Boss I love you (KKB) Shot 34

Pragya seeing kiddos: Kiddos! I am here!

She said still crying badly and Mithra looked at her in disbelief.

Kids hearing Pragya’s voice turned to look at her. They were very happy to see her and screamed: Mumma! Mumma!

Pragya sitting beside Mithra was still crying and kids made their way to Pragya’s lap.

Pragya: Kiddos….
Kids couldn’t stand their Mumma crying and said softly: no…no…

Pragya: Ya!ya! No!no! Crying na…
Kids buried their faces in Pragya’s stomach.

Pragya: Oh kiddos…
She said by carressing their heads.

Pragya could feel kiddos getting emotional and seeing that Mithra asked: Why are u so careless Pragya? What if they got scared and cried a lot??

Pragya remained silent as she remembered Abhi’s words.

Mithra looked at Pragya being nervous and she was hugging the kids close to her and kissed their heads.

Mithra: Ok! First come in and get something to drink!

Pragya looked up in shock and looked around.

Mithra: You won’t come in?
Pragya looking helplessly: Nothing like that Mithra….but….
Mithra: Come in Pragya…I don’t know how u all end up here but since you’re here, come and have something. Please…..

Pragya couldn’t say no so as it will make Mithra feel bad.

Pragya: Kiddos…shall we go in?
Kids looking up at her: ya!ya! Mumma…
Mithra smiled at their bonding and Pragya making them get down from her then walked into the house with the kids and Mithra.

Abhi seeing this from a distance smiled.

As this happened, new staff came across Purab in a shopping mall.

New staff: You are here?
Purab: Yes! How may I help u?
New staff frowned at him.

Purab: Come on yaar….It’s my wish to be here right? Why do u look at me as if you are my biwi?
New staff gasped at his words.

Purab: leave it! You don’t need to get shock for this when I have already confessed my love!
New staff: How was your trip then?
Purab: Yes it was super cool like u!
New staff: You mean the weather?
Purab: No yaar…I mean the experience!

New staff, How easily he is telling lies with a charming face!! How do I trust when he lies to me!

Purab looking at her: What are u thinking?
New staff blatantly: Nothing!
She walked ahead not able to tolerate him and he went behind her.

Purab: Angry?
New staff: No! Hungry!
Purab: Oh…Angry because u are Hungry!
He said by chuckling making her more irritated.

New staff: Why are u disturbing me now?
Purab: Disturbing? What’s that?
New staff: Google and find it yourself!
Purab took out his phone and new staff seeing that rolled her eyes in frustration.

Purab: They say it’s a symptom of love!
New staff: Huh? I think your google is not updated!
Purab: Don’t u know that getting disturbed and disturbing others is a symptom of love?
He said sounding serious.

New staff: I don’t know the symptoms of love….
Purab: Ya just like this Pragya bhabi didn’t know when she felt disturbed by the presence of Abhi!

New staff curiously: Really? Then what happened?

Purab smiled at her curiosity and said: If u are free then I can tell about it.

New staff: Faster tell!
She said impatiently as Purab gestured her to take a seat at the bench that he had spotted.

Purab beginned and said Pragya was feeling different in Abhi’s activities. He was coming more frequently to her cabin in the pretense of asking her doubts.

She liked his presence but his very frequent visits to her cabin made her feel worried of what would others think of them.

Pragya decided to end this by directly asking him.

Pragya “ Why are u disturbing me??” Abhi “Am I disturbing u?” Pragya nodded her head lightly as yes. Abhi “ Then what is this????” He said by holding onto something which made Pragya flushed of her actions.

It was a drawing of Abhi drawn by her and with hearts surrounding his face.

Pragya stammering “ This is….for an advertisement!!!” Abhi smirked and asked “ When did our company become an advertising agency?” Pragya moving in
sideways “When you went to washroom just now…..” She said that and managed to run away before he could block her way.

Abhi looking at her running “ Like seriously? She is really driving me crazy but I wonder why does she always run!! Is it her childhood dream of becoming an athlete?”

Pragya going inside the washroom.

Pragya, Oh god! How did I forgot to hide it! And why did he even went to my cabin without my permission? Now what should I do? And what a ridiculous reason I have given!!! What happened to me that I drew his picture when I felt bored.

She was thinking all that by looking at the mirror with a tensed face.

Pragya calmed herself down after a few minutes and opened the door of the washroom.

She was shocked to see Abhi standing there talking to one of the lady staff.

Abhi “ Now u can go! As I have my buddy back to talk with me!”

