Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 41

Abhi was walking to and fro in his room.

Abhi: How can she say like that?? Is that even possible?
He thought by thinking all of the times he touched her.

Abhi, No matter how many times I think it all
makes me believe that she is affected by my touches! I have the effect on girls! It’s not possible that I lost my effect on girls!!

He was thinking that as Robin came with kiddos to the room.

Robin: Sir…
He said in a shaky voice as he was scared that he disturbed Abhi.

Abhi in irritation: What Robin? Anything ask your mam!

Kids: Puppa….

Abhi looked at their direction. The kids were just in their panties.

Abhi looking surprised: What is this?

He asked as kids run towards him and he got panicked they might fall.

Robin: Kiddos want to go out. Mam asked you to bring them to the bathroom.

Abhi hugging the kids who were looking very happy asked: Huh? They want to go out and she ask me to bring them to bathroom? I don’t get the link!

Kids cheered: Swoo! Swoo!
Abhi: What? Swimming and that too now??

Robin passed a letter to Abhi and he managed to read by still holding onto excited kiddos.

In the letter:

Dear Mr Abhi,

As kiddos would like to go for Swimming which is a habit that you made them have, then it is your responsibility to make them have fun with water. So please proceed to their bathroom in the playroom where I have done the set up for their swimming session with you! For further information contact the super fit swimming instructors that u had hired!

Thank you!

Your angrily,

Pragya Mehra

Abhi: Is this the way she tell me? Why can’t she use this time to tell me instead of writing this letter as if we are working colleagues!

Robin with hesitation: Sir…mam got say something in reply for this…

Abhi: What did she say?

Robin: Mam said both of u used to be working colleagues and even now it is continuing as you two are working for kiddos.

Abhi looking at the kiddos: We are working for both of u?

Robin: What she mean is now kiddos are the Boss and you are…..

He said that and quickly ran away in fear of Abhi getting angry for saying kiddos as Boss other than him.

Abhi looking at kiddos laughed and they also laughed not knowing why he laughed.

Abhi: Funny Robin! In fact she is right! You two are like Boss to us!

Kids continued to laugh as Abhi was finally looking happy.

Kids: Swoo….Swoo…

Abhi: Oh ya! Let’s go, can’t wait to see how u all play with water!

He said that and walked with them to the playroom.

As for Pragya she was busily doing her work when she remembered that Abhi had an injury and shouldn’t strain himself now by taking care of kids.

She rushed out of the kitchen and saw Abhi and kids about to take the stairs.

Pragya: Suniye!

Abhi: What now?
He asked impatiently as he can’t wait to see kiddos swimming skills.

Pragya: I will bring them! You go and take rest….

Abhi: Kiddos come let’s go! We shouldn’t waste our time listening to angry bird!

Pragya: Suniye….I am sorry…first u come with me….

She said by walking towards him and kiddos when the trio yelled: No!no!

Pragya: Oh god! Now all of u are gang or what? Why are u also like them? I forgot that u got injured… I am so sorry for that. Now first come with me to the room.

Abhi: No way! We are going for Swoo! Swoo! You are just a hindrance to us now!

He said with his child like anger and Pragya gave an unbelievable look.

Kids also cheered with a loud voice: Swoo! Swoo! Swoo! Swoo!

Pragya: Alright! Shall i join with you all?
She asked by looking pitifully.

Abhi kneeled down and made kids to be closer to him and they were discussing about the prospects of bringing Pragya with them.

Pragya couldn’t hear them as they were whispering to each other and what she heard in between was Prabhi loudly saying
Kiya niyu! Jum jum and Abhigya saying ya!ya! to it. As for Abhi, he responded by saying something and the kids reacted by giggling.

Pragya thought, They are acting as if they are bringing a criminal with them! This kiddos are being spoilt by him! That’s okay, they will surely come back to me in the night for lullaby then I will talk to them nicely.

After their discussion,

Abhi and kids looked at Pragya who was looking blank.

Pragya: Am I in or out?
Abhi: You are in and out!
Pragya: Huh? What do u mean by that?
Abhi: Basically, kiddos only want my presence as last time you were with them at their swimming session so they feel u no need to be with them now. But I want you in as you might be of some help to us. Isn’t that so kiddos?
Kids cheerfully: ya!ya!
Pragya was about to say something when Abhi said: You are out if u go against our words! Because we are going to have fun!

Kids were getting restless of how long their parents are going to talk instead of bringing them to swimming!

Kids: Puppa! Swoo! Swoo!

They asked him and Abhi looking at Pragya: Hurry up!

Pragya quickly carried Prabhi and Abhi carried Abhigya and they walked up to the playroom.

As for new staff she was waiting eagerly to talk to Purab. She was at the lounge waiting for him as she heard some of her staff he would be coming to the lounge with other board members after the meeting.

