Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 36

Alert: Kiddos yearning for something badly. Will Abhi and Pragya know what are they yearning for?

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Pragya and kiddos were back at home as Abhi had came and fetch them later from Mithra’s house.

At their room,

Pragya: I wish her parents were alive now…
Abhi: I also wish that….
Pragya: Even though she lives in hostel she never fail to come down to her house and tidy up to make sure the house is the same just like when they were alive.
Abhi: I know….it have all her fond memories there and she wouldn’t let it to be isolated.
Pragya remained silent and remembered about kiddos teasing Mithra.

She chuckled and Abhi asked: What are u laughing about?
Pragya: No Boss…I ask kiddos to call Mithra as Di but they couldn’t and she also didn’t like to be called as Di as it makes her feel old.

Abhi: Then what happened?
Pragya: I call her by name na…Mithra…
Abhi feeling excited: You mean they also call her Mithra!
Pragya: No Boss! They call her Mithu!
Abhi in shock: Mithu??
Pragya: Haan Boss and Mithra tried to teach them that she is not Mithu but Mithra.

Abhi: Were they able to learn that?
Pragya: No they made her learn that it is Mithu!
Abhi chuckled and said: They are my kids na that’s why they follow me.
Pragya: Excuse me Boss! Mithu is way better than your Mithz.
Abhi frowned and looked away in anger.

Pragya: Boss! But I feel she likes kiddos!
Abhi was still looking away.

Pragya: Boss! Kiddos ask me to tell u something too.
Abhi: If they want they can tell me later.
Pragya: Don’t be like this na…it’s a serious matter.
Abhi: What’s that?
Pragya: They were saying something like Fiya…Puppa…before going to sleep. They sounded as if they are yearning for something but u were busily talking to someone in the phone!
Abhi: Fiya?
Pragya: Haan Boss! From the time we left from there they were mumbling that word. They also said it with Puppa.

Abhi: Now what is this Fiya???
Pragya shrugged her shoulder and said: You have to find that out as they tell that with your name.
Abhi with irritation: My name is not Puppa!
Pragya: So cute! You are their Puppa and nobody can change that!
Abhi: Oh…come closer….
Pragya walking backwards shaked her head as no.

Abhi: If u walk backwards, do u think u can escape from me? How many times I have told u to make them call me Papa!
He said by walking towards her.

He was about to pin her against the wall, the kids cried loudly.

Pragya: Kiddos are crying!
She screamed that at his face and ran away.
Abhi, For that why does she scream at my face!!

He also followed her and saw Pragya trying to calm down the kids by hugging them.

Abhi: What happened Boss?
Pragya: I think they had a bad dream Boss…they were crying with their eyes closed.
Abhi: Kiddos!
Kids were still sobbing and were murmuring the words Fiya…Puppa.. continuously.

Abhi: Fiya? What is this Pragya?
He asked her and she gave a clueless face.
Pragya: How would I know? Is it something scary that they have seen?

Abhi in a gentle tone: Kiddos….
Kids with teary eyed: Puppa…Fiya…
Abhi: Don’t worry kiddos….
He said by looking at them tenderly.

Pragya: Let’s bring them to our room. It’s my mistake to leave them here and talk to u in our room.

Abhi shook his head in disbelief as it was a routine for Pragya to blame herself whenever something unexpected happens.

Both carried the kids but they looked very sad.

Both placed them on the middle of the bed and now Abhi and Pragya look worried.

Prabhi: Puppa….Fiya…
Abhigya: Fiya….Puppa…
Abhi sitting beside them caressed their hair and said: What is this Fiya? I really don’t know kiddos.

Both the kids tried to wake up and Pragya: Kiddos….it’s sleeping time….lie down na…

Kids looked sad and they didn’t know how to explain what they want. .

Abhi made them sit despite Pragya getting upset for that and the kids crawled towards Abhi.

Abhi embracing them asked with worry: Did u all got scared of something?
Kids: Puppa…Fiya…
They said pleadingly.

Pragya: Can I tell something?
Abhi: Hmmm…
Pragya: Shall we ask Mithra about this Fiya? Since they are telling that only after coming from there.
Kids hearing Mithra name got excited and yelled: Mithu! Mithu! Fiya! Fiya!
Abhi: But now is very late at night. She might be sleeping Boss…

Kids looking at Abhi beamed in happiness as they know Mithra will help them.

Pragya: Please try na…look at them now! How happy they are! Now only they are back in form of squealing and looking excited. Just now they look as if they lost something badly.

Abhi: Okay…I will call her now….

Kids pouted as if they want to kiss Abhi.

Abhi chuckling: You two are like mother! She also pouts at me for a kiss.

He then bent lower as kids kissed his cheek.
Pragya: Huh? When did I do like that?
Abhi: You did dear when u were near me.
Pragya look puzzled as he gestured to kids to do something.

The kids looked shy and gave a flying kiss to Pragya.

Pragya: Oh my god! When did they learn this?
Abhi winked and told: I am not like u…I will teach them all the sweet and lovely things that makes them cute like u!

Pragya sighed and looked away.

Abhi: Kiddos…Mumma is so cute when she is like this! Isn’t it?
Kids nodded their head as yes.

Prabhi: Cute!
Abhigya: Mumma!

Pragya: Wait! Now they forgot about that ah?
Abhi looking astonished: Arrey…did they?

Kids at the right moment softly murmured: Fiya….Mithu…
They said by looking up.

Abhi and Pragya looking up the direction they are seeing wondered what is that they are looking for.

Pragya: My neck is paining Boss of looking up! Please call Mithra! Or pass me her number, I will ask her.

Abhi: Ok! Wait let me get my phone.

