Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 38

Jai: So? This is what u have for lunch ah?
Mithra nodded her head as yes.

Jai: Sandwiches are for breakfast not for lunch. Do u know that?

Mithra: I prefer something light for lunch for today.
Jai: Well, your light is very light to me.
He said by looking at his plate full of rice and chicken curry.

Mithra: Err…I am pure vegetarian. I don’t eat all this.
She said by pointing at his plate.

Jai: Not bad…
Mithra: Why not bad?
Jai: Pure vegetarians usually will not tolerate the sight of chickens and u are not even giving any sulky face after seeing what I eat!
Mithra smiled and said: I am very tolerant to many things in life. This is so trivial.
Jai: Let me test you then!
Mithra: Test? First u eat finish!
Jai chuckled and ate his food as quick as possible making Mithra smile inwardly.

Jai: Done!
Mithra: I am also done! Ok bye! Have a nice day!
She said packing her bag when he shrieked: No! You have to stay here for my test!
Mithra: Mr Jai, are u serious about this test?
Jai: Please…it’s a very short one too!
Mithra hesitantly: Hmm…ok…
Jai: It’s a toleration test to your anger! Are u ready for it?
Mithra nodded her head as yes.
Jai: Yes or No as answer will do!
Mithra: Okay…
Jai: I will start now!
He asked a couple of questions and she replied to all with a wide smile.

Jai: Final question! All the while u had been doing well, but for this u may not….
Mithra: You will see Mr Jai! I am very sure of doing well for this too!
Jai smirked and she smiled proudly.

Jai: What if I say that I need you as my wife?
Mithra in an alarming tone: What? Come again?
She asked by raising her eyebrows in anger.
Jai: Cool! That was just a test! Unfortunately your reaction shows that u are not that tolerant.
Mithra: Cheater! Of course anyone would react like this to a question u have asked!
Jai laughed loudly and Mithra got irritated.

Mithra: Ssssssh! There are people looking at us!
Jai stopping his laughter: I am sorry but you are really adorable in anger too.
Mithra: Huh?
Jai: But what I have asked u is true.
Mithra was about to say something when he gestured to her to be silent.

Jai: Well, I have the need of u being my wife not now but from the time I met you at Abhi’s Dadi birthday party. I won’t say it as love at first sight. I don’t believe in that too. It was a feeling of feeling for u. Yes when u said I love you that day. It made me feel u said it to me. I do know that it was not to me but for someone else. But my heart never listened to that. After all this years whenever I see you I only remember your I love you more than anything. It really makes me feel happy. It really makes me feel to love you. It really makes me to feel that I need you as my wife. What did u say for this Mithra?

He asked very genuinely and Mithra was looking in shock of his sudden confession.

Mithra stammered: I…you…
Jai: You are shocked and that happens when it is unexpected but let me tell u something, what happened before is the past and what is happening now is the present. You know that too. I am very much desperate for u to be my wife not because of my need but also for my Ma.

Mithra looked clueless and he said: As u can see my Ma is very unwell, and there are very few things that make her back to be normal. My father’s presence is one such thing but now it is not possible as he is no more. Other than that it is my marriage! If she gets to know the news of my marriage or I am being in love, It will surely have a positive effect on her speedy recovery.

Mithra: Are u like….
She was trying to tell something but his intense look towards her made her speechless.

Jai: Try to understand Mithra, I am not like emotionally blackmailing u for my Ma. This is my situation and my love for u makes me more desperate. I can only say u are my saviour if u agree to be my wife. I will owe u whatever u ask for.

Mithra in confusion: Give me sometime. I need to think…..

Jai: Sure Mithra! Two lives are in your hands. I hope you will make a good decision.
Mithra stood up and was about to leave when Jai: One more thing, if u are saying no for this, then it is very unfortunate of me to lose a lovely lady in my life.

Mithra looked in disbelief and walked away from there.

As for new staff, she came across Purab who was looking tensed at his car.

New staff: Not again! Your car is not working!
Purab: Yes….I am so sorry….
New staff: You know what? I thought of not using the bus today as it will be super crowded at this timing but now I think I have to use that only….
Purab: Hey wait! I have already called the mechanic to fix my car. He will be here soon. Until then we can talk by sitting at the bench over there.

New staff pondering for a while said: Okay…story time then!

She was eager to know what happened next.

New staff impatiently: Faster! Start! Start now
Purab: Huh? What’s the rush?
New staff: Just like that but faster start sir.
Purab: Okay….

Purab said that Abhi felt Pragya was testing his feelings towards her by sending Mithra to the restaurant. He felt she was not believing him enough. Eventually he decided not to use anybody’s help to confirm Pragya’s love for him. He decided to get into action by himself.

New staff: Then what about her feelings?
Purab: You mean Mithra?
New staff nodded her head as yes.
Purab: She didn’t know all this. He was fine seeing her the next day and told her not to do like that next time.
New staff: That means she thought he was fine with her confession and all was normal.