Purab came by talking cheerfully with a man and new staff looking at that smiled.

New staff, To tell the truth he looks cute and charming at the same time….especially when he talks to others cheerfully.

Purab crossed her making her looked down in disappointment.

Purab coming back hurriedly said: Meet me at my cabin at 3 pm.

New staff smiled as he said that and went away.

New staff, He have something special today. He is looking absolutely handsome today!

She ogled at him as he walked passed her again to attend to one of the important shareholders.

It was 3 pm when she entered the cabin before knocking the door.

Purab: Come in!
New staff came in and was sad to see him in a different attire.

Purab: What do u want now?
New staff: What else do I want from u? It’s one and only storytime!

Purab: Well, you see we had agreed before that storytime is only after office hours.

New staff: I know but do u know how desperate I was after u tell Dadi is the villain! You mean she is like typical saas in serials or something else? I really want to know how is she as a person!

She said and was expecting an answer from Purab but he was busy typing something in his laptop.

New staff: Did u hear me?
Purab: Yes I did….
He said in a dragging tone.

New staff: Are u angry with me for what I told that day?
She asked by sounding pathetically.

Purab sighing said: Who am I to you? I mean who am I to get angry on u? You told about your thoughts and feelings about trust, as in trusting to love. But why should I care about that?

New staff: That means you don’t love me anymore?

Purab turning behind in the swivel chair said: You see I still do love you but I need time get prepared to love your love.

New staff looks confused and looked around to check if she is in his cabin or somewhere else! She knew he won’t talk like this!

Purab: Confused right? Let me clarify you! You were telling that u need to trust me as in you need to feel my trust to love me! Then I thought about it a lot when suddenly something struck me which is, what will happen if u love me? Yes it will be my most wonderful experience to me but I thought about your words, trusting to love….then it made me wonder if u love me will I be able to love your love with full of trust? I was not sure….That’s when I decided that I need time to love your love…

New staff: Huh? Who will think in this way? Are u really thinking like this?

Purab: That’s why I am telling all this to u now.

New staff: But I never even say that I am loving you and u are now thinking about how love my love?

Purab: Arrey, I can’t waste my time after you love me so I need to be prepared by now itself!

New staff giving a quizzical look: May I sit down?

Purab: Sure!

He said by turning back to face her.

New staff: Leave all this…Will u tell me the story now?

Purab murmured to himself: She doesn’t cares about our story at all!

But she heard that and replied: I do care and that’s why I like to meet you….

Purab looking surprised: You like to meet me?
New staff: Maybe it’s more of a liking that is amiable.

Purab: You mean friendly right? Thank you for at least thinking as your liking to meet me as friendliness. At least you figure out to name your liking towards me in some way.

He said looking at her by smiling faintly and she in return thought, even in irritation he looks handsome!

Purab snapping his finger: Are u here?
New staff: Yes sir!
Purab: Are u sure?
New staff: No sir…I mean yes sir!
Purab: Something is strange today….
New staff: But to me something is special today….
She said looking dazed and smiled widely as he looked at her strangely.

Purab: Coming back to the point!
He said loudly trying to grab her attention and she instantly blinked her eyes.

New staff: What’s the point?
Purab: The point is I have emailed you the next scene of Abhi and Pragya bhabhi’s story as I have no time to narrate to u the story for the next few days!

New staff looking despondently: Again?
Purab: What do u mean by again?
New staff: You see sir, it’s not the same when u narrate to me with full of life but….
Purab: But?
New staff in a low tone: But that email is lifeless….
Purab smiled inwardly and said: Life is like that….

New staff: Dadi?
Purab: First you need to know how was their relation then it’s about Dadi!

New staff: Whose relation?
Purab looking away said: Read the email Ms. Curious!

New staff frowned and then smiled again saying thank you sir…..

Purab: Now get back to work like a good girl! Haan darling by the way what is your favourite color?

New staff in a chirpy tone: Happy! Yippie yippie happy!
Purab in surprise: Is that a name by that color?
New staff: No…you called me darling just now…so I am happy!

Purab: You are really acting strange today…
New staff turned away and said by walking towards the door: The color of your shirt is my favourite color.

She blushed and left the room as Purab looked at himself and smiled looking at his navy blue shirt.

New staff reading the email thought, What is this? There is a flashback within a flashback!

A few moments later,
New staff, I didn’t expect they would challenge each other for being the Boss of the company! Then how did Boss wins this challenge? As usual he left me in a cliff hanger moment!

She thought that by looking annoyingly at Purab’s cabin.

Thank u everyone for reading! As usual overwhelmed by all your cheerful comments! Hope this update was ok if not I am sorry as I wrote it in tiredness.

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