Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 37

Jai: Don’t u all have any senses? How could u all do this!!!
Lady: Sir! We are extremely sorry but just wait a second, we will shift her to the ward that u requested for.
Jai: Excuse me it wasn’t my request but it was already clearly stated in the admission forms!
Just then Mithra entered the hospital and was surprised to see Jai being very angry.

Mithra knew he is not after her but he is around in the hospital for his mother. His mother can’t speak but that doesn’t hinders his bonding with her. She was recently aware of all this from a nurse who attend to Jai’s mother.

Mithra: What’s the commotion here?
Jai: Nothing! Ask your colleague itself! Who would change a patient’s ward without the consent of the patient and their caretaker.
Mithra: Who did that??
Jai: She!
He said by looking fiercely at the lady in front of him.
Mithra: Calm down! She is new here and she may have done the procedures unknowingly.
Jai: You don’t know why my Ma prefers that ward! She wants to stay there as my dad used to be in the same ward before. Now he is no more. She wants to feel his presence in his absence but this ridiculous staff here made some stupid arrangements and now she is unwell again being in a different ward.

He said that and was in the verge of tears. Mithra didn’t expected there would be such a reason behind his anger. She felt bad for him.

She assured him that his mother would be changed to the ward she preferred as soon as possible.

Jai was somewhat convinced and Mithra headed to make the arrangements.

After a few hours,

Jai’s Ma was back at the ward but she was still unconscious and unwell.

Jai after discussing with the doctor went to the reception area.

He looked for Mithra to thank her but she was not around so he thought of waiting there for a while.

He sat down in the seats over there with his eyes closed.

A while later, Mithra came by and looked at Jai who was looking very worried.

Jai was in tears and Mithra walked to him and sat beside him. He opened his eyes realizing her presence.

After a moment of silence,

Jai in a shaky voice: Thank you…
Mithra: It was not at all help, it was my job I did.
Jai: My thank u is not for that…
Mithra: Hmm..Oh…but I never even offered you anything to wipe your tears.
Jai with a faint smile: Thank you for this….
He said and leaned his head on her shoulder.

She was taken aback by his action but couldn’t say anything against him as he needed moral support now more than anything.

A while later, Mithra asked: Feeling better?
Jai: I think so…
Mithra: Then may I go now?
Jai: You don’t have to ask me permission for that!
Mithra: Mr Jai! You are not only leaning on my shoulder but also holding my hand. Would u please tell me how will I be able to leave if u never let me off?
Jai smiled sheepishly and took his hand from hers and moved his head from her shoulder.

Mithra quickly stood up and said: Don’t worry, Ma will be fine soon for her caring son.

Jai with a smile: Thanks….
Mithra turned to walk when Jai felt she could have stayed with her for a little longer.

Mithra turning back asked: Shall we have lunch later?
Jai looked lost and said: Huh?
Mithra: Lunch in the canteen! Are u free?
Jai nodded his head and was very delighted to have his first lunch with her.

Mithra smiled back and asked him to meet her at the canteen at 12 pm.

As this was happening kiddos were super duper excited for their go!go! time. This time their attire was very different and they even had their brand new mini water bottles. Pragya looking at their excitement was feeling more tense than being happy for them.

Pragya, Why is this happening to me! How will I manage them alone!

She looks worried thinking that while kiddos start to sing Happy Booday song in happiness by shaking their heads.

Abhi came down the stairs and looked at excited kiddos in the pram and worried Pragya standing in front of them.

Kiddos excitedly: Puppa! Swoo! Swoo!
Abhi in his cheerful tone: Yes kiddos! You two are going for Swoo! Swoo with Mumma!
Pragya looking at him could only frown in frustration.

Abhi: Boss! U are acting as if they are going for some daredevil adventure!
Pragya: What would u know? Who ask u to do like that? And the worst thing is you’re not coming with me!
Abhi: Boss…please their go!go! is just outside our house and I have prepared for all the arrangements.

Pragya: I know but still….
She hesitated by worrying.
Abhi was about to hug her to calm her down when he saw two ladies entering.

Abhi thought to tease Pragya and he whistled as the ladies came in.

Pragya: Stop that!
Abhi whispered to her: They are here! Oh dear look at their physique. They are super fit!!

Pragya got annoyed and whispered: Stop praising them! I don’t like it!

Abhi smiled and winked by placing his hand around her shoulder.

Abhi: Hi ladies! Sorry for the delay in talking to u all!
Lady 1: It’s okay sir and we have checked everything outside. It’s perfect and u even had a shelter arranged for them.
Abhi: Of course! I don’t want them to have sunburns in this hot weather.
Pragya worriedly: It’s safe right?
Lady 2: Yes mam. We are trained in this for many years. We have seen many babies before. You don’t have to worry about their safety. You will be also around to see them mam that will make u know how fun will it be for them.

Pragya looked at Abhi again with an apprehension.