Soon he passed the number to Pragya. Meanwhile, the kids were in the lying position and were keep on repeating the same thing, Fiya! Mithu in a non-stop mode.

As for Pragya she went to the balcony to make a call.

Abhi taking care of the kids was already feeling sleepy of their constant chants of Fiya and Mithu. In between, they did mention Puppa too.

Abhi wondered, Where is their pacifiers? Only it can save me from their chants now!

Kids: Puppa….Fiya….
Abhi: Kiddos! Please na….this is the umpteenth time that u two are repeating this!

He pleaded them but they still repeated the words.

They looked with an amazed expression whenever they mention the words.

Pragya came back to the room with a wide smile.

Abhi: Boss! Finally u are back!
Pragya: How are they now?
Abhi: Still the same! I really wonder in what dreamy land they are in now. They are keep on repeating it like as if something had hypnotized them!

Pragya chuckling: Yes it’s almost like that Boss.
Abhi in surprise: What do u mean?
Pragya: Kiddos had seen a blue butterfly.
Abhi: Blue butterfly?
Pragya: Yes Boss….it’s their first time seeing it so that were completely fascinated by it.

Abhi scratching his head: I don’t get one thing! Then what is this Fiya and why they link it with me.

Pragya: Mithra said if she is not wrong, they were very very amazed after seeing the butterfly flying away. That’s when they uttered the word Fiya!

Abhi: Does that means Fiya refers to Flying?
Pragya: Maybe if not it’s just their way of expressing amazement towards seeing the butterfly flying away. But the most interesting part is u!

Abhi realized that kids by now had slept and they were sleeping with a wide smile.

Abhi gently placing the pillows by their side, moved towards Pragya.

Abhi: I am the interesting part? What does that mean?
Pragya smirked making Abhi looked even more confused.

Abhi: Pragya! Just tell me yaar! Your smile is making me scared!

Pragya: Okok! The interesting part is….
She said as if it’s a suspense.

Abhi holding her shoulder: Tell me now!
Pragya: Ssssh…they are sleeping.
Abhi bringing her to the balcony: Faster tell me!

Pragya: Ok Boss…what Mithra and I think is kiddos want u to fly like butterfly! If not….
Abhi: What? Fly like butterfly and what is the if not?
Pragya: If not you have to look like a butterfly in front of them!

Abhi shrieked: What the hell!!! Is this how u two will assume???

For a moment, Abhi imagined himself having wings like a butterfly and making the kids to laugh as he goes around them by flapping the wings.

Pragya snapping her finger: Imagining ah?
Abhi irked: Chee! No! I am going to sleep! Bye!

He said with full of annoyance as Pragya followed him by giggling more.

While this was happening, Mithra before going to sleep thought of the day that she saw Abhi pulling Pragya into his cabin.

Mithra was going to the office where Abhi works next day after her love confession to him. She hoped that he was fine. She knew he was shocked by the way she had confessed her love for him but what made her feel more worried was he never picked up any of her calls.

When she was with that thoughts, she saw Abhi forcefully pulling Pragya into his cabin. Mithra wondered what had happened that he looked so serious.

Before Abhi pulling Pragya into his cabin:

Abhi sees Pragya’s dupatta stucked in the sides of the door. She was struggling to remove it when Abhi who passed by said
“Let me help you with it”. He said by holding Pragya’s hand when she budge his hands away making Abhi looked clueless. Pragya tries to run away leaving the duppata but before that Abhi pulls her into the cabin.

Inside the cabin,
Pragya “ Are u mad???” Abhi “ Vaguely! But not like u had been at last night!” Pragya in confusion “What are u blabbering??” Abhi “ Don’t act Pragya! How can u have so much of doubt on me after working with me for more than a year!” Pragya “ Doubts?” Abhi “ Enough Pragya! If u have doubts on me u could have directly asked me. Why do u have to send her instead of u?”

Pragya completely confused “ Mr Abhi! Have u lost it?” Abhi “ Yes I have lost it when u did like that!” Pragya couldn’t understand what he is trying to tell her.

Pragya “ I am sorry for just now and “ Before she could complete her sentence there was knocking sounds on their cabin.

Abhi “ Wait! We have to talk!” Pragya “ What else is there to talk. Do remember we are working Mr Abhi. We are not here to waste our time talking to each other.” Abhi “ Ya right Ms workaholic!” Hearing that unknowingly Pragya smiled and hide it once she realized he was looking at her.

Abhi walking pass her “ You still can smile at me!” Pragya “ I smiled at your way of talking, not at u Mr Abhi….” Abhi “ Ya!ya! I know that….” He said sarcastically by opening the cabin door.

Mithra’s thoughts jolted in a rush when she heard the hostel warden to turn off the lights and sleep.

She too did that and decided not to think about the past.

As she did that someone texted to her phone saying I miss you Mithu….

Jai was in tears and Mithra walked to him and sat beside him.
Jai in a shaky voice: Thank you…
Mithra: I never even offered you anything to wipe your tears.
Jai: Thank you for this….
He said and leaned his head on her shoulder.
She was taken aback by his action but couldn’t say anything against him as he needed moral support now more than anything.

As this was happening kiddos were super duper excited for their go!go! time. This time their attire was very different and they even had their brand new mini water bottles. Pragya looking at their excitement was feeling more tensed than being happy for them.

Pragya, Why is this happening to me! How will I manage them alone!

She looks worried thinking that while kiddos start to sing Happy Booday song in happiness by shaking their heads.

Thank u everyone for all the cheerful comments. Hope u all like the kiddos and Abhigya’s moments. ?? Keep reading and happy reading too.

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