Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 40

After meeting the person which was none other than Pragya’s ma, Sarla both Abhi and Pragya never spoke to each other.

Now they were back at home.

Kids looked at their parents who were not talking to each other and using Robin as the means of communication.

Pragya: Robin! Robin!
She called out for him as Abhi looked at her from the corner of his eyes.

Robin coming hurriedly: Yes mam…
Pragya: Ask sir what he wants for lunch and also for dinner now.

Robin didn’t understand why he should ask Abhi and did as per the order of Pragya.

Abhi: Robin! Tell mam that I am fasting today!
Pragya gasped hearing that and said: Robin! Tell sir that if he is fasting then all of us will not eat too!

Abhi giving a stern look: Tell mam that she doesn’t need to act as if she cares for me!

Pragya: What did u say?
Abhi: I didn’t say anything to u! I told something to Robin. Kiddos are the evidence for it.

Kids unknowingly with happiness said: ya!ya!
Pragya looking at kids sitting on their chairs: Ya u two always ya ya! to him! You two only like your Puppa! I hate you kiddos! Go and kiss him and then do Fiya with him too!

She said everything in a flow and ran to the kitchen in anger.

Abhi in shock looked at kids who started to cry as Pragya spoke them in a harsh way.

Abhi went near kids: Why did u all say ya!ya! at wrong timing. It’s okay now don’t cry for this….

He tried to console them but they cried even more. Abhi looked helpless of how to control them when he saw Robin holding onto some bottle.

Abhi: Bobby!
Kids hearing that lowered their crying and were looking around for their Bobby.

Abhi: Robin! Get the blue bag from the car! Hurry up!

He ordered Robin and Robin quickly went and came back with the bag.

Abhi took kiddos bottles and Kids seeing that calmed down and pour out their sorrows to the bottles.

Abhi let a sigh of relief and said: Kiddos….
Kids looked up holding onto their bottles.

Abhi kneeling down to their height: Kiddos…Mumma is upset with me so she talk to u all badly…don’t feel sad for that! Ok?

Kids: Mumma? Cute Mumma?
They asked by looking around for her.

Abhi smiled and said: I will bring your Cute Mumma in a while and we will later PUNISH Mumma for talking bad bad!

Kids: Bad Bad?
Abhi: Yes I will explain to u all what is that later now play with Bobby and Robin like good girls!

Kids smiled hearing the word good girls and they always like hearing that from Abhi and Pragya.

Abhi asked Robin to take care of them as he had to pacify Pragya.

In the kitchen,

Pragya looking angrily at the stove was murmuring some random words.

Abhi entered the kitchen and ran towards. He hugged her tightly.

Pragya screeched: Why are u squeezing me???
Abhi: You were going to on the gas and burn this kitchen!!! How can I allow that to happen??

Pragya trying to move from his grip said: Are u mad??? I was just thinking what to cook and u are saying I am going to burn the kitchen! How ridiculous is that??

Abhi: Really? No burning down?
He asked sadly by loosening his grip.

Pragya: What? U expect me to get burned here or what?
Abhi: Ofcourse no!! I thought of saving u from fire attack and then we can have hot romance in fire! You know like that show?
He asked by giving a mischievous smile.

Pragya: You are insane! Romance in fire! Who would do like that?
Abhi: We can do if u want…I mean we tried romance in land, water and there is air and fire left to be covered na….

Pragya scrunched her nose and twisted his ear for thinking about romance when she is very angry at him.

Abhi bearing the pain was keep on smiling like a love stricken puppy.

Pragya letting him off: You won’t change! Go away!

Abhi: So violent! No wonder our kiddos also are violent like u!

Pragya: I have nothing to tell u! Please go away and leave me in peace!

Abhi: I am your peace Pragya!
Pragya: Not anymore Mr Abhi!

Abhi sadly: Mr Abhi? Not Boss anymore??
Pragya: It’s your punishment now….I won’t call u Boss anymore….
Abhi: What if I make u call Boss again?
Pragya: That’s up to you but this is your punishment for what u did in pitchu.

