Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 42

There is a very short message at the end so pls do read that!

New staff sat and looked around and realized everyone were busy in their own works and there were only a few of them as most of them are still in the meeting with the shareholders.

She quickly checked her phone and started to read the email. She couldn’t use the laptop in the office as she was scared of being caught by others that she is reading story instead of doing work.

Abhi and Pragya were called by Uncle to his cabin.

Uncle “ I think it’s high time that I handover my duties to a responsible person…” He said looking at Abhi and Pragya who were sitting opposite to him.

Abhi “ It’s me right Uncle?” Pragya frowned and thought how can he consider that he is responsible! Then what about her?

Uncle “ For that you two have to win the test that I will give!” Pragya “ Test??” Uncle “ Yes it’s a competency test. I need to know who is competent enough to take over my position!” Abhi “ But Uncle I am working here for quite long and u know me too na…then why is there a need for test??” Uncle “ Hello Abhi! How are u sure that I will choose u?” Abhi “ Then it’s not me?” He asked sadly looking at Pragya.

Pragya shook her head in disbelief.

Uncle “ Abhi! I called both of u here to say that I will choose who is the best among the two of u!” Abhi “ Oh…I thought you only want to test me….” He said and played with the paper weight on the table by rotating it.

Uncle was about to say something when Abhi “ Uncle! Where did u buy this? It’s so light weight! You know the paper weight in my table is quite heavy and I can’t really play with that!” Pragya gasped for what he said as Uncle “ It’s obvious then….” Abhi “ It’s obvious to u too? I knew it! Who is the
in- charge for stationaries in our office? Let me talk to the person and order him to change it!”

Pragya tried to suppress her laughter hearing that.

Uncle “ Abhi! I said it’s obvious that Pragya will take over my position!”

Abhi looked alarmed and stopped rotating the paper weight.

Abhi “ This is not fair Uncle! How can u forgot your naive nephew??” Pragya mentally scolded him for using his relation with him for a reputable position in the company.

Uncle “ Ya you admit that you are naive then how can I hand over my duties to u??”
Abhi was about to say something when Pragya “ Uncle….Is this test necessary now?”

Uncle smiled and looked at Abhi who feared hearing to her.

Abhi “ Yes it is necessary! Are u scared that u will lose to me?” Pragya murmured something when Uncle said “ I can understand how u are feeling Pragya…I am very sorry for having a test with a child like him….” Pragya nodded her head as yes in response.

Abhi “ Uncle! This is not fair at all!” He said by standing up with full of anger.

Uncle “ You don’t even know who is taking care of the stationaries in our office! It’s such a trivial matter but u don’t know that and with that u are saying this is not fair and all!”

Abhi sensed Uncle is getting mad at him and he looked down so that he will be able to get sympathy from his Uncle.

Uncle “ Abhi! You are still thinking this will work out ah? When you were young, yes I did felt bad for u and forgive u whenever u make mistake and looked down but now what is your age? How u expect me to still support u??”

Abhi looked helpless when Pragya “ Uncle, sorry for interrupting. I am ok with the test and ask him whether he is ready for it. Our client company’s manager is coming soon now. I need to go and attend to them…” Uncle smiled at her and said “ You may leave now..I will inform you the further details later….”

Pragya left from there by informing something to Uncle and took a glance at Abhi as well.

Abhi frowned as she left and Uncle “ Learn from her! She is not my relation like you but she cares for the company and its progress!”

Abhi “ Uncle! I will prove myself that I am capable enough to be the Boss of this company!”

Uncle “ Let’s see but I guess u need to get training from her!” Abhi left the cabin without telling anything as he find Uncle’s words as an insult.

After few hours,
Abhi barged inside Pragya’s cabin and looked at her who was reading some important files.

Pragya “ Why are u here?” She asked still looking at the contents of the files.

Abhi “ I HATE YOU!” Pragya “ Okay but I am busy now so come back later! Thanks!”
Abhi “ Huh? You think I am not busy! Damn you Pragya! How can u ignore my words?”

He said by coming closer her table.

Pragya holding her head “ Mr Abhi, I am really busy as I need to go through this documents and for your kind information, it’s assigned to u to check but u passed it to me yesterday!”

Abhi pouted and Pragya smiled saying “ So please leave me alone…” Abhi “ Give that to me! I will do it myself!” Pragya “ It’s okay let me check as I am almost done…”

Abhi “You are acting to impress Uncle na!”