Purab: Ya and he was busy after that for a presentation. That made Mithra not to disturb him furthermore.
New staff: You tell all this so easily na…
Purab: Excuse me?
He turned and looked at her.

New staff: She should have known that he is in love with Pragya and not her!
Purab: Yes but none of us know that at that time na….
New staff looked down.

Purab: What happened now?
New staff: Nothing.
Purab: Are u feeling bad for your sister?
New staff not looking at him: No!
Purab: Arrey it’s nothing wrong to admit yaar…
New staff: Then what happened next?
Purab: First you look at me!

New staff: No!
Purab: Hmm then how can I tell u the twist in the tale?
New staff looking up: Twist?
Purab: Haan do u know who started to do the wedding arrangements of Abhi and Mithra without Abhi’s knowledge?
New staff: What? The wedding arrangements happened without his knowledge?? How is that possible?
Purab: It’s possible when there are possibilities.
New staff: What does that mean? Wait! I know! You are the villain right?
Purab: Oh darling, no it’s Dadi who did that!

New staff in shock freezed.
Purab: Hello! Hello!
He said by waving his hand in front of her.
New staff came back to senses.
New staff: What hello?hello? You are telling hello as if we are talking through phone!
Purab smirked as he was about to stand when she called him: Sir! So u are not the real villain in their lives!
Purab: Why are u so obsessed with villains? She is not villain….it’s just…..
New staff: No sir! Every love story have a vilain!
Purab chuckling: This is a tag line of a movie right?
New staff: Not funny sir! Even if we have a love story there could be a villain too.

Purab jerked and now new staff stood up saying: Bye sir….
She walked away leaving Purab in shock.

Purab running behind her: What do u mean just now?
New staff: Nothing…
Purab: Darling! You can’t lie to me! That means if we have a love story then there will be a villain! Is that why u are not confessing your love for me??
New staff shook her head as no.

Purab: No! Why don’t u tell me what is bothering u?
New staff looked around and said: You are talking loudly in a public place.
Purab: Then tell me what u are hiding!
He asked firmly.

New staff: To tell that I need to trust you.
Purab: You still don’t trust me after all this days?
New staff: You see Sir…How do i explain? Okay I do trust you but….
Purab: But?
New staff: My meaning of trust is different. I should feel your trust. What we share with each other until now, is not enough for me to trust u the way I want. But that doesn’t mean u are not a person to be trusted…it’s just that I am expecting more….Do u understand what I am telling?

Purab looked away and said: Still confused…
New staff smiled and asked: Are u in a rush to fall in love?
Purab looking at her: Why should I be in a rush?
New staff: Then it’s smooth right? I would just say don’t expect that I will fall in love with you before u finish your story narration and at the same time don’t think I will not reject your love after story narration.

Purab looking lost: When did u become like this?
New staff looking at herself: Like this means? I am normal right?
Purab: So confusing! I feel my head is spinning. It’s just love! Why are u making it like a theory!

New staff: Cool! Love is a theory to philosophers like me.
Purab sighed and walked towards his car.

New staff walking behind him said: I will leave now. I guess now the bus will not be that much crowded. Bye!

He never replied anything but just nodded his head as a signal that he heard her.

New staff with a gentle smile left from there.

Meanwhile, Pragya and kids were looking at the doorstep for Abhi’s arrival. He was never so late and this time he never even called to inform them that he will be late after work. Pragya and kids looked worried.

Kids softly: Puppa….Puppa….
Pragya: Ya where is this Puppa? Never even called us!
Just then they heard car reaching sound and were excited to see Abhi.

Pragya: Stay here kiddos! I will go and see!
Kids nodded their heads as yes.

She rushed to the doorstep and saw Abhi coming with a help of man. Abhi had injured his shoulder.

Pragya panicked: What happened? How did this happen?
Abhi: Nothing yaar….
The man helped him further inside the house and Pragya was was very worried for his condition.

Pragya: You have bleeding too?
She asked noticing Abhi’s blood stained shirt.
Abhi with difficulty: I had….but now it had stopped.
Pragya: What really happened?
Abhi: First get something to drink for Mr Vijay!
Pragya was about to leave to the kitchen when Vijay kindly declined to drink and left the house asking Abhi to take care of himself.
Kids moving with their portable baby walker came closer to Abhi.

Abhi: Hello Kiddos! How was the day?
Kids looking at the stains in a worried tone said: Juya….
Abhi widening his eyes: Juya? What’s that?
Pragya in tears: What really happened?
Abhi: Oh Boss! I said it’s nothing na…are u trying to make kiddos sad now?
Pragya: They are already sad. Look at them. They are also looking worried at your shirt.