Abhi tried to grab her waist but before that she wrapped her hands around his neck and said: Do u think holding me by my waist and touching here and there will help u make me call Boss again? Try something new Mr Abhi!

Abhi: I was thinking all this while my touches affected you…It didn’t?

Pragya looking away: I don’t think so…maybe it’s my acting that made u feel that way!

Abhi in surprise: Your acting? What do u mean?

Pragya sounding pleasant: Mr Abhi…as your wife I need to satisfy your desires na so that’s why I act as if getting affected by your touches.

Abhi looked shocked and she lightly kissed on his cheek and said: Try something different until then you are Mr Abhi to me!

She by saying that made herself busy in the kitchen leaving Abhi in shock.

After a while, he was back to senses hearing kiddos screams and walked out of the kitchen with a lost look on his face.

Abhi looked defeated coming out of the kitchen as kiddos looking at him was confused.

Kids: Cute Mumma?
Abhi in frustration: She is not cute! She is confusing kiddos!

Kids gasped at such a big word called confusing.

They shouted: Puppa! Puppa!!!

Abhi shaking his head, murmured to himself: How can she say she is not affected by my touches!! It can’t be possible!! Let test it out!

He said that and rushed back to the kitchen again.

Kids were keep on calling Puppa but he was not hearing him.

Robin: Kiddos…
Kids were upset as their parents are not beside them but Robin was kind enough to play with them.

Kids then asked him: Robu…go?go?
Robin: Sorry kiddos….I can’t bring u all out. If sir and mam know this then they will kill me!

Kids looked down in sadness when Robin gave their soft toys and they smiled seeing that.

Kids: Robu…
Robin: Yes kiddos!
Kids started to speak in their gibberish language to him and he responded to them as if he understood it but the truth was he didn’t understand a single word.

As for Pragya she was busily doing her chores when Abhi hugged her from back.

Pragya closed her eyes and remained silent when Abhi: Affected!! Yes u are affected by my touches!

He screamed happily of his achievement and let her off.

Pragya: Excuse me, Mr Abhi what makes u feel that way?

Abhi: You close your eyes and remain silent! You were speechless! What else do I need to confirm that u are affected by my touches?

Pragya chuckled continuously making him frown at her.

Abhi: Why are u laughing? Are u thinking of what to reply?

He asked by folding his arms.

Pragya stopping her laughter said: It was a sudden hug! Of course it will affect me in shock! Not like u are thinking Mr Abhi!

Abhi: No…you did….
He stammered as she touched his stubble.
Pragya: Why are u so desperate to prove this? Don’t u have any other work Mr Abhi? You are in a responsible position and should concentrate on that position.

Abhi: What position am I in?
He asked excitedly.

Pragya: Not that easy Mr Abhi….I am very careful in my punishment to u….

She said and turned away smiling as Abhi stomped out of the kitchen.

Abhi from outside yelled: This is not fair!! How can u say like this after 3 years of marriage!!

Pragya was keep on smiling of his cuteness and continued her work.

Robin: Sir…what happened?
Abhi: Nothing….Affection problems….
Robin: Oh…sir…kiddos want to go!go! Can I bring them to the garden?
Abhi: No Robin it’s very hot outside…play with them here with their Bobby…if not bring them to kitchen and play there.

He said that in a monotonous tone thinking of Pragya’s words. He left from there to his room as Robin and kids looked at Abhi going away in a lifeless way.

As for Pragya remembered something similar to the challenge like this happened before.

Pragya, That challenge was more of a serious one to me as it affected my ego but now this challenge is serious to him as it affects his challenge.

To be continued with the precap from last update.

Thank u for reading! And Sorry guys! I typed a lot in my phone but it all got deleted and then i was also super tired to type again after my assignments. maybe my phone felt what I typed was not good enough and took the task of deleting it.

Coming to the update, what happened at the park that made Pragya angry? Is she angry on her Ma? What was the challenge in the past (The last precap is a part of it) Pls wait & it will revealed in upcoming updates.

Thank u again for the wait and very sorry for the delay! Keep reading n Happy reading! ??

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