Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 35

Abhi was walking to and fro in his room.

Abhi thinking, Maybe I should have deal this myself! Why did I even ask him to help? It’s so stupid of me to do so! Now he ask me to come at 8 pm in the night! What will I tell Dadi about going out at this time! It’s so late at night. But I am wondering how did even Pragya agree to come out at night. She is scared of darkness and if i am not wrong even her folks won’t allow to come out at night!

Dadi knocked his door and opened it.

Dadi with a smile “ Purab had asked u to come for dinner right? Then why are u not getting ready for it?” Abhi in shock “ You know about it?” Dadi “ Haan he said he wants to have dinner with u as he is giving a treat for his promotion!” Abhi sighed in relief hearing that.

Dadi “ What happened Abhi? You don’t want to go and see him?” Abhi “ Nothing like that Dadi, I thought u don’t like me going out alone in night as u feel I get scared of darkness!” Dadi chuckled hearing that and said“ From when were u scared of darkness? You are scared of ghosts roaming in the night and that’s why I am against u in going out at nights and that too alone!” Abhi looking down “ Now it’s not their visiting time…..” Dadi “ Yes so now u hurry up and go!” Abhi came in front of her and asked to bless him.

Dadi smiled but was doubtful of his action as he only asks blessing from her on important occasions in his life.

Dadi “ For eating u need blessing?” Abhi “ Come on Dadi! It’s not for eating but for not seeing any hindrances in the night!” Dadi nodded her head with smile and blessed him. As for Abhi, he was happy that today it will turn out to be a good day for him!

Abhi got ready and with a lot of happines left his house. Dadi noticed the unusual happiness on his face for a dinner. She suspected whether it could be a matter of love that made him unusually happy.

Abhi reaching the place was getting tensed.

Abhi, Oh no! I never even bring any flowers like how I had seen in movies where the lead actor will propose!

He thought that as he entered the restaurant.

Just then a waiter came and passed him a bouquet of flowers.

Abhi “ For me?” Waiter “ No! It’s for her!” Abhi “ Purab did this?” Waiter “ Yes sir….u just have to listen to her!” Abhi smiled and patted on his back saying “ Not everyone gets a dost like him!” Waiter feeling the pain from his patting said “ Sir…I got to go!”

Abhi smiled and let him go. He looked at the flowers that he was holding on his right hand.

Abhi “ Looks lovely like her!” He said and walked ahead to look for Purab and Pragya.

Abhi murmured to himself “ Where are they?”

Purab just then called him “ Good that u are here on time! Look to the left side of u! We are here!” Abhi turned to his left and before he could see them the lights turned off.

Abhi “ What the hell? Did they never pay their electricity bills??? How did the lights went off suddenly!! Where is the manager??” Purab “ Chill!!! It’s my plan!!!” Abhi “ What plan is this? It’s so inauspicious to start something good! Dadi said anything good should happen in brightness!” Purab “ Abhi! Why are u so bounded to Dadi’s words? Just come out of them yaar….” Abhi “ I won’t as she only have me!” Purab “ Okok! Now we are here for your love!” Abhi “ Haan so switch on the lights now!” Purab “ He is not listening…do u mind telling him about this?” Abhi in a excited tone “ Is she here?” Purab “ Of course! It’s a dinner for both of u na…” Abhi “ I mean is she beside u?” Purab “ Yes Abhi…” Abhi “ Switch on the lights yaar….I want to see her badly….”

Purab “ It will be switched on if you come near us!” Abhi groaned more and walked in the darkness making a guess of where they could be.

Before reaching them he was about to trip and fall but before that a soft hands hold his hand to prevent him from falling.

He smiled at her touch and she “ Purab! Ask to switch on the lights! Can’t u see it’s troubling him?”

Abhi smiled but wondered why her voice sounds different.

Purab “ Soon!soon!” She slowly removed her hand from his after making him sit opposite to her.

Purab who was beside Abhi “ Enjoying touches ah?” Abhi in a puzzled tone “Is she really here? Is it that easy for her to come here?” He whispered to him and in response Purab “It’s very easy for me to make her come!”

Abhi heard chuckling sounds of her and thought, that this would be the best day of his life when she is going to confess her love to him.

All of a sudden, a voice was heard loudly around the restaurant.

“ Ladies and gentlemen! This announcement is exclusively for the person who is exclusive to me and inclusive in my life! It may sound cliche but he is an absolute treat to have in life. Who am I talking about will be known in few minutes but why am I talking about him is what I am going to tell now. Not many have the ability to make others laugh from their heart. Not many have the ability to care for others from their heart. Not many have the ability to love others from their heart. That is what I have been thinking and this man in front of me is one of the not many who have these abilities! I am only thinking may I have the pleasure to learn these abilities from him? For that to happen I need him throughout my life. Do u love me? Is what I need to ask him but do I love him? Is what i ask myself and the answer is yes! I love him! And now the lights will be switched on to hear his response.

Abhi closed his eyes in pleasure of her words and thought how pleasant Pragya is in her way of expressing herself.

Slowly all the lights were switched on and before that Abhi closing his eyes confessed “ I do love you….” Everyone over there smiled heartily at his confession.

Mithra smiled at him who was closing his eyes and smiling in pleasure.

Purab “Open your eyes! How would u see her with your eyes closed!!” He slowly opened his eyes and was shocked to see Mithra in place of Pragya and Dasi was sitting beside her.

Abhi “ Mithz??” Mithra nodded her head looking overwhelmed of his confession and he looked puzzled of what’s happening here.
He never said anything and walked out of the restaurant abruptly leaving the trio there in puzzled. Meanwhile, Pragya at her house, was smiling thinking of Abhi.

New staff interrupted: OMG! So u are the villain!!!
Purab: Excuse me I am not! I genuinely helped him!
New staff: What? How could u just jump into assumptions? And this Mithz is so so so….
Purab: So so so?
New staff: So so so dreamy like me!
Purab giggled and said: That’s why both of u are sisters!
New staff sighed and folded her arms in anger.

Purab: Listen yaar…how can I say myself as villain. Which villain will say I am the villain? It’s from others’ point of view whether an individual is villain or not.

New staff: Whatever…this is all to justify yourself! Wait but tell me first, what did u all thought when Boss went away like that?

Purab: We thought he was shocked to see Dasi there too and also there was quite a number of customers who saw all this happening which might have made him feel uncomfortable.

New staff shook her head in disbelief.

Purab: But Mithra was jumping in joy on that day.

He said remembering her.

New staff: Yes any girl would have when the man she loves accepts her.

Purab: Will you?
New staff looking away: What do u mean?
Purab: I mean will u think the same way?
New staff: That depends on the man I love!
Purab: I hope it’s me. I am 75% sure that it’s me!
He said and winked at her.

New staff: 75%? What kind of calculation is that?
Purab in a husky tone: Seeeecccreeeet.
New staff: Why do u sound like that?
Purab looking at her in a romantic way was smiling widely.

New staff: I think the time is not good! Bye!
She said nervously and quickly left from there with her bags.

Purab smirked and knew that she would leave like this. Even he too wanted this as he didn’t want to tell the story more. He needs to tell it some other day so that he can meet her again and again.

Abhi ” Let me help you with it”. He said by holding Pragya’s hand when she budge his hands away making Abhi looked clueless. Pragya tries to run away but before that Abhi pulls her into the cabin.

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