Abhi: Damn this shirt! Let me take it off!
He was trying to take it off but couldn’t as he had pain on his shoulder.
Pragya: Stop it! I will help u!
She helped him to remove the shirt off and kids: Puppa….
Abhi: Yes kiddos!
Kids: Juya…muya jum jum!
Abhi chuckled and said: Now what is all this?
Pragya: Come let’s go to the room Boss! I will ask Robin to serve the dinner in our room too.

Abhi: Boss! We are talking na…Can’t u see that?
Pragya: Why should I see that? I can only see you in pain now….
Abhi sighed and said: Then kiddos? How will they be alone?
Pragya: Let’s use the room near the kitchen. I don’t want u to strain by taking stairs.
Abhi: Oh Pragya…it’s a small injury yaar…
Pragya: I don’t care! You want to talk to them right? Keep talking while I tidy up the room.

She never listened to Abhi’s words and went to the room to tidy it up.

Pragya, Is this the kind of bad thing that is happening like Dadi said? From the time I married him, he had never injured himself but after that one week now this had happened. I hope nothing bad happens further.

Pragya helped him to rest on the bed as the kids followed their parents to the room with their walkers in action.

Pragya stood beside Abhi who was lying on the bed.

Pragya: Kiddos….Don’t make any noise…Puppa needs rest.
Abhi: I am not a patient here! You are acting as if this is a hospital!
Pragya: Then tell how did this happen? Why is there a bandage on your shoulder?
Abhi sighed and closed his eyes.

Kids screamed: Puppa! Puppa!
Abhi opened his eyes and looked at them as if what they want when he saw Pragya almost fainting.

Abhi quickly pulled her and she was on top of him now.

Abhi patting her cheek: Wake up Pragya! Always fainting after getting shocked!

Pragya slowly opened her eyes and saw herself on top of his bare chest.

Pragya tried to move but he held her firmly and asked: Did u ate properly?
Pragya shook her head as no.

Abhi: Why? How many times I ask u to eat on time?

Pragya: How can I when u never answered my calls and never even texted me back?

Abhi smiled and said: I am sorry….
Pragya in tears: What really happened?
Abhi whispered: I will tell u later after kiddos slept. Ok?
Pragya: Hmm…
Abhi: Smile now….please…
Pragya smiled and he let her off as kids were staring at them weirdly.

Pragya: Hey kiddos! Why u two are looking like that?
Kids looked at each other and said: Cute Mumma Puppa!

Abhi and Pragya chuckled hearing that and they looked at each other when kids cried as they were hungry.

Pragya: I will ask Robin to get all our dinner here. Just look after them for a while Boss.

Abhi: Yes Boss!

Pragya went out of the room and later all had dinner together.

After a while, making the kids to sleep Pragya looked at Abhi who was acting to fall asleep.

Pragya: Boss…if u are acting like this, it makes me scared…

Abhi: I feel it’s not a big thing to be shared with you Pragya….
Pragya: Don’t u remember that we have said to each other to share every single thing with each other that happens in our lives?
Abhi: I know…
Pragya: Then tell me na…I won’t stress myself for whatever it is….
Abhi: Come here!
Pragya came closer to him as he made her sit beside him.

Abhi: You sure of not getting worried?
Pragya: Sure Boss…
Abhi: Okay then, I know u won’t leave me if I never tell u….it was Jai who hit me!
Pragya in shock: Jai??? He hit u???
Abhi: Yes Pragya…
Pragya: Are u sure?
Abhi: I never saw him clearly but the watch I gifted him had fallen from his pocket. Pragya: Why should he keep the watch in his pocket?
Abhi: How would I know? But it’s the same watch that I gifted him with his name on the analogue screen.

Pragya: Boss…don’t jump into conclusion like this…Jai won’t do like that as u have told me he is very caring towards u….
Abhi: Yes…..but that day he said he will do anything for Mithra if she loves him…so I thought he hit me for her….
Pragya: Mithra would never ask him to do like that. She is not that kind of person. Wait! Does this mean she is in love with Jai?

Abhi: No Pragya….I heard from Jai he will very soon confess his love for her as he doesn’t have enough time to stay here. He said once his Ma gets recovered then he will take her to Canada as his work is now shifted to there.

Pragya: Boss…please don’t rush into anything. Nothing like last time should happen again… We will discuss about this later Boss. You take rest now.

Abhi nodded his head as yes and smiled at her as she kissed his forehead.

Soon he slept in tiredness and she slept on the couch looking at him and the kids sleeping in their cradle peacefully.

Kiddos missing Dadi and Dasi by looking at their photos.

In another situation,
Believing to believe you is as thinking to think about u.

Thank u everyone for reading! I am not a mind reader haha if I am I would have no problems in solving the gingering engineering problems. Nevermind nothing can be done about it. Its just 2 weeks after my college but my stress level had shot up. I will try to be regular as all ur comments is a form of stress relief for me. Seriously speaking after typing this I will be feeling like vomiting blood while doing my assignments. But reading all ur comment reduces that feeling so thank u for that.

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