Pragya, Me? His buddy? What the hell is he blabbering!

She thought as the lady staff passed her to walk inside the washroom and Pragya with a stressed look walk towards Abhi.

Abhi “ You are stressed?” Pragya looking down “ No!” Abhi “ You sure?” Pragya “ Yes!” Abhi “ That means no right?” Pragya gasped and said “ Sorry for that drawing and it was just for fun!” Abhi “ For fun?” Pragya firmly said“ Yes it is only for fun Mr Abhi!”

Abhi “ Acha….there is a lot of staff working with you but why me in your drawing? May I know why do I only have this pleasure of being drawn by u?”

Pragya “ Look Mr Abhi!” Abhi “ First u look at me Pragya!” Pragya looking at Abhi sighed and he in return winked at her.

Pragya giving a stern face “ Mr Abhi! Please don’t have any wrong ideas of dumb drawing! I am really very sorry for this but please stay away from me!”

Abhi “ Are u serious Pragya of what u are telling me? Dumb drawing? Please check your eyes and change your chasma if possible. The drawing is damn beautiful. It shows something I wanted to know.”

Pragya looked at him with a puzzled look and asked “ What u wanted to know?”

Abhi “ Something that matters to me but leave all that aside. I have to tell u that I can’t stay away from u or u also can’t stay away from me forever!”

Pragya in shock “ What?” Abhi “ You don’t know? We have a presentation to work on together! Then how can we stay away from each other?” Pragya “ Huh? Nobody told me about that!” Abhi “ Hmm…when u went washroom this happened.” Pragya “ Are u serious?” Abhi “ If u are serious about your drawing for advertisement then I am also serious about this!” He said by passing her the files he was holding onto.

Pragya murmured to herself “ Is there any chance of not working with him!!”

Abhi “ No way!” Pragya “ You heard me?”
Abhi “ Yes dear as it was quite loud to me when u are so near to me.” Pragya looked at how close she was to him until he was about to place his hand on her waist.

Pragya immediately stepped back and looked around to check if anyone is looking at them.

Abhi “ No worries…It’s lunch hour and most of them had went out for lunch!”

Pragya “ Oh…” Abhi “ So let’s get working!”
Pragya in a low tone “ I am hungry now!”
Abhi “ I was refering to having lunch too as I know u will have great ideas while eating!”

Pragya smiled inwardly but still was hesitant to go along with him.

Abhi “ Are u scared of me or what?” Pragya retaliated “ Me? SCARED? And that to of u?? Never in my life I will be scared of u!”

Abhi chuckling “ Okay…does that means u are going to see me all along your life?”

Pragya felt the more she respond to him, the more he is making her to feel difficult.

She remained silent as he said “ Okok! Let’s make it simple! Shall we go for lunch?”

Pragya nodded her head and finally had a sense of relief but at the same time she mentally reminded her to be cautious of her actions.

New staff interrupted: Does this mean she was avoiding herself to fall in love with him?

Purab: Maybe but there can be reasons for her to do that!

New staff: Her family?

Purab in surprise: Not bad darling! You guessed it correctly!

New staff proudly: Thanks but I am not darling!

Purab: Ok you are not darling but u are my darling!

New staff irked hearing that.

Purab: Okok! Let me continue the story!
New staff: Hmm…

Purab smiled and continued:

That day itself Abhi calls Purab for help.

Abhi “ I need your help badly!” Purab “ Help ah? Why suddenly u need help?” Abhi “ I am in love!” Purab “ That I know but for that u need help?” Abhi “ Yes! She always runs away before I want to tell her my feelings!”

Purab smiled remembering Mithra running away after telling I love you to Abhi in the party.

Abhi “ Why are u silent?” Purab “ So what u want me to do now?” Abhi “ Do something that she will know that I love her! She may know it but I want to be damn sure that she knows it!”

Purab “ Why must I do it when u are supposed to do!” Abhi “ I would have done if I am not busy now!” Purab “ You are busy?”

Abhi explained about his work and Purab “ Okay I understand but u have to come down to a place when I planned everything! Don’t make any last minute mishaps like last time!” Abhi in confusion “ Like last time?” Purab “ I think u are really engrossed in work that u forgot the past!” Abhi “ Maybe…just help me in this yaar…”

New staff: Wait! Wait! It means there was….
Purab: wait! You don’t jump into anything!
New staff nodded her head and was looking very tensed of what would happen next.

Abhi closing his eyes thinking of Pragya “ I do love you….” Everyone smiled heartily at his confession. Meanwhile, Pragya was smiling thinking of Abhi.

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