Abhi: Come on Pragya! It’s just for sometime to make them have fun!
Kiddos were busily talking among themselves as they are very eager to do what Abhi had shown in the video to them.

Pragya: Okay….
She said and asked: When are we starting it?
Lady 1: Once u are ready to bring them out.
Pragya still was not convinced and Abhi gave a side hug to her.

Pragya: You are leaving now?
Abhi: Yes Boss…it’s already getting late!
Pragya in a low tone: Okay…why not we do this next time?
Abhi: No, they are the best baby swimming teachers right now! We will not get their appointment that easily Pragya…just try this once as I want to know whether kiddos can do it….
Pragya nodded her head in response and saw him leaving after saying bye!bye! to kiddos and Pragya.

Pragya and one of the ladies pushed their prams and kiddos were playing with their new empty water bottles.

Pragya, This Boss na bought them this expensive bottles to make them forget about Fiya! Even all this arrangement is for that! He thinks I don’t know all this!

She thought all that as they reached the mini swimming pool set up for the kiddos in the garden area.

Lady 1: They no need to wear swimming attire. Just panties will do.
Pragya shrieked: What? What if they feel cold??
Lady 1: No mam…the temperature of the water is not cold for babies. It’s warm water only, u can touch to check.

Pragya touched the water and it was very warm like they said.

Pragya: Please don’t be harsh when teaching them.
Lady 2 with a smile: Sir had briefed us everything mam. He even told us they are called as kiddos.
Pragya gave a faint smile and nodded her head.

She saw the kids more than willing to go towards the ladies and when they helped them to take of their swimming attire, they were happily smiling.

It was she who was very scared as the kids were accompanied by the ladies to get into the swimming pool. It only took kids few minutes to learn.

Lady 1: Mam come here and see they are loving it!
Pragya came closer to where kiddos were playing with water.

Kids squealed in happiness: Mumma! Swoo! Swoo!
Pragya smiled at their happiness.
Lady 2 holding onto Prabhi: They are quick learners when it comes to moving their legs in the water.
Pragya hearing that was feeling overwhelmed.

Kids were thoroughly enjoying it and Pragya at times warned them not to laugh too much. She was scared they would drink the water by the splashes they made.

After an hour,
Lady 1: This is enough for today. We can have the next session a little longer.
Pragya finally had the sigh of relief. But kids were not satisfied.

Lady 1 and Lady 2 carried Abhigya and Prabhi respectively out of the swimming pool.

As for the kids, they didn’t expect it to end so early. They started to whine making Pragya have a headache.

Pragya: I will deal with them! Thank u so much for teaching them!

She said looking at the ladies and they soon left from there after freshening up in the guest house.

Pragya wiping them with towels: Oh kiddos! Stop na…you will do Swoo! Swoo next time.

They couldn’t stop crying and they were keep on thinking of their playtime in the swimming pool.

Pragya: I know u two will do like this! Always like this na!
Kids cried: Mumma! Swoo! Swoo!
Pragya: Yes kiddos we can do that next time.
She hugged them and she knew now being fierce to them won’t work out.

Pragya managed to bring them back into the house and they finally calmed down as Pragya gave their new water bottles to them.
Pragya, I wonder what is there in this water bottle! Ok I know it’s shiny and glittery but what is there to play with! They even have name for the bottles! Bobby! Is this because I like Bobby the hindi movie?

She had this things running in her mind after changing their clothes and made them sit on the sofa.

Kiddos: Mumma! Mumma!
They called her and gestured as if they want her to sit with them.

She too sit with them and they looked shy.

Pragya: Why u two are blushing like this?
Kids smiled before giving flying kiss to her.
Pragya chuckled seeing this.

Pragya: Oh kiddos! So cute and lovely!
She said by hugging them.

Kids liked their Mumma’s hug more than anything.

Pragya thought, Whatever it is kiddos are really very cute like him.

New staff in shock freezed.
Purab: Hello! Hello!
He said by waving his hand in front of her.
New staff came back to senses.
New staff: What hello?hello? You are telling hello as if we are talking through phone!
Purab smirked as he was about to stand when she called him: Sir! So u are not the real villain in their lives!
Purab: Why are u so obsessed with villains? She is not villain….it’s just…..
New staff: No sir! Every love story have a vilain!
Purab chuckling: This is a tag line of a movie right?
New staff: Not funny sir! Even if we have a love story there could be a villain too.

Purab jerked and now new staff stood up saying: Bye sir….
She walked away leaving Purab in shock.

Thank u everyone for all your cute and cheerful comments. Unable to reply everyone. Feeling ??? about it but hope u all can understand my situation of stuck in studies. Unable to read a lot of ffs too as I end up reading more research papers like some crazy scientist. Not at all fun like reading ffs here. I only end up having my brain juices to be drained up??! Anyways sorry for my trouble sharing and keep reading n happy reading! ?? (Sorry for the mistakes in the past few updates too)

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