story to that?
New staff: No! No! I mean I imagine the characters from there na…that’s why….
Purab shook his head and said: Funny girl!
New staff: Thanks funny boy!
Purab: So this is what happened before their challenge and they spoke to each other through their eyes and silence.

New staff: Wow! Just like kkb….
She said in a dreamy tone.
Purab smiled and said: They were about to tell to each other how badly they are missing each other in weekends but before that Uncle called them and briefed them about passing over his duties to either one of them!

New staff: So Uncle is another villain! 3 in total!
Purab: Only you can think like this….
New staff: You mean nobody thought like this when u narrated this story before?
Purab: Hmm…ya they all just listened to it or actually I never really explained to them in detail to get their opinion.
New staff: That means I am the only one being told the story in detail?
She asked looking surprised.

Purab nodded his head as yes and she hugged him saying Thank you so much!

Purab was taken aback but when he was about to hug her back she moved away and smiled at him.

Purab in a state of shock: What was that?
New staff: Thankful Hug!
Purab: Is there such thing?
New staff: For me there is such thing. Ok walk faster, it’s getting late already!

Purab realized how she is diverting the topic but was happy that she never said it as a friendly hug.

New staff, How did I hug him so suddenly? Oh god! Why am I finding him like my teddy bear day by day? And it feels so good to hug him even it is for a few seconds!

As this happened, Pragya was looking at Abhi in sleep as she was already awake.

Pragya, How do I call him Mr Abhi to wake him up? It sounds so formal!

Pragya coming closer to him patted his cheek but there was no response. She then pinched his cheek and he screamed Ouch!!!

She quickly stepped back and looked away as he opened his eyes and stared at her.

Abhi: Are u planning to kill me in sleep?
Pragya: What are u talking? How can I kill my husband?
Abhi: Then why did u pinch my chubby cheek?
Pragya chuckling: Chubby cheek ah? You think u are like kiddos or what?
Abhi: I am going to complain to kiddos about your behaviour! They will teach u a lesson!
Pragya: Oh…then now they are your saviours?
She asked in a mocking tone.

Abhi: Yes they are my Boss now! Not you!
He said cheekily making Pragya to frown.
Pragya: How can u take away my position without any prior notice?
Abhi never said anything and headed towards to kiddos who were sleeping the cradle.

Abhi softly called them: Kiddos….Puppa is here…
They in sleep said: Fiya Puppa….
Abhi gave an alarmed look as Pragya hearing that laughed loudly.

Abhi turned and looked at Pragya: It’s all because of u! Usually kids will say Good morning if not just call their parents but u made them call me Fiya Puppa!

Pragya: Relax! They like it so they are calling u by that.

Abhi huffed in anger and made his way to the closet by closing the door harshly.

Pragya grinned as she felt he is damn adorable in anger.

Mithra overhears Jai talking to Abhi and felt cheated of all this being a plan by Abhi so that Mithra can have a companion.

Thank u everyone for reading. Thank u for the support as always.
Ani sis, u had asked me na why deceptive love is taking too long to get posted? Actually it’s a collaborative ff, so sometimes Prabhi and I hardly find the time to write together. Now she is having exams and I am held up in my studies too that’s why there is a delay for it. Sorry for that sis! Sorry to everyone for the delay for that too!?

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