Pragya “ Come again? What did u say?” Abhi looked away as Pragya “ I don’t have to act to impress him in any way!” Abhi sighed sarcastically making Pragya angry.

Pragya “ I am only thinking I should get what I deserve for my works…” She said looking at Abhi who was still looking away from her.

Abhi “ That is being the Boss of the company right?” Pragya remained silent.

Abhi “ I didn’t expect you will do like this! Mark my words I will be the BOSS!” Pragya “ Why do u have to talk like this?” Abhi “ You don’t know?” Pragya “ Are u feeling only men can run a company?” She asked directly as the way he reacted made her feel that way.

Abhi loudly “ Yes!! Now we are on the same page!!” Pragya “ I didn’t expect u to be so narrow-minded….” She said sounding hurt.

Abhi “ I have always been the first and the best! So I am the Boss!” Pragya “ It’s not u who decide that!” Abhi “ Let’s see Pragya, I am damn sure I will win!” Pragya “ I won’t lose Mr Abhi!” She said by hitting the table with her pen. Abhi “ You can only hit the table with a pen but me! Just see for yourself!” He said and hit the table with a vase and broke it into pieces.

New staff: So violent…why Boss is like that? I didn’t expect him to narrow-minded too.

She realized there was something else written at the end in the email.

Before this happened something else happened. Abhi is following Pragya in his tracksuit. Pragya realized he is following her but can’t do anything about it as Sarla ma was walking beside her.

New staff reading the email thought, What is this? There is a flashback within a flashback! But it’s not complete.

A few moments later,
After analyzing what she had read. New staff told herself, I didn’t expect they would challenge each other for being the Boss of the company! Then how did Boss wins this challenge? As usual he left me in a cliffhanger moment! She thought by looking at Purab’s cabin.

This happened over there and what happened to Pragya by the trio made her sneeze continuously.

Pragya: Aaaaachooo!
She sneezed wiping her nose with a cloth and looked at Abhi dressing up kids in their comfortable wear.

Kids: Tank u Puppa!
Abhi: Thank u to u kiddos! It was so much of fun playing with u all! And especially when u all splash water on Mumma and not me, I understood how much u all love me.

Pragya hearing that was about to say something when Abhi: Kiddos…I will really miss u all after this when I go to work…

Pragya: Excuse me! What u all have done to me is not fair at all!
And once again her sneeze continued making the trio to laugh.

Abhi: We warned you before entering the bathroom!
Pragya: Was it a warning? U said with them some gibberish words that I don’t understand at all!

Abhi making kids to sit on the bed was talking to them and asked whether they want to lie down. In response kids nodded their head and he slowly made them lie down & looked at them with affection. They also smiled at him.

Pragya: Arrey! Here a person is talking non-stop but u all are completely ignoring it!

Abhi sternly: Sssssssh! Kiddos and I need to rest. By the way, please leave from here as your sneeze will have germs which will affect us!

Pragya fumed in anger by breathing heavily and stomped out of the room before staring at him.

Abhi chuckled and gave hi 5 to kids of making Pragya irritated.

Prabhi: Puppa…
Abhi: Yes what is it?
Abhigya: Puppa….
Abhi: Okay both of u sound very soft that means it’s something important!

Prabhi and Abhigya hesitated and gave flying kiss to Abhi.

Abhi: That’s so sweet of u all! This is why u two are shying now ah?

They closed their eyes in shyness and Abhi: Just like Mumma! She also does like this!

Kiddos opened their eyes and were looking at the ceiling. They remembered something.

Kids: Fiya….
Abhi: Oh no! No kiddos..
Kids in an amazed tone: Fiya….

Abhi smiled faintly and mentally scolded himself for making Pragya going out of their room.

Abhi “ Lovely!” Sarla “ Lovely?” Abhi “ She is looking lovely…” He said looking mesmerized by the maroon saree that complimented Pragya’s beauty. Sarla slapped Abhi and he came back to senses and said to her “ I was referring to fair and lovely! The facial cream!” Pragya hearing that was looking at all directions except at him.

Thank u everyone for reading and supporting this shots by with cute and cheerful comments. I hope it’s still interesting to read. Very sorry for not commenting in some of the ffs and os here. I can’t really find the time to read anything now. So sorry for that and hope to read all the missed stories soon. So keep rocking for the writers here and happy reading to the readers!

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